Why official firmware is important for Smart TV and which ones are available on the Ukrainian market

If you install unofficial firmware on a Smart TV, the TV may break. For example, such fake operating systems often visually resemble the official Android TV, but at the same time work unstable.

In the partner material, the team of the KIVI smart TV brand tells which operating systems created for Smart TV are the most popular and why you should choose smart TVs not only by technical characteristics, but also by OS.

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What are the operating systems for TVs

There are three most common systems: Android TV, Tizen OS and WebOS. They have different designs and functional features, but all three perform the main task of controlling the TV and making the Smart TV a multifunctional device.

Each OS has its own app stores where users download apps. The list of main programs is similar – these are the most popular media players and programs of companies that produce content: Netflix, Megogo, YouTube and others. Android TV uses the Google Play store, and Tizen OS and WebOS, created on the basis of Linux, have their own application libraries.

Voice control is available on all Smart TV OSes available on the Ukrainian market. This feature makes it easier to access TV programs.

You can also connect a smartphone to the TV and broadcast the picture in 4K on the big screen through programs. For example, on Android TV it is done using Chromecast. Other OSes have analogues.

Why official firmware is important for Smart TV and which ones are available on the Ukrainian market

Why official firmware is important

Any smart TV should have an official operating system. Unofficial firmwares are the way to the service center in case the TV stops working after installing such an OS. They can look very similar to the official Android TV, but at the same time work unstable: the system slows down, programs do not install or work incorrectly, and so on.

There is an opinion on the market that the TVs of some manufacturers are protected, that is, you cannot change the firmware there and install an unofficial operating system.

Developers of these operating systems support them, expand functionality with each update – throughout the life of the device. Android TV updates often include additional downloads to improve security, performance, and speed of your TV. Therefore, we recommend updating the official OS on KIVI smart TVs as soon as it becomes available.

Why official firmware is important for Smart TV and which ones are available on the Ukrainian market

You can see what KIVI smart TVs are with the official Android TV 11 OS by following the link

Other features of the Android TV OS

The main advantage of the fresh Android TV 11 is more 10 thousand apps that are available in the store to download and use. If this user is not enough, the necessary applications can be installed from the downloaded APK files.

Why are so many programs being developed for this OS? The answer is very simple: Android TV is the most popular operating system on the market. Content giants create their programs primarily for her.

Popular among KIVI smart TV users for Android TV are Netflix, Megogo, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO MAX, Disney Plus, as well as a special Kivi Media 2.0 application. With it, you can watch TV programs, movies, do fitness and play games immediately after connecting the TV to the Internet – without additional downloads, registrations, settings. Kivi Media was installed on all TVs of the brand.

Which operating system to choose

If you want to have access to the most content and official firmware that is constantly updated, supported by Google, you should choose the latest Android TV 11 operating system available on the market. It is installed in the new line of KIVI smart TVs. The brand is a certified partner of Google and Netflix.

If we talk about the main differences of Android TV 11 from Tizen OS and WebOS, then these are:

  1. Convenient interface, namely the window system design.
  2. Access to the largest number of programs.
  3. Convenient for those who use Android smartphones.
  4. Convenient synchronization with other Google devices and integration into the Google cloud ecosystem.
  5. With Android TV, you are not tied to a specific TV brand. Other OS available only for Samsung and LG.

You can choose a KIVI smart TV from the new line and order it on the website

About KIVI

KIVI is an international company founded in 2016, whose European office is located in Budapest. The main business is the development and production of smart TVs with the distribution of products to Europe and Asia. The Research & Development department is located in Ukraine and China.

KIVI production is located at the facilities of the world’s largest contract manufacturer MTC in Shenzhen, China, and meets international requirements. KIVI uses components from leading manufacturers in China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

To date, the company has sold more than 1.5 million devices.

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Learn more about KIVI

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