February 25, 2023 – what is the holiday today, omens and birthday people, what can’t be done today

February 25 is the 56th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. There are 309 days left until the end of the year. In the 20th and 21st centuries, this day corresponds to February 12 of the Julian calendar.

What a holiday on February 25 / photo  (Yanos Nemes)

What a holiday on February 25 / photo (Yanos Nemes)

On this day, the world celebrates the Revolver’s Birthday, the Day of Compilation of Geographical Maps of Nonexistent Lands, and the Day of Digital Education.

In Ukraine – the Day of the Engineering and Aviation Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the USA – the Day of Clam Chowder, the Day for Girls to Get to Know Engineering, Let’s Eat Everything Right, the Day of Chili Con Carne Stew, the Day of Silence, the Day of Chocolate Peanuts, Britain – Bread Toast Day, in Thailand – Radio Day, in Georgia – Soviet Occupation Day, in Hungary – Memorial Day of the Victims of the Communist Regime, in Kuwait – National Day, in Israel – Easter Fast, in Suriname – Revolution Day, in the Dominican Republic – Armed Forces Day, Choiselle Province Day in the Solomon Islands, ERSA Revolution Day in the Philippines.

Commemorative dates of February 25, anniversaries and events

In 1570, Pope Pius V issued the bull “Regnans in Excelsis”, anathema to the English Queen Elizabeth I.

In 1956, a hen in the USA laid the world's largest egg - 454 g / illustration by REUTERS

In 1956, a hen in the USA laid the world’s largest egg – 454 g / illustration by REUTERS

In 1836, Samuel Colt received a patent in the USA for a six-shot revolver of 45 caliber – “Colt”. Samuel Colt – American gunsmith, inventor and industrialist, founder of Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company. He came from an aristocratic and quite rich family, but regardless of this he founded the company on his own. And 10 days after receiving the patent. By the way, the model was originally called Paterson after the city where the Colt factory was located, but soon received the name Texas for its popularity among residents of this state.

In 1842, Colt’s company went bankrupt, and he started developing underwater mines, for which he even received $20,000 from Congress. At the beginning of 1847, Colt received a large order from Ranger Captain Samuel Walker, who appreciated the quality of his revolver, and resumed production at Eli Whitney’s factory in Whitneyville (Connecticut). The Texas-Mexican War of 1845-1846 ensured steady sales of rapid-fire revolvers among the Rangers. The new model was named “Army Model 1847” or “Walker Pistol”. There are still different versions about who actually designed the Colt revolver.

According to one of them, Samuel Colt himself, being a young man in his youth, saw in the operation of the mechanism for selecting the capstan anchor rope the principle of operation of the future legend of the Wild West. Another, trivially used the work of his henchman John Pearson. And, finally, there is information that the scheme of the revolver was proposed in the 1830s by the Englishman Charles Shirk, based on Koller’s drum gun and the ideas of the Frenchman Marietta. However, all three versions agree on one thing: Colt was not a talented designer, he was rather a happy businessman.

In 1956, during the XX Congress of the CPSU, on the night of February 24-25, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev, gave a “secret” report on the cult of Stalin.

In 1956, a hen in the USA laid the world’s largest egg – 454 grams.

In 1999, in Argentina, Virginia Rivero gave birth to a girl at the time of a road accident. Her daughter became the youngest of the people involved in the accident.

In 2007, the Kyiv skyscraper “Vitrylo” was put into operation, the height of which is 136 meters, the total number of floors is 33. It was the tallest office skyscraper in Ukraine until 2010. Today it is the third tallest building in Ukraine.

What a church holiday today

On February 25, the church honors the memory of Saint Oleksiy / photo ua.depositphotos.comOn February 25, the church honors the memory of Saint Oleksiy / photo ua.depositphotos.com

On February 25, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Saint Alexy. Because on this day, in the thaw, people traditionally did not go fishing, but therefore also prepared fish dishes, the day was called “Olexii Rybny”.

What can’t be done today

Do not start a new business, do not plan a trip. Do not wear old clothes. Dreams today are prophetic, if you want them to come true, do not tell them to anyone.

Signs for February 25

Folk signs today / Photo ua.depositphotos.com

Folk signs today / Photo ua.depositphotos.com

Weather signs have existed since ancient times.

  • the snow began to melt – to a good fishing bite;
  • there are many stars in the sky – the harvest will be good.

February 25, the name day

Name days of Alexy, Antony, Yevgeny, Maria and Meletius.

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