How I developed late-onset sex appeal at 60

I went to a 40th birthday dinner a few weeks ago. It was fun. I was in a room full of people I didn’t know, apart from the birthday girl, and that in itself was quite liberating. I sat next... Read more

Why every man secretly longs to look like Gatsby

There’s also a Fitzgeraldian glamour to the new Downton Abbey movie trailer. Set in the 1930s, the action decamps to the south of France, with the men adopting pristine white suits and cream knitwear. It’s a world that Ralph Lauren... Read more

The seven secrets that will guarantee you’re always well dressed

Lesson three, keep an eye out for interesting fabrics (from herringbone to satin) and be ruthless about details. Sure, jewellery, tassels, fringes and feathers up the ante, but unless you’re meticulous about their quality and controlled about the amount of... Read more

Yes, you can buy a forever handbag for under £350 – if you know where to look

One of my personal favourite sources of luxurious-yet-affordable bags is Wandler, whose sophisticated bag shapes and colours make for modern classics. Another label to add to your radar is Warsaw-based Chylak, whose croc-effect bags generate lengthy waitlists, thanks in part... Read more

She’s 76 and has never looked better – so what’s Helen Mirren’s secret?

Mirren has a refreshingly low-maintenance approach to skincare, claiming to only spend five minutes a day on her regime. She’s diligent with make-up removal though, and always uses fresh flannels to cleanse, but that’s about it.  You’re unlikely to find... Read more

How The Ipcress File is bringing 1960s espionage chic to life

“I realised doing this show that a hat finished every outfit off,” he says, “and when it wasn’t there, the silhouette looked almost incomplete. I tried to use them in every scene I could, and we only ran into difficulty... Read more

Forget skinny Parisian chic – here’s why I’m embracing Italian style

Much as I admire the discipline and laser focus of Parisian chic, every time I visit Milan I’m reminded why the women here are the ones to study. This is truer with every passing year. I’m less interested in following... Read more

How a woman defied ageism to make Dior one of the biggest brands in France

These elements of getting dressed have always occupied her, along with comfort. So while she is faithful to the spirit of Dior, mining its archives each season, each collection she finds ways to make its emblems, from the houndstooth check... Read more

Scared of wearing white jeans? How to make them work – whatever your size

A-line pea coat, £395, Me+Em; striped top, Alyson’s own; white boyfriend jeans, £99, Baukjen; Arlington handbag, £415, LPOL; leather combat boots, £480, Dear Frances; pearl drop earrings, £95, Monica Vinader Over the years, I’ve collected jeans in many different silhouettes... Read more

Faux fur doesn’t need to be tacky – here’s how to make it work for you

After the past couple of years, we are all finding joy where we can. To navigate Covid Winter II, I’ve been dressing in a more upbeat way. And having successfully made it through Jazzy January, I’m now carrying positive dressing... Read more

Wordle green: the unlikely new trend that’s taking over fashion

Of course, green has been in fashion for longer than we have been captivated by a word game. From mint to sage via lime and olive, green – more than any other colour – is associated with nature. As the... Read more

I’m finally ditching trousers for skirts – here’s the stylish ones to buy now

When asked by Barbara Walters in a 1981 television interview if she owned a skirt, Katharine Hepburn responded: “I have one; I’ll wear it to your funeral.” Having felt pretty much the same way about skirts ever since I left... Read more

The five boot styles to know for 2022 – and how to wear them

If you want to refresh your look without buying a whole new wardrobe, an animal print boot is your style solution. A splash of python, leopard spot or zebra stripe will update last spring’s prairie dresses, add oomph to everyday... Read more

Classic tailoring is back in style – and here’s how to wear it

A suit that has been tailored to fit will stand the test of time in terms of both style and longevity. Although you might not wear it often, whenever the occasion arises it will feel special and unique to you. ... Read more

How to update your everyday uniform so it’s more beautiful than boring

If you are looking to shake up a locked-down wardrobe, the best way to ensure that your uniform doesn’t become a “yawn-iform” is by introducing fresh colour and texture: think Lauren Hutton in a showbiz velvet or satin Giorgio Armani... Read more

Why finding the right fit is the key to ageless style

I rarely buy clothes online. Partly because I’m old-school and like to see, touch and feel fabrics – in real life. But mostly because I’m anal about the way garments fit. Online is fine if you have a favourite brand and... Read more

Why it’s time to change your mind about wearing PVC

In second place is Diana Rigg with her kickass PVC jumpsuits in seminal 1960s series The Avengers followed closely by Raquel Welch as a skydiving secret agent in 1967 spy caper Fathom. Forget the lime green bikini she spends much of... Read more

Why skinny jeans are the fashion trend which refuses to go away

Skinny jeans, £98, Reformation The difference now is that they form part of a broader denim repertoire in my wardrobe. There are my charcoal straight-leg jeans by Raey, which look like they were tailored to fit me despite no actual... Read more

David Cameron’s donned an M&S shacket, so should you wear one too?

He’s swapped the country’s seat of power for a shepherd’s hut, so it stands to reason that David Cameron’s done away with his suiting in favour of a rather rustic old shacket. Yes, shacket – a happy portmanteau of ‘shirt’... Read more

‘I refuse to apologise for loving fashion just because I’m not a model’

The thing is, women have dealt with unwanted messages about our bodies for too long. I know this as well as anyone. As a teenager, I took time to grow into my looks and height. In my twenties, I went... Read more

How to make stripes work for you

&Daughter is the UK-based brand beloved by editors and is quietly gathering business momentum, year on year, whilst ensuring it delivers a positive message in terms of its values and ways of working. Their knitwear is created from 100 per... Read more

How you can still wear cargo pants in your 50s – and the best styles to try now

Jennifer Aniston has been wearing cargo pants on and off since the 1990s, and so have I. This, together with the fact that we’re both in our 50s and don’t want to join TikTok, is probably all we have in... Read more

Twee is back – here’s how to wear the trend the grown-up way

Kelso tartan silk palazzo pants, £310,; Cordelia tiered midi dress, £270, Worn all at once, twee can look a bit Little House on the Prairie fancy dress or Bunny MacDougal-like, Charlotte’s twinset-and-pearls-loving mother-in-law in Sex and the City,... Read more

‘I bought one of Dame Vera Lynn’s vintage dresses – and I’m determined to give it a new lease of life’

As I watched the report, a pink, frothy dress of dreams emerged. I was as transfixed as if it was calling out “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Rebecca’s.” I knew I had to focus and formulate a plan if... Read more

How to update your gym gear (and clear out your wardrobe at the same time)

Are you staring at that pile of clothes you intend to get rid of? Will that pile be dropped off at the charity shop/be sold on eBay/be given to a friend or… be stared at for a few more weeks,... Read more