“Brought to the point of absurdity”: Arakhamia explained why journalists are still not allowed into the Rada

The people’s deputy is confident that the situation with journalists in the Rada even before the war went beyond the bounds of reason.

Arakhamia named reasons for not allowing the media into the Rada / collage , photo , still from video

Journalists will not yet be allowed into the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada for security reasons. This was stated by the head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, on the air of the “Topics with Natalia Moseychuk” program.

According to him, intelligence regularly sends alerts that the Verkhovna Rada and the government quarter as a whole could become a likely target for a Russian strike in the near future.

“It’s funny now… Journalists tell us it’s an excuse. (…) But they laugh until the first “arrival”. And when it arrives, they will look for those to blame,” Arakhamia explains his position.

He emphasized that a separate press center was created especially for journalists, where deputies go and “give all the necessary comments.”

Also, the head of the presidential faction of parliament is outraged that journalists, when they were still allowed into the hall, photographed the screens of parliamentary phones, depriving them of privacy.

“We have brought it to the point of absurdity! When with people like this [фото]they come in using machines and just sit and look at your phone,” Arakhamia complained, emphasizing that this is not the case in any other European parliament.

In turn, the head of the Nikolaev OVA Vitaly Kim noted that if journalists take a photograph of how one of the deputies on the phone “chooses a mansion for themselves,” then this “will harm the overall process.”

Why are journalists not allowed into the Rada?

As wrote, in 2020, journalists were denied access to the Verkhovna Rada building due to the coronavirus epidemic and the introduction of quarantine. A year and a half later, in the fall of 2021, the ban was partially relaxed, but full access was not restored.

And just a few months after that, a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began. In this regard, journalists were again completely denied access to the parliament building, but this time for reasons of secrecy and security. For the same reasons, there are currently no live television broadcasts of parliamentary meetings.

At the same time, public opinion polls show that Ukrainians want the resumption of broadcasts and the admission of journalists to the session hall.

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