“Otherwise we won’t be able to fight”: the commander of Da Vinci’s Wolves said how many people need to be mobilized

At the current stage of the war, at least 10 thousand invaders need to be destroyed every month, he says.

Filimonov spoke about the situation at the front / Collage  / Screenshot, photo t.me/V_Zelenskiy_official

To effectively confront Russia, it is necessary to mobilize and train at least 250 thousand defenders, and also destroy at least 10 thousand Russian invaders per month.

This opinion was expressed by the commander of the Da Vinci Wolves battalion, Sergei Filimonov, in an interview with TSN as part of a national telethon. According to the officer, Ukraine does not yet have weapons that could change the course of the war right now.

“I don’t see it, we would now have a balance in weapons with the Russians. Because initially we had an advantage in the use of drones due to manufacturability and tactics of their use. Now this advantage is not there. The problem is that Russia produces 100 missiles per month and 300 Shahed drones and we need such weapons if we want to win. If our partners want us to win, they must provide us with long-range missiles and give us the ability to hit enemy territory, their military facilities and logistics routes “, Filimonov emphasized.

Now there is a war, where human resources are more involved and the use of modern technologies is increasing, he notes. “I’m saying that there are units that take great care of their personnel. There are units that lose a lot of them. But, fortunately, for now we can make sure that the ratio on each sector of the front is three to one , ten to one. That is, ten Russians killed for one of our fighters. The war is “meat”, which is becoming more technological. Both sides are actively attracting UAVs very effectively. But the Russians have a lot of artillery, a lot, a lot of “meat”, very there are a lot of prisoners who don’t end,” the battalion commander emphasized.

The officer noted that now is a very important stage of the war for the Ukrainian army and the entire Ukrainian nation. “We must do everything to replenish the army, train people. For now, defend what we have, those 82% of the territory, and further weaken the enemy as much as possible,” Filimonov emphasized.

He believes that now it is best for Ukraine to conduct an active defense, build up weapons and train as many personnel as possible. “Now, my personal opinion, we must take an active defense, prepare defensive positions and meet the enemy, because now the initiative is on his side. We carried out a counter-offensive, now it is our turn to defend. It is important here that we are prepared for this enemy offensive. The situation is actually very difficult, it is clear that this year we do not need active offensive actions. We must build and conduct defense, build up weapons, train personnel – mobilize people. We need to mobilize at least 250 thousand, because without this we will simply We won’t be able to fight,” Filimonov emphasized.

According to the officer, Ukrainians must be prepared for the fact that the war may last a long time until complete victory over the enemy. “We need to prepare for a very protracted, difficult war. We must understand that Putin and Russia are counting on our exhaustion, on the exhaustion of our partners. They are really preparing people to fight for attrition. A long war is 100% more profitable for them “It is very important for them to have some kind of conditional peace or conditional truce with us in order to prepare, correct mistakes, prepare their personnel, arm themselves and attack with new forces,” Filimonov noted.

He noted that Ukraine does not need any conditional peace or truce with the enemy, but must constantly increase the number of destroyed personnel of the Russian occupiers.

“By no means. Anyone who talks about peace or a truce, who talks about stopping hostilities is a traitor. We have one road – to destroy the enemy and we need to kill at least 10 thousand a month. I’ll explain where this figure comes from when we “We knock out the prepared and motivated, then they are forced to send the unprepared to the front. This affects demoralization and much more. If we pause this, then during that time they will learn, regroup, arm themselves, repair themselves, rest and start all over again,” Filimonov emphasized.

He added that Russia needs to leave the entire territory of Ukraine, but the occupiers will not do this during a conditional truce. “If Russia does not attack, then we will have to do it. Therefore, it is more effective for us to hold the defense, destroy as many Russians as possible, and then attack,” he concluded.

“Da Vinci’s Wolves”: latest news

It is worth recalling that on February 6, Ukrainian Armed Forces officer Sergei Filimonov became the commander of the Da Vinci Wolves battalion as part of the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade named after Yakov Handzyuk.

Commander of the 1st separate assault battalion named after. Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Kotsyubail, Yuri Kapustyak remains in the 67th OMBR DUK.

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