Review of the film “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” / Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Review of the film

The group “Kurgan and Agregat” is one of the main and unusual assets of modern Ukrainian music. You probably know her by the line “Don’t you want? Well, f*** it!” and the characteristic surzhyk, the so-called “Kharkiv slang”. Their simple but catchy melodies are liked by many. Even without music, brothers Amil Nasirov and Ramil Nasirov do not forget to constantly entertain everyone around them. However, “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” is not a pure comedy, but a real drama of human destinies. We tell in the review below how the film turned out, as well as how the musicians embodied their images on the screen.

“Luxemburg, Luxemburg” / Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Genre tragicomedy
Director Antonio Lukic
In roles Amil Nasirov, Ramil Nasirov, Natalia Hnitsii, Lyudmila Sachenko, Viktor Drapilovskyi, Doris Maidanyuk, Karina Cherchevych
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
Site IMDb

The plot of the film focuses on two brothers. Vasya (Ramil Nasirov) works as a policeman, is distinguished by kindness and decency. However, because of this, he constantly has problems with money. And his younger brother Kolya (Amil Nasirov) works as a bus driver. And he also sells drugs – and in general does not live according to the law and honor. The brothers hardly communicate, but they have to unite when news comes of the sudden death of their long-gone father. To see him for the last time, Vasya and Kolya are forced to drop everything and go to distant and expensive Luxembourg.

“Luxembourg, Luxembourg” is not quite similar to what Ukrainian cinema has been giving us regularly for many years. In part, it does not even resemble a full-length film, but a comedy video for YouTube. Something at the level of the Optimus Gang video and the Nasirov brothers themselves.

The somewhat frantic energy of the musicians-actors is restrained here by the directorial and screenwriting talents of Antonio Lukic. It was the author of the movie “My Quiet Thoughts” who dealt with the story of two brothers, which quickly turns from an absurd comedy into a touching story about accepting death and trying to let go of family ties.

Not everyone will understand the main ideas of cinema. The somewhat strange plot structure is to blame for everything. Luxembourg itself is very little in history, although it would seem that the beginning of the plot should be built precisely on a trip to another country due to difficulties. But instead, Lukich shows us scenes from the ordinary lives of two brothers who are closely intertwined, no matter how much the brothers themselves would like the opposite.Review of the film

Vasa constantly has problems due to Kohli. He can’t even get promoted because of his brother’s dubious affairs. Although it is not directly related to his illegal activities. In this regard, the film still does a good job of portraying the bias of modern (and not so) Ukrainian society towards family ties.

Few films can make it truly uncomfortable. But “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” it works. Moreover, he hits on one of the most vulnerable, but at the same time understandable for everyone topic – the topic of the family.

The family here is not support, care and understanding. On the contrary, it is a disappointment and a whole lot of problems. In the film, strangers love each other more than blood relatives. And the hints of history seem to tell us that family is sometimes something that needs to be let go.Review of the film

The authors left such complex thoughts for the audience to interpret. They don’t say anything out loud here. Except for the thoughts of the main character, who also serves as a narrator. But his speech is deliberately chaotic and does not make much sense. It seems that he himself does not understand what morality he should take from everything he has experienced.

In Luxembourg, Luxembourg also has enough humor. It is simple here and works according to somewhat primitive laws. For example, due to the use of checkmate in unexpected moments. But it’s pointless to deny that it works. And the loud laughter of many people in the hall confirms this once again.

Review of the film

The Nasirov brothers successfully coped with their roles. In many ways, their close relationship in real life played into their hands. That’s why they don’t “play” brothers, but simply convey their true emotions. This is especially noticeable in the moments when they need to go a little beyond their images. And then they either overplay or underperform.

And “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” is very well shot. There are enough interesting shots and notable directorial decisions. This makes the already almost intimate story of two very different people feel more uncomfortable and poignant.

a good mix of comedy and drama; silly but funny humor; interesting and disturbing thoughts hidden inside the story

the main characters don’t always play well; a somewhat strange and drawn-out plot structure that distracts from the main ideas of the movie; not everyone will like local jokes


“Luxembourg, Luxembourg” does not focus too much on its “Ukrainian” elements. Instead, he tells an accessible story that could take place anywhere in the world. And because of this, it is perceived on a personal level, leaving behind a bitter but unforgettable aftertaste.

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