china accelerates ipv6 adoption amid rapid advances in 5g networks and clouds but doesnt give up hope of spreading its own communications standards around the world 626917fd0534d

China Accelerates IPv6 Adoption Amid Rapid Advances in 5G Networks and Clouds, But Doesn't Give Up Hope of Spreading Its Own Communications Standards Around the World

China’s Central Cyberspace Administration shared plans to accelerate the implementation of the IPv6 protocol against the background of the ubiquity of cloud services, IoT devices and 5G…

overview of the beats fit pro headphones 626917f3363c4

Overview of the Beats Fit Pro headphones

I really didn’t like the Beats Studio Buds, I wrote about them at the age of 21 – I don’t know why Beats decided to put a…

it looks like ps plus subscribers will be given away fifa 22 in may this is the first time with the series 626917eaab9ba

It looks like PS Plus subscribers will be given away FIFA 22 in May – this is the first time with the series

A user of the Dealabs portal under the pseudonym billbil-kun, who has proven himself to be reliable leaks, shared insider information about the May line of games…

infinix note 11 review smartphone for a comfortable life 626917e5640e5

Infinix NOTE 11 review: Smartphone for a comfortable life

We have a novelty – a new smartphone Infinix NOTE 11, it can be called a representative of the entry-level middle class. It has good looks, a…

dell introduces proprietary ddr5 camm notebook memory modules up to 128gb in custom compact package 626917d8cf070

Dell Introduces Proprietary DDR5 CAMM Notebook Memory Modules – Up to 128GB in Custom Compact Package

Dell has introduced its own proprietary form factor of DDR5 RAM modules called CAMM (Compression Attached Memory Module). Modules in this format will be used in the…

review of the game tom clancys rainbow six

Review of the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction

In 2018, the multiplayer tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege launched the Outbreak time event. In it, operatives from the game teamed up against alien parasites…

samsung galaxy s21 fe review a new recipe for a flagship 626917c8ae3c0

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review: A New Recipe for a Flagship

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is the most affordable offering in the flagship lineup until the company announced the new S22 series. The smartphone has a…

huawei has learned to bypass us sanctions it continues to release 5g smartphones only under foreign brands 626917c7a069b

Huawei has learned to bypass US sanctions – it continues to release 5G smartphones, only under foreign brands

It turned out that the Chinese company Huawei has found a way to bypass US sanctions and continue to release smartphones with full Android and 5G support….

overview of the game dying light 2 626917ba5291e

Overview of the game Dying Light 2

In 2015, the Polish studio Techland released the first Dying Light, a first-person zombie action game in which parkour was the main mechanic of movement. Despite the…

dell introduces precision 7000 mobile workstation with alder lake hx processors and nvidia rtx graphics 626917b3ad7f9

Dell Introduces Precision 7000 Mobile Workstation with Alder Lake-HX Processors and NVIDIA RTX Graphics

Dell has officially unveiled an updated series of professional laptops Precision. Announced Precision 7770, Precision 7670, and Precision 5470 Anniversary Edition laptops feature Intel Alder Lake-HX processors,…

able carry daily urban backpack review 626917ac6dd48

Able Carry Daily urban backpack review

I keep trying comfortable, functional and beautiful urban backpacks. Today we will talk about a relatively new brand in the backpack market – Able Carry. The Daily…

rumor temporary trials become a must for 34 playstation games 626917a150f54

Rumor: Temporary trials become a must for $34+ PlayStation games

Portal Game Developer (Gamasutra until August 2021), citing its own sources , announced a new requirement that appeared from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to some developers of…

sifu game review 6269179e745e2

Sifu game review

Difficult games are a very individual matter. For someone to quickly aim at the enemy is a difficulty, but someone doesn’t worry much when going through some…

find 10 differences iphone xr turned into iphone 13 pro 6269179085f6e

Find 10 differences: iPhone XR turned into iPhone 13 Pro

One of the most coveted smartphones of the season is the iPhone 13 Pro in trendy Sierra Blue. But not everyone can afford an expensive smartphone. The…

gem4me messenger announced the appearance of donations for bloggers 6269178e5d040

Gem4me messenger announced the appearance of donations for bloggers

The developers of the international messenger Gem4me have launched a donation function due to the growing interest of bloggers in the platform. From April 25, 2022, any…

jabra elite 4 active review 626917837719a

Jabra Elite 4 Active review

Wireless headphones should be comfortable, work for a long time, play music well, transmit high-quality voice during telephone conversations, and also dampen unpleasant extraneous noise. The new…

xiaomi announces gamepad elite edition controller with steam support for 50 6269177b7f4c6

Xiaomi announces GamePad Elite Edition controller with Steam support for $50

The Chinese company Xiaomi has announced a game controller called the GamePad Elite Edition. The novelty received an original design and boasts compatibility with a large number…

oneplus 10 pro review 62691775adaa3

OnePlus 10 Pro review

The appearance of a new flagship is always an event. Some devices turn out to be very successful and become cult role models, others come out just…

dell unveils latitude 9330 hybrid laptop with alder lake chips lte support and an unusual trackpad 62691767cebe3

Dell unveils Latitude 9330 hybrid laptop with Alder Lake chips, LTE support and an unusual trackpad

Dell introduced the Latitude 9330 2-in-1 mobile computer. The new product is built on the basis of the latest Intel Alder Lake processors and offers a choice…

redmi note 11 review a proven choice 6269176772fe0

Redmi Note 11 review: a proven choice

Smartphones are too similar: this is both a plus and a minus. The advantage is that even with a small budget, you can get a convenient device….

thing of the day huawei p50 pocket 62691759582fd

Thing of the day: Huawei P50 Pocket

For more than two years we have been watching the return of folding beds. There are many form factors of this type of smartphone, and each of…

sifu developers reveal game development plan before year end difficulty levels debut may 3 with first major patch 62691756ef31b

Sifu Developers Reveal Game Development Plan Before Year-End – Difficulty Levels Debut May 3 With First Major Patch

The independent French studio Sloclap (Absolver) in the official microblog of its hand-to-hand action game Sifu revealed a plan for post-release support for the game throughout the…

adidas zne 01 anc review train in silence 6269174bea74f

adidas ZNE 01 ANC review: train in silence

From the world of sports to the universe of audio: adidas has new wireless headphones with active noise cancellation. We talked about new products earlier, and for…

dji suspended activities in russia and ukraine 626917480669c

DJI suspended activities in Russia and Ukraine

The Chinese company DJI, which is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer and professional drones, has officially announced the cessation of work in Russia and Ukraine….

mercusys halo h50g ac1900 review inexpensive mesh system 6269173f255a4

Mercusys Halo H50G AC1900 Review: Inexpensive Mesh System

We have a big studio. The total area is more than 230 m², and there are 11 rooms. This is also a historical building in the very…