Kyiv OVA recalled the ban on the use of drones, UAVs and other civil aviation

Earlier, in the Kyiv region, for the entire period of martial law, a ban on flights of quadrocopters, UAVs and other civil aviation was introduced. As long as the restrictions continue to apply, they reminded in the Kyiv OVA and... Read more

Invaders build up aviation presence near Ukraine – Air Force Command

In order to conduct aerial reconnaissance and adjust artillery fire, the Russian invaders continue to use unmanned aerial vehicles in the Ukrainian sky, which are successfully destroyed by Ukrainian air defense. Russian invaders are increasing their air presence near Ukraine.... Read more

A joking inscription on the approach to the London airport caused a panic among passengers

2 hours ago The BBC News Russian Service app is available for IOS and Android . You can also subscribe to our Telegram channel. image copyrightAbbey Desmond photo caption, A passenger on a flight landing at London’s Gatwick Airport managed... Read more

"So many aircraft of the Russian Federation have not lost in any war for decades": Zelensky reported on the downed anniversary aircraft of the occupiers

The Russian Federation continues to suffer significant losses both in military equipment and manpower. According to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, since the beginning of the war unleashed by Russia, the army of the aggressor country has lost 27,000... Read more

"How do I turn this thing off?" In the US, a passenger landed a plane when the pilot became ill

4 hours ago The BBC News Russian Service app is available for IOS and Android . You can also subscribe to our Telegram channel. image copyrightRobert Morgan photo caption, Air traffic controller Robert Morgan (left) helped passenger Darren Harrison land... Read more

Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the ultra-modern Russian helicopter Ka-52 in the area of Izyum

On May 11, the Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian Ka-52 Alligator helicopter near Izyum, Kharkiv region. This was announced by the officer of the 95th separate air assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Kochevenko. “The anti-aircraft gunners... Read more

Helicopter and drones: Ukrainian military destroyed five air targets of invaders

The Russian military is less and less using aircraft in the Ukrainian skies. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine still eliminate the air targets of the invaders. During May 10, the Ukrainian military managed to destroy at least five Russian... Read more

Following Moscow, the air parade was also canceled in St. Petersburg by May 9, "blaming" the weather

Following Moscow, the air part of the parade by May 9 was canceled in St. Petersburg due to alleged weather conditions. Also , the air parade was canceled in other Russian cities – Yekaterinburg, Murmansk, Novosibirsk and Samara. This is... Read more

Cruise missiles and drones: the Ukrainian military destroyed 10 air targets of the invaders

Ukrainian aviation continues to strike Russian invaders. Over the past day, the Ukrainian military destroyed 10 air targets of the invaders. This is reported by the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yesterday, on May... Read more

Russian aircraft shelled the Sumy region and part of the territory of the Russian Federation – border guards

Enemy aircraft twice launched missile and bomb strikes on the territory of the Sumy region. On Saturday, May 7, Russian planes fired at the territory of the Sumy region, as well as the border part of the territory of the... Read more

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported how many Iskanders and aircraft the Russian Federation still has in Belarus for launching missile strikes

On the 72nd day of the war, the enemy did not conduct active operations in the Volyn and Polesye directions. At the same time, Belarusian forces continue to cover the Ukrainian-Belarusian border in the Brest and Gomel regions. This is... Read more

Aircraft and drones: Ukrainian military destroyed 15 air targets of invaders

The enemy combat aviation continues to operate at a distance and tries not to enter the airspace controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian defenders continue to inflict losses on the enemy not only on the ground,... Read more

138 air sorties: Russian troops are stepping up the pace of the offensive – Ministry of Defense

The representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Motuzyanyk reported on April 27 that Russian troops were stepping up the pace of the offensive operation. In particular, Russian aviation made 138 sorties. Of the sorties carried out by... Read more

Plane, helicopter and cruise missiles: the Ukrainian military destroyed seven air targets of the invaders

The Russian military arranges air raids using various types of weapons. The Ukrainian military give them a worthy rebuff, so the enemy suffers significant losses. During April 26, the Ukrainian military managed to destroy seven air targets of the Russian... Read more

Russia ‘steals’ 150 planes leased from foreign owners

The Kremlin has “stolen” more than 150 foreign-owned commercial planes since Russia invaded Ukraine, by re-registering the jets. State-backed Russian airlines have been accused of transferring aircraft to the country’s own registry without the approval of their owners. Experts say that... Read more

Is this the end of the great holiday getaway?

Between the start of the Easter Holidays and Good Friday, 640 flights at Heathrow had been cancelled. Gatwick was in second place with 221, with Luton a distant third with 60 flights axed. There were 51 cancellations at Manchester.  Manchester,... Read more

Airport staff vetting rules relaxed to ease travel chaos

Although this will streamline the security clearance process, it is also likely to spark fears that airport security could be compromised as criminals or terrorists may be able to gather information about security protocols before they are fully vetted. Although... Read more

Airlines brace for £100m bill from Easter travel chaos

The Civil Aviation Authority warned airlines last week that it was not afraid to take action if airlines were not providing passengers with alternative flights or complying with compensation rules. Of particular concern to the regulator is that airlines have... Read more

How to survive the Easter travel chaos

Heathrow  While Manchester has seen the most severe check-in and security delays, more passengers at Heathrow have had their flights unceremoniously cancelled. British Airways has already scrapped 35 flights from the airport on Friday, once again citing staff shortages. The... Read more

EasyJet and British Airways cancel dozens more flights as travel chaos continues

Airlines have cancelled dozens more flights as they continue to struggle with Covid staff absences.  EasyJet and British Airways have cancelled more than 100 flights due to run on Wednesday, adding to days of havoc at airports.  In the past... Read more

Easter holidays in chaos as easyJet cancels more flights

Families are braced for further Easter travel chaos as easyJet said it expected to cancel more flights in the coming days. Travellers were this week facing hours-long queues at airports after a spate of flight cancellations, brought about by severe... Read more

Flybe flies again – but where to, and will it be another flop?

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Covid, Flybe – the British domestic airline – is to start services again next month. It sounds like a huge vote of confidence in the future of flying and a boon for... Read more

The post-Brexit rule change that could cost you hundreds of pounds if your flight is delayed

One of the big consumer benefits of membership of the EU is the high levels of protection and compensation that it gives travellers against delays and cancellations when flying. So generous are the provisions in fact, that you can –... Read more

Aeroflot boss kicked out of IATA

Aeroflot, which has effectively been banned from flying outside Russia, has been plunged into crisis as the Kremlin drafted laws allowing it to take overseas-owned aircraft hostage. Meanwhile, the state-owned carrier was forced to deny reports that Mr Poluboyarinov had... Read more

Putin’s threat to hold planes hostage leaves Lloyd’s of London facing billions in losses

Lloyd’s of London insurers risk suffering losses of up to $10bn if Vladimir Putin follows through on his threat to seize foreign-owned planes. Russia published a draft law on Thursday allowing it to hold about 500 foreign-owned aircraft hostage. Western... Read more