The occupiers attacked Odessa again: there is a fire in the city, there is a victim and injured

Two wounded were taken to hospital in serious condition. There may be people under the rubble.

As a result of the Russian attack, the wounded are in serious condition / photo of the State Emergency Service of Odessa region

The Russian army again attacked Odessa with strike drones late in the evening of February 23. There was a fire and there was destruction, and people were injured.

According to the head of the Odessa regional military administration, Oleg Kiper, the occupiers are attacking the Odessa region with attack drones for the second night in a row.

“As a result of enemy shelling, destruction and fire of a residential building in Odessa were recorded. Now two casualties are known,” Kiper said.

According to him, the wounded are in serious condition and were taken to the hospital. All relevant services are now at the scene of the incident. Search operations and fire extinguishing are ongoing; there may be people under the rubble.

Updated 23:20. Kiper said that another victim was pulled out from under the rubble. The woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition – she was under the rubble for about two hours. The search operation continues.

Updated 23:45. Subsequently, it became known that a person was killed as a result of the Russian strike on Odessa. His body is unblocked from the rubble.

Updated 00:40. According to the press secretary of the State Emergency Service in the Odessa region, Marina Averina, the fire spread over an area of ​​50 square meters. meters. After it was extinguished, the rubble began to be cleared away. More than 40 rescuers are working at the site. Psychologists are working with people living near the site of the tragedy.

The Odessa City Council said that as a result of a UAV attack, a one-story residential building in the Primorsky district was destroyed.

Updated 01:21. “Three wounded are in serious condition. A woman born in 1962 has 70% burns on her body and severe burn shock, her daughter, born in 1993, also received a severe burn on 10% of the body surface and numerous bone fractures. Another victim was a 72-year-old a woman who stayed under the rubble for almost two hours received 40% thermal burns and broken limbs. Clearing the rubble and unblocking the body of the deceased man continues,” Kiper said.

Russian strike on Odessa on February 22 – main news

On the evening of February 22, Russian occupation forces attacked the Odessa region with attack drones. According to the Defense Forces of southern Ukraine, the enemy attacked the region with attack drones of the Shahed-131/136 type. At the same time, the aggressor sent missiles of the Kh-31P and Kh-22 types from tactical and strategic aviation aircraft from the Black Sea. the missiles lost their combat capability in the air, and nine kamikaze drones were shot down by air defense units.

At the same time, one of the drones struck over the sea fell on an enterprise building in the coastal zone of Odessa, causing destruction and fire. Rescue the security guard from the damaged building; she was not injured, but while extinguishing the fire, rescuers found the bodies of three dead people.

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