Misunderstanding between those who are fighting and those who are not: a psychologist explained what to do

Andrey Kozinchuk noted that after the war there will be a difficult period – euphoria, disappointment, aggression, depression, acceptance.

Psychologist called for creating a military integration system in Ukraine /  collage, photo , photo facebook/andriy.kozinchuk

Society should not understand the military; these parts of society should “meet in the middle.” In Ukraine there are many specialists who should deal with this issue, but there is no system.

“When did we have a united society? On February 24, 2022, we stayed together for about two weeks. For a month of the war, we were very cool, united. As soon as the Armed Forces localized the enemy in one place, we immediately became a “danger zone” and a “safe zone.” “. I’ll explain why: here, where the danger zone is, the survival zone – a person thinks more with the limbic system, he needs to survive and he emotionally, instinctively does some cool things. Here, where the safe zone is, you need to go to work, pay taxes, get dressed, to please, at least to himself. A military man doesn’t have the following: “Today is Monday, what am I going to wear?” He gets out of his sleeping bag, puts on his socks and runs,” noted Andrei Kozinchuk, a military psychologist from the engineering support group of the 67th separate mechanized brigade. interview with RBC-Ukraine.

According to him, this is not bad and not good, these are just two different functions of the human brain.

“How to unite them now? We need to tell the occupiers: “Let’s go to Uzhgorod and back, just don’t kill anyone.” I don’t want this option. For now, this is an explanation of why this is so. These are two different societies. A person who is constantly in the dirt cannot every second he knows that there may be an arrival, living with the same situation, that “my flat white is over-salted and the cappuccino is confused with a pumpkin latte,” the expert noted.

At the same time, he pointed out that after the end of the war, a state system for integrating the military will be required, because everyone goes through this process differently and there may be crises.

“In all armed conflicts, upon returning from war, there is a period: euphoria, disappointment, aggression, depression, acceptance. No one stops at euphoria. Maybe someone stops at disappointment and “zrada” all the way, someone at aggression – storm shops with booze. If the goal of a vacation is to restore strength, and not to relax, after the war we need to integrate into society. Because there is an idea that society should understand us. No. Here is society, but the military – our task is to meet in the middle. Shake hands and say , we love each other, let’s live together. But this is a long process – and there will be different people, a surge of suicides, disappointments, someone will join the faith, someone, on the contrary, will become an atheist, families will collapse and, on the contrary, be reunited. To me “I would really like the state to have a policy and a system of what we should do next. We have a lot of great specialists – psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, priests – but there is no system,” the psychologist concluded

Mobilization in Ukraine – a psychologist spoke about preparation

A military psychologist from the engineering support group of the 67th separate mechanized brigade, Andrei Kozinchuk, said that everyone gets stressed because they don’t know anything and are afraid of the unknown.

According to him, the training center prepares for war “indirectly.” The conscript is as busy as possible, his day is completely scheduled: getting up, eating, running, and the like. Due to lack of habit, uniforms or shoes may chafe, and as a result, a tired person dreams of only one thing – to sit on a stool. In this case, you need to hand over your mobile phone and there is no time to be afraid of “landing”. Psychologists conduct a conversation with newly admitted fighters.

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