Overview of the Work.ua program: how to quickly find a new job using a smartphone

Today we will look at the program from one of the most popular services for finding a job in Ukraine, Work.ua. In this partner review, we will look at the features of the smartphone app, how to work with it, and how easy (or not so) it is to find a job in Ukraine using just a smartphone.

Project partner?Overview of the Work.ua program: how to quickly find a new job using a smartphoneOverview of the Work.ua program: how to quickly find a new job using a smartphone

Functionality and features of the service

The application for smartphones completely duplicates the functionality of the site, including sections with articles, salaries, as well as news and various tips from the service on job search, creation and optimization of resumes. All releases are duplicated on the website and in the application, so there is no such option for the vacancy to be available only through the website.

According to Work.ua, the number of active audiences has increased recently – users have started to create more resumes and send them more often, and employers, in turn, have started to respond to candidates faster and more actively.

The version for smartphones, unlike the site, supports only opportunities for the applicant. If the user is an employer and is registered on the site as an employer, he will not be able to use the application – the service automatically offers to log in again to access it as an applicant.

In addition, it is possible to filter offers only by companies, if you know exactly who you want to work for and you need to focus only on them. Another important filter is the selection of vacancies with or without resumes of candidates, which will be useful for those professions that do not require resumes, such as drivers, loaders and others.

The Work.ua program works very quickly. A light, not overloaded interface and good optimization do their job – everything loads instantly, nothing is added or crashed, so it is convenient to use. This is especially important when it comes to work: when searching for a new job, there is enough nervousness without program lags, so this is an important point of the user experience.

To date, the Work.ua application has about 90,000 unique registrations per month, which clearly hints at the number of people looking for a new job and indicates the high popularity of the service.

The usability of the program is at a high level, the design is made in a simple and understandable style, as we already wrote above, so there should be no difficulties in using it even for people who do not understand technologies.

In the application itself, it is possible to view complete information about the company, its photo and similar vacancies, and registration and creation of a resume are carried out step by step in the designer format. The program remembers the most recently viewed vacancies and your search history, so the algorithm will select new vacancies, based on your previous requests, and put them first.

Among the possible options for sorting and filtering, various options are available:

  • by location;
  • by the date of job opening;
  • by categories;
  • by type of employment;
  • according to the salary;
  • limitations of experience or capabilities;
  • a number of possibilities for a deeper search, for example, to search not only by title or to ignore synonyms.

Among the useful functions is “Do not show”, which hides from the candidate not only a specific vacancy, but also all similar ones. I think there is no need to explain the usefulness of this function – visual and informational garbage does not please any of us.

Also, on the contrary, there is an opportunity to subscribe to specific vacancies, after which they will be sent to the mail in a list containing a list of similar options, and will also be duplicated in the application. Or you can sign up for a company-only job newsletter to receive messages only from “selected” employers.

There are settings for messages – you can receive them by mail, in Telegram and Viber or only as push notifications in the application, which we will tell you in more detail in the user experience. With the help of such messages, the chances of responding in time to the vacancy you are interested in, responding among the first and, as a result, getting a job earlier than potential competitors, increase.

The process of creating a resume has been significantly simplified, which is noticeable even against the background of the version of the program the year before last. Now this process has been optimized and simplified to a few steps. With the speed of creation, a business card is a good help – a micro-resume that can be used in all your subsequent resumes or respond to vacancies only with the help of business cards.


Expanded and simplified registration options, lowered the entry threshold – now registration is available by phone, mail, Apple, Google or Facebook account. There is no paid version of the program, therefore, for the applicant, absolutely all functions are free, which cannot but please, especially in terms of earning money. The versions of the applications for iOS and Android are identical and differ only in the smoothness of the animations, the rest of the functionality is the same.

You can go to the Work.ua program and create your resume by following the link

Differences from competitors

Among the main differences from competitors, we can mention the absence of spam, which is manifested in full control of the information that the user receives, and in the rarity of messages – they arrive every day. The user can independently and flexibly configure where and which messages will be sent, but more on that below. There are no unusual features in the application – it works in the same way as the rest on the market, but it does it noticeably faster, more accessible and easier for the user.

Differences in speed can be seen with the naked eye, but we decided to measure the speed of its response in basic functions. The app fully loads in about four seconds, and the internal response time both between tabs and when opening jobs is hard to measure at all because it’s faster 100 milliseconds and varies between 40 and 80 milliseconds.

Everything is the same with the speed of the site – it works significantly faster than other job search services, which is also noticeable from the first click. but to be fair, we measured page loading speed from a fully flushed cache.

The developer declares: “The speed of our site is higher than that of all in Ukraine.” And it’s hard to argue with this statement – everything really loads instantly, even with a slow connection or through a mobile hotspot from a smartphone on 3G, not to mention normal conditions.

Check in person and make sure of the speed of the site and the Work.ua program

Operating experience

Creating a resume through the program

Creating a resume has really become easier, if you compare this process with previous versions of the program and the site – everything is done in a few clicks. After filling in several fields, the program generates a business card with your permanent data (name, position, etc.), independently determines the resume category – and everything is ready. All subsequent summaries are created based on already entered data and corrections for another field of activity. The program is very smart – you don’t have time to think about how the next item is already opened.

Onboarding is also now available to users – the system prompts inside the program what and how to do next in order to search for a job more effectively.

So, our starting data: Artem Shevchenko, born in 1990, with a higher mathematical education at KPI. We are looking for a sysadmin vacancy as the main remote job, a part-time job as a taxi driver, as well as a spare remote option – a copywriter.

Search for vacancies, send resumes and speed of reaction of employers

Searching for new vacancies is as convenient as possible. And although at first it looks like something immeasurable, the flexible filter system allows you to filter out all inappropriate options, so the search process becomes much easier. Sending a resume is done in a couple of clicks – it is enough to choose the vacancy you like, optimize the resume and, if you wish, add the accompanying text. It should be noted that a cover letter significantly increases the chances that you will be noticed among the general mass of applicants, so it is recommended to add it to your resumes.

For all three types of vacancies, within a day after creating a resume, the response of employers is very active – there are many job options, despite the lack of much experience, which can lead to many subsequent calls from recruiters, but the variability is impressive.

The number of views and calls depends on many factors and varies depending on the position, experience, desired salary and even the day of the week, which is very individual. But the average response time for a new resume is less than a day, and sometimes several hours after creation.

Remote work search

From remote work vacancies, the choice of our abstract Artem fell on copywriting and system administrator. There were much fewer reviews here than for a taxi driver, especially for a remote sysadmin candidate. Remote work is becoming more and more in demand, but there is no way without taxi drivers yet.

There were 38 vacancies for remote work as a system administrator. On the first day, I was contacted by about ten employers, four of whom turned out to be recruiters from companies that offered work not related to system administration, and another six were willing to consider my candidacy for remote work.

Finding a job as a copywriter turned out to be quite simple. But for a copywriter, the ratio of calls from recruiters to positions not related to those specified in the resume and real vacancies is noticeably higher – in about half of the cases, recruiters called by phone with offers that did not belong to the applicant’s specialty.


Job search within the city radius

Within the city limits, working as a taxi driver seems to be the most adequate part-time job, different from the main field of activity. This category of employers turned out to be the most active in terms of calls – I received more in four days 50 phone calls from taxi recruiters with offers of various attractiveness.

The program automatically throws up options, so after entering the most famous companies (Uklon, Bolt or Uber) in the search bar, you will have a large list of options. Finding a job as a taxi driver with minimal or no work experience should not be difficult – you can get a part-time job as a driver in a matter of minutes. The program picks up everything on the fly, and employers respond within an hour.

Overview of the Work.ua program: how to quickly find a new job using a smartphone

Detailed setting of messages

To understand how flexible is the setting of messages from the service: there are 33 candles in the “Notifications” section, each of which is responsible for the notification option or its fullness.

I turned off e-mail, left push notifications from the program, so that during the entire testing period I received reports once a day, which contained similar vacancies and various tips for writing a resume and communicating with an employer.

Among the pleasant features, in addition to new vacancies, there are such items for work directly from the resume, such as:

  • a reminder about the need to update the resume;
  • a weekly report on the impressions and views of your resumes;
  • notifications from employers on your resumes;
  • notification of a job offer by the employer;
  • Notification of viewing feedback on the vacancy.

A separate news block of messages:

  • news about changes and new features of the site;
  • a weekly digest with a selection of articles and news about employment;
  • reminders about professional holidays.

And then they go in separate blocks:

  • reminders about saved vacancies;
  • new recommended vacancies;
  • saved searches;
  • immediate vacancy.

All the listed items can be received by mail and in the form of notifications. But the variability of the setting is really amazing – you can leave only the necessary minimum, and use various additional, but not at all mandatory options, such as professional holidays.

One of the advantages is also the fact that the dispatch of vacancies in Telegram and Viber takes place immediately after their publication, without the delay inherent in mail messages and messages through the program. Setting up the bot is simple and happens by interacting with it through the menu, no one should have any difficulties.

You can download the Work.ua mobile application here

Interesting statistics from Work.ua

The first version of the Work.ua mobile application for Android appeared on March 30, 2020. A version for iOS was released in a month. Currently, 34% of users use iPhone smartphones, 66% – Android.

User activity depends on the season, but currently the peak activity is 400,000 users. Traditionally, there are two intervals of high activity per year – January-March and October-November.

Every day, new users of the program create 1.5 thousand resumes and spend an average of about 6.5 minutes in the application. It is used by applicants for about a third of all job reviews.

Current statistics on the number of job offers in Ukraine since the start of the full-scale invasion as of April, according to Work.ua research, are as follows:

  • The number of job offers on Work.ua in April 2023 exceeded the mark of 80,000 vacancies, which is 80% of the pre-war level.
  • The competition of applicants is actively decreasing and is at the pre-war level – 20 reviews per vacancy per month. By comparison, last year during the full-scale invasion, there were over 100 job reviews per month.
  • Categories that show the greatest increase in vacancies: hotel and restaurant business, tourism; service sector; work specialties; production; construction, architecture; Retail.
  • Positions with the largest number of vacancies: consultant seller, sales manager, accountant, cook, driver.
  • The average salary in Ukraine increased for the first time since the full-scale invasion in February 2023 and is UAH 16,000. The salary level differs depending on geography: in Kyiv – 19 thousand UAH, Lviv – 16.5 thousand UAH, Odesa and Dnipro – 16 thousand UAH each.
  • Non-management non-IT positions with the highest average salary: media buyer – UAH 52,500, international driver – UAH 40,000, business analyst – UAH 32,500, fitter, construction project manager, sales coordinator. janitor, realtor – UAH 30,000 each.


The Work.ua application is really as simple as possible, fast and does not spam. This is noticeable not so much against the background of competitors as against the background of the old Work.ua, which even a few years ago was much less friendly even on the site. The intuitiveness of the grown-up program can be judged without even delving into its work.

A simple and clear interface, high download speed, simple registration and settings, a large number of filters, the absence of spam and flexible message settings, working with Telegram and Viber bots – maximum features that are provided for free.

The program contains all the necessary options and fully meets the user’s expectations. Despite the fact that the design has practically not changed, it has become noticeably faster and more convenient, and the adjustable messages will not leave anyone indifferent to those who cannot tolerate spam and unnecessary information, which are the sins of most similar services.

Project partner?Overview of the Work.ua program: how to quickly find a new job using a smartphoneOverview of the Work.ua program: how to quickly find a new job using a smartphone

Go to the Work.ua program

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