Imperial College London’s ‘safety first’ graduations are last bastion of social distancing

Parents have been barred from attending their children’s graduation ceremonies after Imperial College London insisted on enforcing “safety first” social distancing, despite all restrictions having been scrapped. The Russell Group university, which has been a leading authority on Covid-19 modelling... Read more

How east London’s answer to Venice turned into a ‘ghost town’

Under the flightpath of London City airport stands what was considered by Boris Johnson a key tenet of east London’s revival. Proposals for the redevelopment of a 35-acre site included creating Britain’s answer to Venice, a snowdome and Chinese schools.... Read more

It’s going to get Messi: we try the world’s best footballer’s brand-new burger

Seven Ballon d’Ors, four Champions Leagues, 10 Spanish titles, a Copa America, 786 goals, one enormous burger. It would be a stretch to call this the highlight of Lionel Messi’s career, but the world’s best footballer (don’t @ me) has... Read more

William Sitwell reviews The Colony Grill Room, London: ‘A sparkling gem – despite that pudding’

The crime against the rice pudding, a vicious assault on an established classic, stirred me more perhaps because I was so comfortable.  On a banquette, opposite my beloved, with fabulous wines brought hither and thither, comforting food, in a beautiful... Read more

The pandemic has left London a shadow of its former self

Instead the world locked down. We have lived through the pandemic in Islamabad where I cover Pakistan and Afghanistan for The Telegraph. Engrossed in our daily lives and Pakistan’s own efforts to deal with the pandemic, we watched the coronavirus... Read more

The Ballad of Maria Marten, review: lovingly restoring dignity to a 19th-century murder victim

Up to 20,000 people apparently witnessed the execution of William Corder, convicted in 1828 of murdering his 25-year-old lover Maria Marten and burying her under a Suffolk barn where her body would lay undiscovered for over a year. The brutality... Read more

Lazy, soulless architecture is ruining our high streets – Historic England must act

Around the country, even more historic high streets are undergoing attack. As a letter to the Telegraph on Wednesday pointed out, a “1960s retro horror” is being inflicted on the city of Chester, whose heritage dates back to the Romans... Read more