Activist dies after setting himself on fire outside US Supreme Court in climate protest

Police were called to the Supreme Court Plaza at around 6:30pm on Friday. Video from the scene shows a man screaming in agony after officers extinguished the flames. An air ambulance arrived shortly afterwards, but Mr Bruce died in hospital... Read more

BBC’s ‘most ambitious environmental series yet’ looks more like a travel jolly

It doesn’t take long to identify the main problem with Our Changing Planet (BBC One), the latest series from the BBC’s Natural History Unit. It starts in the wrong place. The programme wants to show us how climate change and... Read more

The best zero-waste products you need to grow a sustainable garden

Zero-waste shops can be found all over the country – I have two within a five-minute walk from my house. In fact, here in Bristol, we are also lucky to have an old converted milk float, renamed the Oat Float,... Read more

Frozen birds and flooded towns: How Britain grappled with climate change 500 years ago

Chroniclers reported storms so fierce that they “hath not been seene, nor heard of in this age of the World”. The researchers found that the winters grew so cold that birds would drop, frozen from the skies, while rivers such... Read more

Britain needs oil and gas, Kwarteng tells Extinction Rebellion protesters

XR said it was demanding that Lloyd’s stopped insuring all fossil fuel projects, including the controversial expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada.  Within minutes of arriving, some climate demonstrators – dressed up as rats, cleaners or donning City-type... Read more

Climate anxiety is driving the West into dangerous mass hysteria

I watched a broadcast interview with one of the Extinction Rebellion protesters who was blocking an oil refinery. Whether the effect was what the television producer had in mind is an open question but, in its way, it was quite... Read more

‘Vulnerable to climate change in every way’: Mumbai eyes status as south Asia’s first carbon neutral city

The BMC aims to generate 50 and 90 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 and 2050, respectively. While it hasn’t outlined exactly how this will be achieved it is likely to involve both macro and micro-scale projects.... Read more

Top tips on how families can help protect the environment at home in 2022

Many of decided that 2022 was the year where we would make more of an effort to do our bit and help protect the environment. However, you are forgiven if you’ve not gotten into the full swing of things –... Read more

Renewable energy schemes take money from the poor and give it to the rich

When the major parties that make up Westminster’s political class present a united front on a big subject that affects us all, I am often highly sceptical. My instincts tell me that a trick is being played on the electorate.... Read more

£450m heat pump subsidy scheme could end up funding those who would have bought them anyway

Heat pumps can cost £10,000 to install – although manufacturers say these figures could be cut in half within the next few years – and can require additional insulation work. The concern raised by the CCC came in its assessment... Read more

Climate activists use couscous as a weapon in bizarre war on ‘Chelsea tractors’

Electric cars, as well as petrol and diesel vehicles, were targeted, as the group said these were still “polluting, dangerous and cause congestion”. The group vowed to carry on targeting SUVs until they were banned or “taxed out of existence”... Read more

Sadiq Khan escalates war on polluting cars with ULEZ expansion plan

Expanding the zone would avoid the need to introduce two other levies – a £2-a-day “clean air charge” or a boundary charge of up to £5.50 for drivers entering greater London. The charge varies depending on the type of vehicle.... Read more

Does the world have too many people – or not enough?

In the 2nd century AD, the theologist Tertullian issued a warning that could have come from an Extinction Rebellion pamphlet. Humanity’s growing numbers had become “too burdensome”, he fretted, “the elements scarcely suffice for our support”. The only solution, he... Read more

Deadly heat could endanger three-quarters of world’s population by end of this century

The report is the second in a series of three that comprise the best summary of global scientific evidence around climate change and its impacts. Written and approved by hundreds of scientists and signed off by 195 governments, the report... Read more

Wettest days to get even wetter in Britain, UN climate change report warns

Hans-Otto Pörtner, co-chair of the IPCC’s Working Group II, said: “The scientific evidence is unequivocal: climate change is a threat to human wellbeing and the health of the planet. “Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief... Read more

Sid Meier interview: ‘Before Civilization, strategy was a dirty word in gaming’

A few days before his birthday, it is difficult to tell whether Sid Meier is about to turn 68 or 16. The Canadian-American video game programmer and designer, best known for his Civilization turn-based strategy series, speaks about his work... Read more

‘Pervasive’ river pollution affecting eco-systems, warns top environment researcher

The impact of  “pervasive” water pollution on human health has long been neglected in research, warned a British scientist who has been awarded the “Nobel prize for the environment”. Sir Andy Haines, unveiled as the winner of the prestigious Tyler... Read more

National Portrait Gallery and Scottish Ballet cut ties with BP

It comes despite BP’s chief executive, Bernard Looney, making efforts to reposition the company as a greener institution.  This month he sped up those plans, saying BP would cut emissions from its products to net zero by 2050 and increase... Read more

A rural report from the eye of Storm Eunice

When you are young, power cuts are fun. I have happy 1970s boarding-school memories of messing around with candles when Edward Heath’s disputes with the trade unions plunged us into darkness. Even today, I feel a ghost of the old... Read more

BP to end 30-year deal with National Portrait Gallery amid activist pressure

In an announcement this morning, BP said it was reviewing “its partnerships and initiatives to ensure activity is aligned to its new strategy”, adding it was looking for “new ways to best use its talent, experience and resources”. Louise Kingham,... Read more

Petrol station blockade plotters could be thwarted by pre-emptive arrests

Climate protesters could be arrested before a days-long blockade of petrol stations, as the policing minister said officers will look at “all tactics” available to them. Just Stop Oil, a collection of climate activists that includes members of Insulate Britain... Read more

Let’s not make ‘net zero’ the new Brexit culture war

The fault here is not a target of net zero in nearly 30 years time but the past 30 years of serial failure in energy policy. This resulted in the UK failing to build on its early strength in nuclear... Read more

The real cost of your cup of coffee

Organic No synthetic fertilisers or chemicals are used in growing or production, other than those on a permitted list. The beans have been shown to have higher levels of antioxidants especially in lighter roasts. Critics point out that certification standards... Read more

‘Net zero’ may become as divisive as Brexit

Since last October, the average household fuel bill has been capped at £1,277. Earlier this month, surging wholesale gas prices saw energy regulator Ofgem increase that cap to £1,970 – a rise of no less than 54pc, affecting around 22m... Read more

‘You are the ones who can help save our planet’, Prince William tells children on visit to Abu Dhabi

The Duke, who wore a mask, was told that mangroves capture four times more carbon than tropical forests. The intertidal forests play a vital role in protecting coasts from storms and floods. The new initiative hopes to become a world-leading conservation... Read more