Questionable prospects for Intel in the video card market or What went wrong with the development of GPU Arc

The official history of current Intel video cards began almost a year ago. In August 2021, the company introduced the Intel Arc trademark, the Alchemist GPU architecture (formerly known as DG2), announced the competition of its solutions with NVIDIA and... Read more

Intel introduced Arc Pro graphics cards for desktop and mobile workstations

Previously, Intel has already brought its gaming graphics cards to the market under the Arc brand, however, the reviews of the first devices were disappointing . Now Intel has introduced Arc Pro series graphics cards designed for desktop and mobile... Read more

Rivian began testing "budget" versions of R1T/R1S electric vehicles with two (not four) Enduro electric motors

American electric car manufacturer Rivian has begun testing new versions of its R1T and R1S models in real-world conditions. This was announced by the head of the company Robert Scaringe, adding to the message a few photos from the winter... Read more

Game studio CD PROJEKT RED launched an anniversary sale of games in honor of its own 20th anniversary (and gives CDPR Goodies Collection)

In honor of the 20th anniversary, the CD PROJEKT RED game studio announced a sale on its own games, and is also giving away a set with CDPR Goodies Collection anniversary bonuses for free. Help It contains posters, digital wallpapers,... Read more

AI systems cannot patent inventions – US court

The U.S. District Court has confirmed that artificial intelligence systems cannot patent inventions because they are not human. The decision marks the latest setback in a series of legal battles by computer scientist Steven Thaler to copyright and patent the... Read more

Twitter made fun of fans of sensations, giving out a photo of a slice of sausage for an image of the star Proxima Centauri from the James Webb telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope captured the imagination of people around the world with its first pictures. Etienne Klein, director of the French Commission for Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy, reminded everyone that any sensation must be taken with a... Read more

The Ministry of Digital Development and Binance have begun accepting applications for free training in IT specialties under the state IT Generation program. How to apply and what are the conditions?

On August 8, the third stage of the IT Generation educational project started – over the next two weeks, the collection of applications from Ukrainian switchers who want to change their profession and wish to master IT specialties for free... Read more

As U.S.-China Tensions Rise, Apple Asks to Avoid "Made in Taiwan" Labels for China Shipments and Boosts Production in India, Samsung Moves Semiconductor Manufacturing to Vietnam

Amid political and economic tensions between the US and China, consumer electronics makers are bracing for potential manufacturing and supply issues. Stumbling blocks – Taiwan, as the largest manufacturer of semiconductor products and the potential risk of concentration of production... Read more

Apple is developing a smart display – Bloomberg

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, over the next two years, Apple could significantly expand its line of smart home gadgets. He reports that the company “has at least four new smart home devices in the labs.” Help This list... Read more

MineFree – a new mine safety mobile application from the State Emergency Service

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine announced the availability of a new mobile application for mine safety called “MineFree” (Without mines). Its direct and main purpose is to increase the level of protection of the civilian population from dangerous explosive... Read more

In Kyiv, temporarily canceled parking fees at municipal sites

In Kyiv, the payment for parking at the sites of the KP “Kyivtransparkservis” has been suspended. This was reported to the KSCA. Help This interim measure is related to the lawsuit over the cost of parking, which is ongoing. The... Read more

YouTube added Ukrainian language support to automatic subtitles

Google is constantly investing significant resources in the development of accessibility , in order to maximally adapt its products and services for people with special needs. One of the most notable of these features isautomatic subtitles on YouTube – the... Read more

Review of the Steelseries Apex Pro Mini and Aerox 5 Wireless gaming setup – miniature mechanics and a weightless mouse

Today on review is a set of top new products from Steelseries, the market launch of which is scheduled for September 2022. Let’s take a closer look at the capabilities and ergonomics of devices. Estimated cost of the Steelseries Apex... Read more

LUN Misto AIR air quality stations to be launched in 5 cities in western Ukraine

The Ukrainian LUN Misto AIR development team will install air quality measurement devices in five cities in western Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi). The stations will be provided to cities free of charge, at the moment their residents can... Read more

Samsung Releases One UI 5 Beta Based on Android 13 for Galaxy S22 Smartphones

Samsung has begun rolling out One UI 5 open beta to Galaxy S22 owners in the US, Germany, and South Korea. The update comes just a few weeks before the expected release of Android 13 and just a few days... Read more

NBU has simplified a number of restrictions to support the activities of volunteers and businesses

From August 6, 2022, the National Bank of Ukraine has simplified a number of restrictions to support the activities of volunteers and businesses. The main priority of the NBU remains the preservation of financial stability in Ukraine, for this purpose,... Read more

Research: what soft skills do employers want to see in employees during the war

The war made adjustments to the life of every Ukrainian, both professionally and emotionally. Employers began to pay more attention to the soft skills of future employees when describing the proposed vacancy. The recruitment portal investigated which particular soft... Read more

Kyivstar: "Roaming like at home" is already used by about 900 thousand subscribers, on average in July one such subscriber used 5.2 GB of traffic and 191 minutes of calls

During February and March, about 3 million Kyivstar subscribers were forced to leave their homes due to the start of Russia’s large-scale armed aggression. In order to support Ukrainians abroad, the operator launched “Roaming like at home” – in 30... Read more

"Top Gun: Maverick" outperformed "Titanic" at home and climbed to 7th place in this rating, becoming Paramount's highest-grossing film.

The airplane blockbuster starring the ageless Tom Cruise continues to break records and climb the box office ratings. This time, Top Gun: Maverick managed to score an important psychological victory over the disaster film Titanic (1997), taking it away from... Read more

Capcom unveiled two new Street Fighter 6 characters Kimberly and Juri

Capcom game director Takayuki Nakayama spoke on the PlayStation blog about Juri returning to the series and a completely new character – Kimberly, a child prodigy and lover of 80s culture. Help Juri, who favors spikes and black, purple and... Read more

Elon Musk summons Twitter CEO to 'public debate' over platform bots

The situation with the purchase of the social network Twitter by Elon Musk is gradually transforming from a legal confrontation into an entertainment show. After Twitter sued Musk over his refusal to buy the social network for $44 billion, his... Read more

Photo gallery of the day: The Germans celebrated the completion of the production of BMW i3 electric vehicles with special versions of Frozen Dark and Galvanic Gold

Serial production of compact premium electric vehicles BMW i3 started back in 2013. Since then, the Germans have collected 250 thousand copies of the model, which was sold in 74 countries around the world. However, as in the case of... Read more

Vodafone has launched a new line of contract tariffs for mobile communications

Vodafone Ukraine has announced new tariffs for contractual connection to mobile communications. Among the advantages of the line is the ability to pay for communication services after use, as well as provide an increased level of protection for a mobile... Read more

DreamWorks will open source the MoonRay renderer by the end of this year – it was used in "Bad Boys" and "Puss in Boots 2"

DreamWorks has made some of its technologies publicly available over the past few years, and now the animation division is gearing up to join the Open Source initiative, with MoonRay’s proprietary ray-traced rendering system to be added to the open... Read more

Review of the film "Prey" / Prey

On the streaming platform Hulu released a fantastic movie “Prey”. The uninformed viewer will not recognize the Predator prequel in this title, but that’s exactly what it is. After an unsuccessful sequel in 2010 and a controversial 2018 remake, Cloverfield... Read more