UNO calls on Ukraine to urgently inquire into activities of “Mirotvorets” site

In the UN Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, published on 12 September, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) calls on the authorities of the country to conduct investigation of the activities of... Read more

Radicals oppose the construction of UOC church in Ugledar (VIDEO)

Radicals urge Ugledar residents to protest against the construction of a UOC church in the city. The protesters demand to cancel the decision of the city council to allocate land for the future church, reports UAZMI. Mayor of the city,... Read more

Radicals and schismatics attempting to disrupt the construction of UOC temple in Sumy (VIDEO)

On September 12, about 20 representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate and the “Right Sector” gathered to obstruct the laying of the capsule and consecration of the site for the construction of the future church of the UOC in Sumy. As... Read more

People’s deputy Tymchuk takes courses in Christian ethics for dissemination of the “Russian world”

People’s deputy of Ukraine Dmitry Tymchuk on his Facebook page accused the Gorlovka eparchy of the UOC of dissemination of the “Russian world”. As a UOJ correspondent was said in the eparchy, the people’s deputy saw separatism in the subject... Read more

Svobodа members threaten deputies with reprisals for allocation of land to Pochaev Lavra (VIDEO)

Deputy of the Ternopol Region Council from VO “Svoboda” Vasily Gabor and his assistants scandalously disrupted the allocation of land to the Pochaev Lavra at the session of the local city council. The information about the incident that occurred in... Read more

In Church matters Poroshenko tries to sit on two chairs, – expert

The director of the Ukrainian Center for Political Studies and Conflictology, Mikhail Pogrebinsky, believes that the All-Ukrainian Cross Procession-2017 impressed the President of Ukraine, so Petro Poroshenko will try to “sit on two chairs” in church matters. So the politologist... Read more

Kiev artist is under a threat of a criminal proceedings for “icons” with monkeys

Artist Ilya Chichkan in the Kiev gallery “Karas” has exhibited works in which monkeys are depicted in iconic frames. Criminal proceedings for the exhibition “Psychodarwinism: the evolution of psycho” were initiated under Article 161 of the Criminal Code: “Violation of... Read more

Radicals threaten to seize 15 temples of UOC in the Khmelnitsky region (VIDEO)

In the town of Volochisk, Khmelnitsky region, radicals, with the support of the priests of the Kiev Patriarchate, intend to create a working group that will start agitating the population to fall into schism. According to a UOJ source, now... Read more

UOC: TSN report on a priest and his terrorist dog is another manipulation

The TSN news service on the “1+1” channel made another provocative report to discredit the UOC. The broadcast dedicated to the dog of the clergyman, which is terrorizing the village in Volyn, is based on unconfirmed information, reports the press... Read more

No prohibitions will force believers to renounce the canonical Church, – expert

Those who forbid these or those confessions should remember: this did not bring benefits to the states in whose name these crimes were committed, said in an interview with “Phrase” an expert in religion, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences and chairman... Read more

New church for Katerinovka community whose temple was seized by schismatics (PHOTOS)

On September 8, Metropolitan Sergius of Ternopol and Kremenets consecrated a new church in the village of Katerinovka in the Ternopol region. As a UOJ correspondent reports, the church was built with the assistance of the charitable foundation “Favor”. Initially,... Read more

Conflict between UOC and UOC-KP on the temple in Konstantinovka to be decided by the court

On September 7, the first meeting of the Donetsk Commercial Court of Appeal in Kharkov was held to review the case on the confessional affiliation of the Sretensky Church of Konstantinovka, reports the website of the Gorlovka diocese. The representative... Read more

Police intervened only when the radicals began beating believers, – the UOC (VIDEO)

In Nikolaev, after a clash with radicals who came to dismantle the foundation of the temple, several parishioners of the UOC went to hospital. According to a UOJ source, the women took a record of bodily injuries incurred as a... Read more

UOC Chancellor: Control over the Church – suicide for the state

The Chancellor of the UOC, Metropolitan Anthony(Pakanich) of Boryspil and Brovary noted that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church today is actually fighting for religious freedom and opposing attempts of the state to meddle in the Church’s affairs and control its internal... Read more

President promises not to sign anti-church bill

On September 7, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in his address to the Verkhovna Rada deputies, said that he would not sign the bill, according to which the candidatures of bishops should be agreed with the state bodies. This... Read more

ROC warns Ukrainian President against meddling in Church’s internal affairs

The Russian Orthodox Church has interpreted Petro Poroshenko’s words about the creation in Ukraine of the Unified Local Orthodox Church as an attempt to interfere in the affairs of the Church, reports Interfax-Religion. “Interference in the Church’s internal affairs is... Read more

Patriarch Bartholomew is told about persecutions of the UOC in Ukraine

At the International Symposium on Orthodox Spirituality in Italy the UOC delegation met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and told him about the stance of the canonical Church in Ukraine. It is reported by the UOC Information and Education Department. Archbishop... Read more

Poroshenko personally undertakes to create One Local Church

On September 7, pronouncing his address in the Verkhovna Rada, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared he is set to pursue with an idea of creating a Local Orthodox Church. “The Verkhovna Rada approved a historic address to the Ecumenical... Read more

In Nikolaev nationalists beat UOC believers (VIDEO)

On September 6, in Nikolaev, nationalists from the organization “Sokol” and activists from the party “Svoboda” gathered near the church of the UOC under construction to prevent building. The believers of the UOC came to protect the future church. As... Read more

Court to decide who will become director of Kiev-Pechersk Reserve (VIDEO)

On September 6, a lawsuit regarding the illegal appointment of the Acting Director General of the National Kiev-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine was brought before the Kiev District Administrative Court. At the moment,... Read more

Kiev Patriarchate promises to fight for the temple in Konstantinovka

On September 7 there will be held a session of the court of the last resort on the case of changing the confession of Sretensky temple of Konstantinovka city. Prior to that the Supreme Commercial Court of Ukraine in Kiev... Read more

Antichurch laws and Filaret – Hero of Ukraine: what the Verkhovna Rada will be busy with

The seventh session of the Verkhovna Rada is going to consider 11 bills concerning the religious sphere. All of them are included in the draft agenda awaiting approval. There are three resonant antichurch bills on the draft agenda, having been... Read more

Graffiti of Maidan times is likened to “icons” and to be restored

Activists and artist Geo Leros agreed on the restoration of graffiti of the Maidan times in Grushevskogo Street. It was reported by the artist himself on his Facebook page, having called these pictures – “icons”. “The initiative group, among which... Read more

Estonian schism scenario applied in Ukraine, – Primate of the EOC MP

The oldest Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, 93-year-old Metropolitan of Tallinn and All Estonia Kornily (Jacobs) in his exclusive interview with RIA Novosti compares the current pessure on the UOC from the authorities with the implementation of the schism... Read more

UOC community of Kotiuzhyny tells OSCE about persecutions by schismatics

On September 5, the religious community of the UOC from the village of Kotiuzhyny, headed by the rector of the St. Stephen, the First Martyr Church of the UOC, met with the representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine.... Read more