Google launches educational website for kids learning to read

Google has released a browser-based version of its Android app, Read Along, a dedicated website for kids that makes learning to read easier. So far, it is in beta testing. Help The Read Along site includes hundreds of illustrated stories... Read more

Review of the series "Sandman" / The Sandman

The Sandman is almost the most famous comic book published by Vertigo and one of the most remarkable works of the writer Neil Gaiman. It tells the bizarre adventures of Morpheus, the dream lord, in a world full of urban... Read more

Blizzard will stop selling loot boxes in Overwatch on August 30th. Players will continue to receive free cosmetic items until the release of Overwatch 2

In a blog post , Blizzard announced the end of the sale of loot boxes in Overwatch on August 30th. This date coincides with the end of the recently launched Anniversary Remix Vol. 3. Help Players will still be able... Read more

China again launched a secret spaceplane into orbit – this time it rose higher and updated the flight duration record

Last week, China announced the successful launch of an unknown reusable spaceplane – it was launched into orbit by a Long March 2F launch vehicle. At the time, the PRC agency did not provide any details regarding the test launch... Read more

Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act, which allocates $ 52 billion for the construction of semiconductor factories in the United States

US President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act, which allocates $280 billion to the development of the American IT industry. Including the law provides funding in the amount of $52 billion to stimulate the production of semiconductors in... Read more

Google is trying to publicly shame Apple for ignoring the RCS protocol to unify communication between iPhone and Android users

Google today launched a new ad campaign to encourage Apple to use RCS In 2008, the GSMA developed a new standard communication protocol that will eventually replace SMS. RCS allows subscribers to communicate through a universal messaging service with the... Read more

Nothing Phone 1 Review: Something Different

The popular publication The Verge made a review of the new interesting smartphone Nothing Phone 1. The author of the material, Alison Johnson, writes that this is a good middle-class phone, around which there is a lot of hype. We... Read more

A petition to legalize erotica and porn has collected the necessary 25,000 signatures. Now it should be considered by Zelensky

A petition to the President of Ukraine on the legalization of erotica and porngained more than 25,000 signatures in a month. Now it must be considered by the President of Ukraine. Help At the time of publication of this message,... Read more

Microsoft disbands special team previously created to bring back lost customers – Business Insider

Microsoft will fire the “Modern Life Experiences” team, which is redefining its appeal to consumers. This is reported by Business Insider . Help Approximately 200 team members were instructed to find another position within the company within 60 days or... Read more

KSCA: parents of metropolitan schoolchildren can choose the form of education for their children and change the choice during the school year

Educational institutions were once again inspected in Kyiv in preparation for the new academic year. The inspectorate included representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Department of Education and Science of the KSCA, regional state administrations in Kyiv.... Read more

The Swedes introduced the Urbanista Phoenix TWS headphones with a case equipped with a Powerfoyle solar panel

The Swedish company Urbanista introduced the Urbanista Phoenix TWS headphones, the main feature of which is a charging case with a built-in Powerfoyle solar panel from Exeger. The company already has full-size headphones with a solar panel built into the... Read more

Rockstar aims to set new creative standards for the franchise, the gaming industry and the entire entertainment market with GTA 6

The future GTA 6 cannot avoid comparisons with the previous part and part-time the second best-selling game of all time GTA V, but Rockstar does not seem to be intimidated at all, as the studio wants to make the new... Read more

UK to use smartwatches and facial recognition to control migrants with criminal records – The Guardian

According to The Guardian, the Home Office and the UK Department of Justice intend to use smartwatches with facial recognition for migrants with a criminal record. Such face scanning is planned to be carried out up to 5 times a... Read more

AppLovin wants to buy game development tool Unity for $20 billion

AppLovin, a mobile app technology company, has made an offer to the developer of the popular game engine, Unity Technologies. Help Unity is a popular cross-platform game development framework released in 2005. Thousands of Unity games run on over 25... Read more

Two graduates of KPI launched the OLEAN publishing house in Ukraine, which deals exclusively with e-books

The Detector Media publication spoke about the new Ukrainian project OLEAN. This is a publishing house of electronic books, which was launched by the graduates of the Department of Publishing and Editing KPI Elena Novitskaya and Anna Sviridyuk. The project... Read more

AMD Threadripper Pro 5995WX went on sale. This is the most powerful (so far) Ryzen processor, but also the most expensive – $6500

The Threadripper Pro 5995WX is the most expensive AMD Ryzen you can buy anytime soon (even with the upcoming Zen 4 generation ). The monstrous 64-core, 128-thread chip was announced in March and was only available to OEMs and is... Read more

The Economist: Why is Russia not blocking GPS in Ukraine? (Spoiler: because it can't)

According to The Economist, the use of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems by the Ukrainian Armed Forces has demonstrated the high efficiency of high-precision American weapons that use the GPS satellite positioning system to target the target – strikes on... Read more

Meta has launched BlenderBot 3, a demo of its latest AI chatbot

On Friday, Meta will test whether the new version of Blenderbot, an artificial intelligence chatbot, can handle the challenges of a real-world communication environment. On this day, the demo version of Blenderbot 3 with 175 billion parameters will go to... Read more

Cotton in Crimea – only jokes and memes about explosions in the Russian-occupied peninsula

Surely you all have already heard the main news for today – in the village of Novofedorovka, which is located in the Crimea occupied by the Russians at a distance of about 200 km from the front line, where the... Read more

Chinese Apps Found in Mac App Store Violating Store Rules and Containing Malware

Privacy 1st researcher (Alex Kleber) analyzed 7 different Apple developer accounts managed by the same Chinese developer. He points out that the apps violate Mac App Store policies. Help The most common violation is the fact that applications contain hidden... Read more

Cyberpolice, with the assistance of PrivatBank, detained a group of intruders who “reclaimed” the stolen bank card data of Ukrainians

The PrivatBank security service exposed a fraudulent scheme, as a result of which the employees of the Cybercrime Counteraction Department of the Cherkasy region, together with the investigative department of the police of the Cherkasy region, detained a group of... Read more

Intel vs AMD: Top 10 Best PC Processors

First, Intel released more affordable non-overclockable 12-generation Core processors without the K index (unofficially, they still overclock on the bus). And then AMD responded with an update, or rather a refresh, of the Ryzen 4000 and 5000 lineup, also at... Read more

Take-Two expects nearly half of its sales this year to come from mobile games Zynga

Take-Two has released its first financial report since acquiring mobile game developer and publisher Zynga . And it looks like the mobile segment will play a huge role in the future of the publisher. Help Take-Two’s net orders were up... Read more

NVIDIA lowers its quarterly revenue forecast due to a 44% drop in sales of gaming graphics cards and announced a price cut for GeForce RTX

It’s no secret that the video card market is now rapidly flying down (along with the PC market ) and, as a result, NVIDIA, which has been steadily setting new financial records quarterly for the past few years, is entering... Read more

Ukrainian Wikipedia is ahead of Arabic in terms of the number of articles and takes 16th place in the ranking

At the end of July 2022, the Ukrainian Wikipedia overtook the Arabic one and took 16th place in terms of the number of articles among 328 language sections of the online encyclopedia. It should be noted that the Ukrainian language... Read more