Review of the third season of the TV series “The Mandalorian”.

Review of the third season of the series

The third season of the hit series “The Mandalorian” has ended on Disney+. It continues the main storyline of Dean Jarin and Baby Grog, and expands on some of the other arcs. How interesting it was to watch the new adventures of the heroes – we will tell you in the review below.


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“The Mandalorian” / The Mandalorian

Genre space action adventure
Directors Rick Famuyiwa, Rachel Morrison, Lee Isaac Chun, Carl Weathers, Bryce Dallas Howard, Peter Ramsey
In roles Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Omid Abtahi, Giancarlo Esposito, Kathy Sackhoff, Jack Black, Christopher Lloyd
Premiere Disney+
Graduation year 2023
Site IMDb

Once upon a time, bounty hunter Dean Jarin decided to protect a small fellow tribe member of Jedi Master Yoda, and since then his life has changed forever. These two are now able to join the Mandalorian camp that lives in the cave. But for this, Jarin needs to bathe in the Living Waters that flow in the mines of Mandalore.

So the hero with the shiny helmet can be forgiven for violating the Mandalorian code. However, the rite of baptism does not go according to plan, so baby Grogu is forced to rush to Bo-Katan Kryz for help. Since the red-haired savior will also have to dive into the water, she will have the right to join her own and repeat this path just as meaningfully.

Review of the third season of the series

However, a much more important mission has been prepared for this warrior, and the heroes will never be bored. They will have to face, if not another Kaiju attack, then pirates. And the remnants of the hated Empire resonate with a totalitarian echo in various corners of the Galaxy. In particular, Moff Gideon worked on his mistakes and this time he prepared much better for a new meeting with old acquaintances.

The Mandalorian turned out to be an undisputed success for Disney and the recent history of the Star Wars franchise. The third season still holds the bar, but it is clear that the topic is running out little by little.

Some interesting and dynamic moments are here next to frankly boring ones, designed not so much to add depth and drama as to fill “air time”.


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In general, there is a problem with depth and drama, but it is even good, because “The Mandalorian” has never tried to hide what he really is. This project is strictly recommended to be perceived as an interesting, sometimes fabulous adventure. It’s a kind of journey into a fantastic world with countless bizarre races and eternal ideological conflicts.

The classic confrontation between good and evil, imbued with the spirit of continuous adventure, looks authentic in relation to the cult films of the father of the franchise, George Lucas, God bless the grandfather.

The events offered by Jon Favreau and his co-writers (albeit to a lesser extent) are still exciting, well-staged and well-filmed.

Review of the third season of the series

Now the main role of the story is played not by Mando, but by Bo-Katan Kryz.

It is she who should unite the people for common goals. Almost no trace of the past adventures of the lone hero, characteristic of classic westerns and action films, remains. The creators focus specifically on the teamwork of the Mandalorians (although in episode 7 she wishes for better).

What about the characters? Pedro Pascal will continue to bend his line and play the role of a caring dad. Probably, if you have to choose again between the fate of the world and the safety of such a native child, the result will be obvious.

Karl Weathers, who directed one of the episodes, will walk around in such pathetic clothes that even Apollo Creed would not allow himself such an outrage. Moff Gideon will once again undertake to breed his insolent Darthvaderism. Baby Grogu will remain as cute and cuddly.

Review of the third season of the series

The screenwriters are not shy to borrow some small moments from other franchises and films. The frame will feature a feint from the first part of “Jurassic World”. Dealing with the droids will remind you of the film “I, Robot”, and the landing of the Mandalorians – about “Edges of the Future”. The look of Coruscant at night will remind you of Ridley Scott. Even Grogu will use the same skills as Alice in the third “Dwelling of Evil”, not to mention cloning from there.

The new season is noticeably weaker than the previous ones. But it’s still decent low-key entertainment that may be of interest to a core audience, namely fans of the series and the universe in general.

Review of the third season of the series

Yes, Mando is no longer the lone protagonist, which takes away some of the charm of the show. However, the authors have something to offer in return, and even after many wanderings, the character long deserved to be part of something bigger. What can you say, this is the way.

a significant shift in emphasis in the plot (although for some it may be a drawback), exciting adventures, well-staged battles, good special effects, attempts by the authors to focus specifically on the story of the Mandalorians, and not on visual effects and action

alternating interesting scenes with frankly boring ones, unpretentiousness, simplicity and some naivety of the plot


The third season, despite its obvious shortcomings, can be called successful, but the series is beginning to exhaust itself. The fourth is already in development, like other related projects, so it is too early to say goodbye to the heroes

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