As Shanghai’s Covid lockdown goes on, residents fight over bags of food

Ms Tsai said she spends more than four hours a day on delivery apps, hoping to catch a window in which goods – which vanish sooner than stores can restock them – are available to order for delivery. On Monday,... Read more

Why Hong Kong’s elderly are steadfastly refusing Covid vaccines

A slew of scandals involving tainted food and drugs haven’t helped. In 2018, for instance, there was uproar after it emerged that a major pharmaceutical company, Changchun Changsheng, had violated standards in making at least 250,000 doses of vaccine for... Read more

One in eight hospital trusts still won’t allow relatives to visit patients

Andrew Denham has been in Bridgwater Community Hospital, Somerset, since December after suffering a pressure sore. This week, his daughter Katherine was turned away from seeing him and his family claimed they have had no communication from the hospital. “I’ve... Read more

Covid wave may have peaked in young people – but virus levels hit record high

Dame Jenny Harries, the chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said: “These latest study results are another reminder that the pandemic is not over, and there is still a real risk to many of us of catching... Read more

Covid can no longer be an excuse for chaos

After two years of travel restrictions and expensive testing requirements, holidaymakers will have been looking forward to a trip abroad this Easter. At ports of departure, however, they were greeted with chaos. Flights were cancelled by carriers, including British Airways... Read more

When will Spain, Italy and Greece finally ditch their ‘unnecessary’ Covid rules?

At a press event last week, over coffee and breakfast tapas, the Spanish Tourist Office spoke confidently about the year ahead, with visitor numbers – after two fallow years – expected to touch pre-Covid levels. Britain, the country’s biggest source... Read more

Did the Culture Recovery Fund actually work?

On July 5 2020, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, unveiled the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund (CRF), a one-off investment in the UK arts industry to help it weather the impact of Covid. After months of uncertainty and dire warnings from an... Read more

How to book a Covid jab for your child — with slots now open for five to 11-year-olds in England

Bookings opened on Saturday, April 2 for children aged five to 11 in England to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. Children will be offered two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, at least 12 weeks apart, at a third of the normal... Read more

More pubs and restaurants face collapse as councils hold on to £300m in grants

Pubs and restaurants face another threat to their survival after less than half of a £635m government support scheme was paid out to ailing businesses. Figures compiled using official data suggested that, by late February, hospitality bosses had received only... Read more

Travel to Germany: latest Covid guidance as the country finally scraps masks and vaccine passes

Germany’s version of Freedom Day on March 20 came and went with little fanfare – and little change to regulations.   Unfortunately, the chosen date – which marked the end of the legal basis for Covid measures – coincided with a... Read more

Covid symptoms list expanded to include nine new signs including feeling tired

Prof Tim Spector, the lead scientist on the Zoe Covid symptom tracker app, suggested that not acknowledging the wider list of symptoms afflicting people with the virus, along with the decision to drop isolation advice and withdraw free testing, could... Read more

Why have I caught Covid five times?

Perhaps the booster hadn’t had time to kick in yet, although experts say the vaccine doesn’t actually seem to do much to prevent you from catching the virus – it’s more about preventing serious illness.  And then last week I got... Read more

Covid vaccinations open for five to 11-year-olds in England

The development comes as a record 4.9 million people in the UK were estimated to have had the virus in the week ending March 26, according to the Office for National Statistics – up from 4.3 million the week before. ... Read more

Why Britain’s Covid outlook veers between ‘glorious sunshine and blizzards’

Exactly what happens next, however, is shrouded in thick cloud cover. With an end to mass testing, deciphering data from the UK’s dashboard is increasingly tricky, while the ONS infection survey offers a window into what was happening last week,... Read more

Covid conundrums: your all-new etiquette guide

According to the Office for National Statistics, around one in 16 people across the UK had Covid in the week ending March 19. Anecdotally, that seems conservative, meaning it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands have signed a petition asking... Read more

Pupils with Covid should stay at home for three days, not five, says guidance

It came as a plan to develop vaccines within 100 days of a completely new pandemic was on Thursday questioned by the lead scientist on the Oxford jab. Prof Dame Sarah Gilbert, who led the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine,... Read more

Covid infections among over-35s soar to record levels in England

Covid-19 infections among people aged 35 and over in England have reached record levels, with “notable increases” in the oldest groups, new figures show. Prevalence of the virus among the over-70s has been at an all-time high for several weeks,... Read more

Mouthwash and nine other ways to get rid of Covid

For many people, the pandemic is behind us. Yet Covid is spiking again, with about 126,000 new cases daily in the UK. While 21 million of us have had the virus already, two-thirds of the country have not, meaning many... Read more

Covid booster vaccines every four months cannot continue, warns Sir Patrick Vallance

The four-monthly Covid vaccination booster programme cannot continue, Sir Patrick Vallance has warned – saying that the NHS is instead likely to move to an annual jab for those most at risk. The Government’s chief scientific adviser said Britain needed... Read more

Covid outbreak exposes major holes in China’s pandemic strategy

These numbers are “disastrously low”, according to Paul Mainwood, a Covid analyst, and only marginally better than Hong Kong – where roughly a third of those over 80 have had two jabs. In recent weeks the city has been battered... Read more

Free Covid tests for all will end when latest wave is over

Health and care workers with symptoms will continue to be eligible for tests. Hospital patients will be offered PCR tests in cases where it is thought necessary, such as before operations. Free tests will also continue to be offered to... Read more

As Shanghai locks down, workers sleep in offices to keep companies going

Chinese authorities have tried to implement a “zero-Covid” policy, which has largely been successful in containing outbreaks and led to a low official death toll of 4,638 since the pandemic began. But the measures, fine-tuned since the early days of... Read more

Care homes ‘quarantine Mother’s Day gifts’ to stop Covid spread

Visiting rules ‘do not match daily life’ The home, Nova House, in Seaford, East Sussex, is currently on its second lockdown in a month after positive cases were identified. Mr Smith’s mother, Tina, 86, is spending 24 hours a day... Read more

Shanghai plunged into lockdown as Covid infections soar

China’s biggest city has been plunged into lockdown amid the highest level of cases since the early weeks of the pandemic. Shanghai will lock down its eastern half – known as Pudong and including the main international airport and financial... Read more

Don’t turn away those who come early for Covid booster vaccination, doctors told amid surging cases

Infections in Scotland have reached another record high, with one in 11, nearly half a million people (473,800), estimated to have had Covid-19 last week. This is up from 376,300 people, or one in 14, the previous week. Wales has... Read more