Ukraine’s independence is under threat, it needs weapons, – Danilov

The NSDC Secretary spoke about the delay in Western assistance.

Danilov told what will happen if Ukraine does not receive weapons from the West in the near future / photo

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov said what will happen if the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not receive weapons from the West in the near future.

Earlier, the head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, argued that Ukraine would be able to stretch out 2 months on internal resources if the United States delayed assistance. Danilov, in a commentary to RTP, said that everything will become more complicated if the partners do not provide weapons in the foreseeable future.

“We need weapons, weapons, weapons,” he said.

Danilov claims that the Russian arms supply chain from Iran and North Korea has led to “some” changes on the battlefield. Therefore, if the West does not respond with similar support, then “the situation will really become more complicated.”

It is, therefore, already complex, and in general it has never been easy, he emphasized. “If anyone thinks that the situation is easy, then these are people who do not understand the war,” said the NSDC Secretary.

He also clarified that Ukraine will not stop in any case and will continue to defend its territories, since there is no other alternative. Danilov is confident that the United States will soon approve the necessary aid package for Ukraine, because several issues are at stake: independence, the image of the West and its unity.

“We hope that our partners will understand that our independence is under threat, as well as the image, authority and unity of the entire West…”, he concluded.

What Arakhamia said about Ukraine’s capabilities

The other day Arakhamia clarified that Ukraine has resources for 2 months to wage war, so it feels safe, despite the delays in Western assistance. “We have enough resources for two months, so we feel safe,” he said in an interview with Report.

He also expressed confidence that the United States would soon approve assistance. Let us note that on February 9, Washington took the first step towards this – the Senate voted to consider the funding package. Now it must be considered by the upper house of Congress.

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