Crime on religious grounds is on the rise in Ukraine, – human rights activists

Statistics of law enforcement bodies in Ukraine show an increase in crime on religious grounds, and the seizures of UOC churches in Kolomyia and Gribovitsa demonstrate the emergence of a category of interfaith conflicts that threaten the entire society, said NGO... Read more

“Cyborg” calls on authorities to stop seizure of UOC church in Kolomyia

Sergey Biloshitsky, the commander of the first company of the 90th separate assault battalion of the 81st airmobile brigade, which in 2014 took part in the battle for Donetsk airport, urged the authorities to “firmly restore order” and return the... Read more

In Goloseevo tens of thousands of believers honour Nun Alipia

On October 30, the Holy Protection Goloseevo Monastery of Kiev solemnly celebrated the 29th anniversary of the repose of the ascetic struggler of our time, Nun Alipia (Avdeeva), especially revered by Orthodox Christians in Ukraine. Annually, on this day tens of... Read more

Granting autocephaly for UOC will not resolve the issue of schism

Even if tomorrow autocephaly were granted to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the issue of schism wouldn’t be resolved. It was said by the PhD of theology, Archpriest of the Kiev temple of St. Konstantin and Helena, Sergei Veigo in the live... Read more

UGCC chaplain targets another UOC temple in Kolomyia

Uniate chaplain Nikolai Medinsky, organizer of the raider attack of the Annunciation temple, feels outraged by another UOC temple in Kolomyia. This time Greek-Catholics are not happy about the fact the church is located too close to the aerodrome. This... Read more

In Kolomyia Uniates want not to come to terms but whiten their image, – Mass Media

Rhetoric of the UGCC leadership due to the raider seizure of the Annunciation temple of the UOC in Kolomyia reveals the fact that Uniates actually have no intention of reconciling with the Orthodox but just try to recover their image damaged... Read more

Metropolitan Mitrofan: UOC KP has lost more than other confessions for three years

The denomination to have strategically lost for the last three years is namely the UOC KP. From the standpoint of tactics, the Kyiv Patriarchate has gained temporary advantages, but lost from the strategic perspective. It was told by Chairman of... Read more

UGCC’s ruling bishop in Kolomyia plays up to temple raiders, – UOC spokesman

The deputy head of the Department for External Church Relations (DECR) of the UOC, Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich, believes what is happening around the Annunciation Church in Kolomyia causes irreparable damage to the reputation of Greek Catholics in Ukraine. The cleric... Read more

People’s deputy Yelensky promises speedy adoption of scandalous bill No. 4128

The Verkhovna Rada is ready to approve amendments to the law “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations”, said one of the initiators of the bill, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Culture and Spirituality Viktor Yelensky expressed... Read more

More than 100 thousand believers expected at Goloseevo Monastery of Kiev on October 30

On October 30, the Holy Protection Goloseevo monastery of Kiev will celebrate the 29th anniversary of the repose of nun Alipia (Avdeeva) – a hermit, especially revered by Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, according to the Information Centre of the Ukrainian... Read more

A historian explains why Uniates cannot claim a temple in Kolomyia

Archpriest Alexei Dobosh, a professor at Kyiv Theological Academy, is sure that the allegations of the Uniates, as if they were the ones who built the Annunciation Church in Kolomyia and therefore have the right to it, are groundless. “The... Read more

In Gribovitsa Filaret followers break into the house of UOC clergyman

In the village of Gribovitsa, Volyn region, representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate broke into the house where the family of the priest of the local UOC community resides. Raiders are taking things out of the house, enjoying the inaction of... Read more

The seizures of churches by Uniates will lead to a religious war in Ukraine, – Archbishop Theodosius

According to Archbishop Theodosius of Boyarka, the publication by the priest of the UGCC of the list of “unreturned Uniate churches” can serve as the beginning of a religious war, reports “Argumenty i Fakty”. “This is a prologue to the total... Read more

Lviv regional council demands immediate adoption of bill No. 5309

On October 25, deputies of the Lviv regional council adopted an appeal to the people’s deputies with a request to immediately adopt bill No. 5309. The bill proposes to amend the name of religious organizations whose control center is located... Read more

Lutsk deputy offers his colleagues to grab the UOC temple

On October 25, at the session of the City Council, deputy from Lutsk Pavel Danilchuk offered his colleagues to take away in “quite an unlawful way” the temple of All Saints of Volyn Lands from the UOC eparchy in Volyn,... Read more

Uniates explain temple seizure in Kolomyia by the “open church door”

Chairman of the UGCC Commission for Interdenominational and Interreligious Dialogue, Archpriest Igor Shaban informed that the Uniates did not take over the Annunciation temple in Kolomyia, but simply entered into the church since the door was open. It is said... Read more

Ivano-Frankivsk eparchy of UOC appeals to Poroshenko and the leadership of Uniates

The Ivano-Frankivsk eparchy has published an open letter addressed to the President of Ukraine, state authorities, Pope Francis, the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine Claudio Gugerotti, the head of the UGCC Sviatoslav Shevchuk, international organizations and the Ukrainian public about the... Read more

Synod of UOC-KP decides to support bills Nos. 4128, 5309

The Kyiv Patriarchate decided to support bills Nos. 4128 and 5309 on introducing amendments to the Law “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations” at the “synod” on October 21. The decision is recorded in Journal No. 28, reports the... Read more

Uniate publishes a list of temples which are “to be returned”

Chaplain of the UGCC Michael Zabandzhala compiled and published a list of temples within the borders of the Ternopil-Zboriv diocese which do not belong to the Uniates yet. The chaplain noted that “110 temples have not been returned”. The list... Read more

Religious confrontation brewing in Ostrovets of Ivano-Frankivsk region

On October 22, in the village of Ostrovets of the Gorodenka district, the Ivano-Frankivsk region, representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate demanded from the UOC community that they could have an opportunity to pray in the St. George the Victorious Church of... Read more

UOC community prays outside seized church in the village of Stary Gvozdets (PHOTOS)

On October 22, at 7:00, the UOC community of the village of Stary Gvozdets of the Ivano-Frankivsk region was forced to pray out in the street. As a UOJ correspondent reports, at 11:00 the representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate came... Read more

UOC believers pushed out of the church in Kolomyia with police inaction (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

On October 22, Uniates, who seized the Annunciation Church in Kolomyia, brought the UOC believers out of the territory of the church by force. As a UOJ correspondent reports, the situation was observed by about 60 policemen. They did not... Read more

UOC publishes a video about bullying believers in the seized church of Kolomyia

Members of the Coordinating Council of the military chaplains of the UGCC in Kolomyia, who seized the Annunciation Church of the UOC, continue to persecute the faithful of the community, writes the press service of the Ivano-Frankivsk eparchy. It is... Read more

UOC KP and mass media deliberately distort church raiding facts, – Head of the UOC Law Department

The Kyiv Patriarchate and the biased mass media tend to distort the information related to seizures of temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said the head of the UOC Law Department, Archpriest Alexander Bakhov. This is written by the Information... Read more

UGCC “chaplains” who seized a temple in Kolomyia turn out impostors, – UOC

Following the raider seizure by the “Uniate chaplains” of the Annunciation temple in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk eparchy forwarded an inquiry to the law enforcement bodies of the AFU. The reply was that “the UGCC priests in question are not subordinated to the... Read more