Nadezhdin, who was not allowed to participate in the Russian elections, accused Putin of starting the war in Donbass

Before the Russian invasion, people in parts of eastern Ukraine lived normally, the politician emphasized.

Boris Nadezhdin called Vladimir Putin’s actions regarding Donbass erroneous /  collage from screenshots

Russian anti-war politician Boris Nadezhdin, who was not allowed to participate in the 2024 Russian presidential elections, openly accused Russian dictator Vladimir Putin of starting the war in Donbass.

In part of eastern Ukraine, before the invasion of Russian invaders, there were no “national liberation movements” for the Russian Federation or “Novorossiya,” and people lived there normally, there were no shellings or battles, Nadezhdin said on the Russian service of Radio Liberty.

“… while “Strelkov” (convicted ex-employee of the FSB of Russia, former “Minister of Defense” of the self-proclaimed “DPR” Igor Girkin, – Ed.) has not gone up there with his, how to put it mildly, fighters, yes, there is no shooting there there weren’t and, moreover, until 14, well, there were absolutely no national liberation movements there, in the sense of “Novorossiya” or for Russia. There was nothing there, people lived there normally… there were no battles there, no one there no one died, no one fired at anyone,” he noted.

The politician added that “this is all connected (the war in Donbass – Ed.) with the decisions that Putin made.” “Therefore, his fatal mistake was in 22 (most likely, we are talking about the beginning of a full-scale war against Ukraine – Ed.), but what happened there in Donetsk and Lugansk, of course, was also a mistake…” said Nadezhdin.

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Important news – Russia in the spotlight

In the Russian Federation, presidential elections are scheduled for March 15-17. The Russian Central Election Commission did not include in its list of candidates the only politician who openly advocated ending the war against Ukraine – Boris Nadezhdin.

The formal reason for refusal to be included in the list of candidates is the allegedly too large number of errors in the signatures of citizens that were collected for his nomination for the post of president.

It is worth noting that Russia decided to hold its “elections” in the occupied parts of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. It was reported that “voting” there would begin earlier.

Let us remind you that in April 2014, the Russians invaded part of the Donbass and supported their accomplices there, who announced the creation of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”. After this, the Russian authorities claimed that in the east, Kyiv “oppressed the rights of Russian speakers,” and people allegedly “want to join Russia.”

On February 22, 2022, the Russian side ratified a friendship treaty with the “LPR,” which, in particular, spoke of joint “border defense” and “protection of the rights of ethnic minorities.” On the 24th of the same year, early in the morning, Vladimir Putin announced a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The Russians seized Ukrainian territories, and later recognized parts of the occupied lands, including Donbass, as supposedly “theirs.”

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