Ukraine passes the winter without blackouts and sometimes even exports electricity to the EU

Despite constant missile attacks and drone attacks carried out by the Russian occupiers, the Ukrainian power system survived the winter without blackouts. Although power facilities were hit, they did not cause large-scale disruptions to the network, as was the case last year.

According to Ukrenergo, the energy system is currently operating stably, and no shortage of electricity is forecast. The electricity produced by power plants of all types is sufficient to ensure the energy supply of all legal and household consumers. The total carrying capacity of high-voltage networks of “Ukrenergo” is sufficient to cover the existing demand.

The market is experiencing typical fluctuations caused by changes in the weather. For example, in cloudy weather, energy consumption for lighting increases, and electricity production by solar power plants decreases.

During the last day, electricity was exported to 4 countries and imported from 3 countries. Yes, today exports are made to Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Moldova. The total volume is 3930 MWh, with the maximum power in a single hour up to 399 MW.

Electricity is imported in the morning and evening hours from Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova. The total volume is 1,490 MWh, with a maximum capacity of 418 MW per hour. From December 1, the technical possibility of importing electricity from Europe to Ukraine and Moldova is 1,700 MW.

In total, due to hostilities and other reasons, as of the morning of February 20, 374 settlements remain without electricity. There are new damages in the networks of regional energy of Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions.

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