Lawyer: The law on renaming the Church impedes Eurointegration of Ukraine

The bill on changing names of religious institutions contradicts the state’s course towards European integration, assures the head of Law Department of Borispol eparchy. The law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on renaming the Church (former bill No. 5309) violates... Read more

Violation of the right to freedom of religion in Ukraine reported at PACE

During the debates at the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CoE, MP Vadim Novinsky claimed violations of the Convention on Human Rights in Ukraine. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Chairman of the Opposition Bloc Vadim... Read more

Justice Ministry: Request to CC doesn’t override the law on Church renaming

Challenging Law No 2662 on changing the names of religious organizations before the Constitutional Court is not a reason for non-compliance, the Justice Ministry said. The submission of a deputy request to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the constitutionality of... Read more

In Volyn UOC communities defend their churches from OCU activists

In the Volyn villages of Skobelka, Berestechko, Kutrov, Nichegovka, and Bronitsa, UOC parishioners prevent the “transfer” of their churches to the OCU. On January 20, a number of attempts to seize churches by OCU activists occurred in the Volyn region,... Read more

Media: Meeting of Poroshenko with Patriarch of Jerusalem cancelled

The meeting of Petro Poroshenko with the Patriarch of the Jerusalem Church will not take place, report journalists. Though Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko intended to meet with His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem during his working visit to Israel,... Read more

In Kiev St. George’s Church community unanimously decides to stay in UOC

At the general meeting, parishioners of St. George’s Church refused to transfer to the OCU and supported His Beatitude Onufry. In Kiev, the community of St. George’s Church unanimously voted to stay in the bosom of the canonical Church. Video... Read more

Vinnitsa region authorities initiate transfer of two UOC churches to OCU

On January 26, the local government of vlg. Brailov in the Vinnitsa region initiates a meeting for the transition of two UOC parishes into the newly created OCU. In the village, there are two churches of the UOC – of... Read more

Petro Poroshenko to meet with Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem

President Petro Poroshenko will meet with Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem, as announced on the Administration of President’s website. The meeting will be held during the visit of Petro Poroshenko to Israel, scheduled for January 20-21. The Presidential Administration reports... Read more

Met. Vladimir: A systemic hypocritical fight is waged against UOC

The clergy of the UOC are defamed in every possible way at the expense of information slander, said Metropolitan Vladimir of Vladimir-Volynsky and Kovel. Under the guise of the “long-awaited gift” – Tomos, a hypocritical plan of those who do... Read more

A priest driven from the UOC temple in Odessa who restored it for 17 years

The temple of Sts Cyril and Methodius at the military academy has now become a “place for meeting religious needs”, its rector having been forbidden to worship there. In Odessa, the priest of the UOC was expelled from the church in... Read more

The water is ours, not yours: head of Brailov tries to hamper UOC priests

Near Vinnitsa, the village council head spoilt a Baptism water blessing service by UOC priests, substantiating it with the fact that “no one gave them this right.” On January 19, on the feast of Baptism, in Brailov village near Vinnytsia, the... Read more

German media: UOC demonstrates amazing solidarity

According to the German edition Der Spiegel, the merger of faith and politics will lead to increased tension in Ukraine. With the arrival of autocephaly in Ukraine, the UOC demonstrated striking cohesion. Christian Esch writes about this in the German... Read more

MP: Constantinople makes the proclaimed OCU its offshoot

The Patriarchate of Constantinople endowed the newly established church structure with rather a low status, depriving it of its independence, Vladimir Litvin believes. Constantinople made the recently proclaimed OCU its own branch. This was stated by the former head of... Read more

In Volyn raiders break into the UOC temple during the divine service

On January 18, in the UOC temple of vlg. Krymno, the service was interrupted by adherents of the “transition” to OCU, who had brought the UOC KP priest along with them. The festive vespers on the eve of the Epiphany of... Read more

“Patriarch of All Rus” again: new decree of Filaret published

The leader of the “self-dissolved” Kiev Patriarchate once again reminded of his “patriarchal” status. On January 16, 2018, Filaret decreed to commemorate him as the “Patriarch of Kiev and All Rus-Ukraine” alongside “Metropolitan” Epiphany. This is stated in a document... Read more

Eхplosion occurs during the feast service in Sumy Cathedral

Unknown perpetrators threw explosives into the forechurch. Only by coincidence, no one suffered harm by the terrorist attack in a crowded temple.   The incident occurred on the evening of January 18 right during the Divine Service of the feast... Read more

Legoyda: Church seizures – leitmotif of Ukrainian presidential campaign

Petro Poroshenko administration’s rule will be remembered because of the encouragement of brother-hating, church takeovers rather than Tomos, Vladimir Legoyda said. The takeovers of churches during the presidential campaign in Ukraine have become unprecedented, according to Vladimir Legoyda, the head... Read more

Lawyer: Bill No 4128-d leaves possibility for protection of UOC communities

Bill No. 4128-d, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, has been redrafted so that it leaves protection possibilities for the UOC communities, human rights activists say. The shortcomings of the previous version of the law (bill No 4128) were partially eliminated in... Read more

UOC community of vlg Pokhovka gets transferred to OCU against their will

A meeting of the village was held in Pokhovka, declared as an assembly of the UOC church community, at which contrary to the norms, they voted for the transition to OCU. On January 13, 2019, in the village of Pokhovka, the religious... Read more

His Beatitude Onufry meets with Vinnitsa eparchy clergy of UOC

The meeting discussed topical issues of the eparchy’s church life, including problems caused by the schismatic activities of the former Vinnitsa Metropolitan Simeon. On January 16, the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and... Read more

Experts: Passed Bill No 4128 threatens religious freedom

The adoption of bill No 4128 immediately as law, without a second reading and despite numerous expert comments, threatens the religious freedom in Ukraine. Despite the appeal to finalize the draft law on second reading, which was sent to the... Read more

In Borzna district believers kick out functionaries campaigning for OCU

The UOC parishioners of the Cross Exaltation church from two villages in Chernigov region ushered out agitators for a change of jurisdiction and defended their church. On January 16, 2019, the congregation from vlgs. Nikolaevka and Ivanovka in Borzna district... Read more

Rada passes bill No 4128 on third attempt

The Verkhovna Rada has passed bill No 4128 on changes in subordination by religious communities in violation of its own Regulations. On January 17, 2019, the bill “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Freedom of Conscience and Religious... Read more

UOC advises how to keep spiritual safety in a situation of schism

Protecting the Church, take care of yourself, as the struggle for truth does not exempt you from the rules of Christian life, Met. Anthony (Pakanich) reminded. “Let the world hate us better for the truth than love for lies, and... Read more

UOC: 70 transfers to OCU from almost 13,000 parishes are not “large-scale”

Protopriest Alexander Bakhov, Chairman of the UOC Legal Department, commented on the information wave about the “mass” transition to the OCU. Transfers of religious communities to the newly created OCU, which are in the focus of the Ukrainian media, do... Read more