NASA cancels tomorrow's Artemis I SLS launch attempt due to Hurricane Ian

NASA is canceling a September 27 Space Launch System launch due to the intensification of Tropical Storm Ian, which has the potential to become a major hurricane and could hit Florida as early as tonight. Help Updated [5:29 PM]: NASA... Read more

NASA successfully completed tests of the fuel system of the Artemis 1 SLS rocket

The space agency NASA has successfully tested the fuel system of the Space Launch System rocket after a recent overhaul, which may indicate readiness for launch. Help Recall that the launch of the Artemis 1 mission was scheduled for the... Read more

Starship +1: NASA is looking for a second lunar lander developer for the Artemis mission

NASA announced the start of accepting applications from companies to develop another lunar lander for the Artemis program, which will later be able to carry out missions together with Space X. Help Artemis is an American lunar exploration program that... Read more

NASA fixes Artemis 1 mission SLS rocket for unmanned lunar flyby – test refueling scheduled for September 21

NASA engineers have successfully replaced leaking seals in the SLS rocket’s fuel system, which should fix a problem with a hydrogen leak in the 8-inch pipeline leading to the main stage of the 100-meter Space Launch System (SLS) super-heavy launch... Read more

NASA and Boeing will re-attempt to launch the SLS rocket with the Artemis 1 mission to the Moon later this month

After repeated delays, NASA has announced new tentative dates for the launch of the Artemis I mission. The launch could take place on September 23 or 27. For any of these dates to be possible, there is still a lot... Read more

Broadcast of the first SLS launch with NASA Artemis 1 mission to the Moon [Updated: rescheduled launch]

On the evening of September 3, NASA and Boeing intend to make another (second) attempt to launch the super-heavy Space Launch System (SLS) launch vehicle with the Artemis 1 mission – the Orion spacecraft must make an unmanned flight around... Read more

NASA will re-attempt to launch SLS as part of the Artemis lunar mission on September 3

The US space agency will try again to launch a massive lunar rocket on September 3, five days after the first attempt was cancelled. Agency officials confirmed the new date at a press briefing on Tuesday. The teams will meet... Read more

NASA has given the green light to the first launch of the SLS with the Artemis 1 mission on August 29 – the super-heavy launcher, in development since 2011, will send the Orion spacecraft without a crew into orbit around the Moon

NASA is actively promoting its strategy to return astronauts to the moon. Very soon, a test flight around the only satellite of the Earth will start, which will help determine the capabilities of the agency’s spacecraft – the Space Launch... Read more

NASA reconnects with CAPSTONE satellite after brief outage

The NASA CAPSTONE mission has had mixed success. After the successful launch of the Rocket Lab Electron rocket and the launch of the satellite into space, the mission failed. Help After launch, CAPSTONE spent nearly a week orbiting the planet... Read more

NASA selects private companies Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace to develop first new space suits in four decades

Suits of American astronauts for spacewalks are increasingly failing. On March 23, European Space Agency astronaut Matthias Maurer had water in his helmet. And before that, there were many such cases. The suits of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit or EMU... Read more

The US and Japan have agreed on a space partnership. They will send the first Japanese astronaut to the moon as part of the Artemis program

The US and Japan are developing a partnership to counter China. The allied countries agreed to cooperate on manned and unmanned missions to the Moon, including sending the first Japanese astronaut to the Earth’s satellite. He will be accompanied by... Read more