UI/UX: a starter pack of courses for a beginner designer

UI/UX: a starter pack of courses for a beginner designer

Working in IT can be about creativity – successful UI/UX designers are good examples of digital artists. The concepts of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) play an important role in creating a pleasant experience of interaction between a user and an application, program or website. However, designers are responsible not only for the visual component, but also for the comprehensibility of the interface, which affects the efficiency of working with a digital product and the overall user experience of using it.

To become a UI/UX designer, you need not only knowledge of applications (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, InVision). You need to know the basics of design – composition, color, typography, shapes, space, light. Mastering the basic principles of design will help you understand how elements interact with each other and with the user. “Supervision” is also important – an intuitive sense of aesthetics and the development of one’s own taste.

To develop this skill, you need to study trends, follow the work of famous designers, study best practices and review cases of others. With the beginning of training, every beginning designer begins to see more in ordinary things. Even in the application where he used to order delivery every day, the specialist begins to see something that could be improved.

The online education market offers many options for starting a career in UI/UX, but we have collected a real starter pack from leading schools for everyone who wants to create the digital world with their own hands.

This course from Hillel Computer School is designed for beginners and will help you understand the basics of the profession. The curriculum is divided into 20 classes with several lessons per week.

The course does not require prior preparation, a basic understanding of PC is sufficient. However, the school provides a test to test knowledge, from the very beginning the student will be confident in his own abilities and the ability to complete his studies to the end.

During the course, students will be helped to understand graphic programs and, most importantly, they will explain all the necessary theory of composition, color and interface design. In addition, the curriculum provides for the study of the theory of consumer research, because the final form of the product depends on market analysis and understanding the needs of the future user.

At the end of the course, the student will master the ability to work with the Figma graphic editor, begin to understand design thinking and try to use theoretical knowledge in practice. In addition, learning about typography and color theory will help you create effective and attractive designs.

The completion of the study will be the completion of a diploma project, which will be the first addition to the CV.

As is characteristic of full-time courses at Mate academy, the student of the program immediately receives a guarantee of the quality of education – according to the rules of this format, payment for the course occurs only after employment. This course is perfect for those who study at a university or are on the bench in an IT company and want to be informed in another field or improve their knowledge in another field.

The course will help beginners who are not familiar with design. However, from the first lessons, the teachers will teach to “work with their hands” and learn more about the main tool of a modern designer – the Figma graphic editor. The main UI components will be “laid out on the shelves” for the student, so that at the end of the training, all the acquired knowledge can be demonstrated on his own prototype of the mobile application layout.

One of the blocks that sets this course apart from others is designing a portfolio on the Behance platform. This will help after the course not to stay only with lectures, but to easily show employers your cases. In addition, the school provides English classes, so it will be possible to learn a foreign language in parallel with mastering hard skills.

This SKVOT course is intended for experienced professionals and representatives of related industries. However, those who are familiar with Figma, have an understanding of the basics of design, or, for example, graduated from art school and work as a graphic designer, but want to go into IT or pick up a check for their work, can handle the material.

The course program is as full as possible, designed for six months of study. During this time, the student will familiarize himself with the full process of working on the project, learn how to brief the client and look for the necessary information for references and inspiration for complex projects. Concepts such as the Customer Journey Map will become known, and the process of prototyping, architecture development, and product navigation will also be clear.

The finale of the training will be two design cases in the portfolio, with which you can easily offer your services to employers. In addition, the school promotes employment, providing the opportunity to do internships in the country’s leading companies.

There is a UX Matters course from IAMPM that is best suited for professionals from other industries, especially those working with designers in a team. This course will prepare the specialist himself for the first steps in the creative profession, and will help to understand the basics in order to get along better with the design team, more effectively set TK and understand how to improve your business with the help of UX.

The curriculum is built in such a way that the student is completely immersed in the process and looks at the world through the eyes of designers, tracking trends. In addition, the course will allow you to learn how to create prototypes in Figma, conduct qualitative research and project benchmarking.

The course consists of 12 lectures, includes three practical tasks and a question-and-answer session with the course speaker. At the end of the training, the student will receive a certificate that can be attached to his LinkedIn profile.

Coursera’s UI/UX design training program will help you understand the topic more deeply. It is designed for beginners, so it does not require prior experience and specific knowledge.

The course not only talks about the necessary hard skills (although it also includes a block on creating prototypes), but also introduces the wide world of visual communication. During training, you will be able to get acquainted with the best global practices and interesting cases that can be used as inspiration for your projects. Through mockups, the study of visual elements, their impact on the user, and the fundamentals of web design, the student will take the first step in exploring the UI/UX profession.

The peculiarity of this course is the combination of theories not only from programming or marketing, but also from the basics of visual communication, which is used in modern websites. It will be easier to work with future prototypes if you understand what exactly affects the user experience and how it can be improved.

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