Incredibly difficult puzzle: find the odd one out in 10 seconds

Test yourself right now.

Test your attentiveness / Collage  / photo,

Optical illusions and puzzles with repeated numbers, letters and symbols can confuse even the most alert people. Today you can test your ability not to get confused.

So, here is an image in which you can see seven columns with the words “strength” and “fat”. Your task is to find the only extra word. However, note that only a very attentive person can do this.

It will take only 10 seconds to search for a word. Of course, you can search longer, but to feel the thrill you need to complete it within the set time. Ready? Then it’s time!


Need a hint? Fine.

The word you’re looking for is “solo”. It is perfectly camouflaged among “strength” and “fat”, which is why it is so difficult to find. The correct answer will be published below.

Puzzle solution:

You’ll find the word “solo” at the bottom of the second column. It is highlighted in orange.


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