The Ukrainian got bored and returned on foot from Moldova: he was detained (photo)

The 30-year-old Ukrainian was found using a drone.

The man was returning from Moldova outside the checkpoint / photo

At the state border with Moldova, a man was detained who, on his way to Ukraine, illegally crossed the cordon, and explained his behavior by longing for his homeland.

According to the Southern Regional Directorate of the State Border Guard Service, a man was detained at the border who was returning from Moldova outside the checkpoint.

“Border guards of the Belgorod-Dniester detachment, using a UAV with a thermal imaging camera, discovered and detained a border violator – a 30-year-old citizen of Ukraine was returning to Ukraine illegally, outside the checkpoint, on foot,” the message says.

It is noted that the response of the violator was very unexpected for the border guards.

“The resident of the Odessa region explained his actions by saying that he could no longer be in a foreign land and wanted to return to Ukraine at any cost,” the department said.

A protocol on administrative offenses under Art. 204-1 KUoAP “Illegal crossing or attempted illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine.” The court will make the legal decision.

As reported, in Transcarpathia, in the Tisa River, a man from the Mykolayiv region drowned while trying to cross the border into Hungary. Border guards of the “Forks” department of the Mukachevo detachment on February 14, while patrolling the Tisza shallows, saw two men running towards the border with a rubber boat. The military began pursuing the offenders. They, in turn, threw the boat away and, ignoring the legal requirements of the border patrol, began to run away. One of them jumped into the river, the other tried to hide in the bushes, but was detained by the squad. The man who jumped into the river died.

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