Four-legged army: stories of dogs that serve and bring the victory of Ukraine closer

In the war that Russia unleashed, Ukraine is being defended and our victory is being brought closer not only by the military, doctors, volunteers, rescuers, in a word, people, but also by four-legged friends. The most popular, of course, Patron,... Read more

Russian authorities have already lost the war in Ukraine – White House

The Kremlin planned to seize a significant part of the territory of Ukraine, but they failed to do this. Russia has already failed all its goals, predetermined before the start of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine and lost the war... Read more

Five weeks under Russian shelling: how a 77-year-old owner of an animal shelter survived the occupation with her wards

February 24 will forever remain in the memory of the seventy-seven-year-old owner of the shelter, Asya Serpinskaya, as one of the most terrible days in her life. Enemy planes flew over her head, and shells exploded nearby, but she was... Read more

Five weeks under Russian shelling: how a 77-year-old owner of an animal shelter survived the occupation along with her wards

February 24 will forever remain in the memory of the seventy-seven-year-old owner of the shelter, Asya Serpinskaya, as one of the most terrible days in her life. Enemy planes flew over her head, and shells exploded nearby, but she was... Read more

The simplified regime for exporting animals abroad from Ukraine no longer works: what are the rules now

The simplified regime for the export of animals abroad from Ukraine, which was introduced after the start of a full-scale attack by the Russian Federation, was canceled. Pet owners traveling from Ukraine to EU countries, in particular Poland, must have... Read more

Truffle-hunting puppy becomes gold-digger as it unearths buried treasure on first walk

A gold-digging puppy has sniffed out sovereign coins worth nearly £6,000 on his first walk. Adam Clark, 51, bought Ollie, a Lagotto Romagnolo, as a surprise for his daughter Alicia, nine, last month. The breed is notorious for digging –... Read more

Rogue dog breeders create ‘Frankenstein puppies’ in unlicensed canine clinics

A wave of “Frankenstein dogs” that are unable to live healthy, natural lives are being created by unlicensed “canine fertility clinics”, a report has said. People with no training or qualifications are illegally giving prescription medicines and performing artificial insemination... Read more

Forget giving the dog a bone – going vegan helps your pet live longer

If the paddywhacking old man of nursery rhyme fame wanted to truly treat his dog, he would not have given it a bone, but a vegan alternative instead, according to a study. Scientists have found proof that feeding Fido falafel,... Read more

A Very English Scandal: Norman Scott’s new autobiography spares no grisly detail about Jeremy Thorpe

It all begins so well. In his first ever autobiography, Norman Scott, now 82, writes a charming preface describing his current life on Dartmoor, with his dogs, his horses, his chickens, and his tortoises Rigby and Peller, “dear girls”. He... Read more

Baby girl killed by dog her family had bought one week before

A 17-month old girl has been killed by a dog less than a week after her family bought the pet, police in St Helens have said. Bella-Rae Birch died in hospital after being attacked on Monday afternoon in Bidston Avenue... Read more

How your dogs are ‘catching’ your depression

Winston Churchill, like Samuel Johnson before him, called his depression his “black dog”. Like a faithful hound, his paralysingly low moods were – we must imagine – lingering at his heel, waiting to be attended to, demanding things of him.... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Which car is best to carry three large dogs?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

Revealed, the surprisingly sought-after role that’s proving catnip for jobseekers

The association stressed “the long-term responsibilities of bringing a pet into your life. This is an unprecedented period with unusual working conditions. New owners need to seriously think about future possible obstacles that could make life with a pet slightly... Read more

I can’t possibly reveal which duke had an ashtray shaped like a penis in his library

What’s the must-have item in a library? Books, you may think, but Jacob Rees-Mogg was recently photographed in the library of his 17th-century Somerset house and there didn’t appear to be any. A bust of Pitt the Younger, a box... Read more

Magic pill could help family dogs to live two years longer

The death of a dog can be as devastating as losing a member of the family, causing grief, mourning, and an incalculable sense of loss. Yet there is hope for owners who dread bereavement. Dogs may not rival the nine... Read more

Dogs enter a period of mourning as they grieve the loss of a canine companion

Dogs grieve after the death of a canine companion, research has found.  Homes with more than one dog are dynamic places, with the animals often sharing toys, food, beds, space and attention.  So when one animal passes away it can... Read more

Dogs in the office could turn out to be about as much fun as snakes on a plane

Do you work in an office where they allow pets? I’m not talking about the odd mouse or rat. I recently met a chap who worked for the French edition of GQ and said their Parisian office was overrun with... Read more

Half of dog owners wouldn’t date someone their pet didn’t like, survey finds

Almost half of dog owners would not date someone that their pet did not like, a Kennel Club survey has found. Some 45 per cent said if their four-legged friend didn’t like a prospective partner, then they would not carry... Read more

It’s time to stop treating dogs like newborns. Your pet doesn’t need a pram, it wants to walk

We do get it. When Monty Don’s dog Nigel died we were upset, and we haven’t ever watched Gardeners’ World. But we’re not talking about the man and man’s best friend relationship (moving and enviable), we’re talking about the parent/child... Read more

A sad ending for Cabbage, the collie saved from dognappers

For a moment, Cabbage was the most famous collie in the country after the dog’s theft in November sparked a social media storm that eventually led to its rescue. But now Cabbage has taken a last walk, dying at the... Read more

Stranded dog follows her nose to safety after rescuers dangle sausage from a drone

When Millie the Jack Russell was spotted on marshland near Portsmouth after going missing last Thursday, a Hampshire search and rescue team was called in to save the day. Three-year-old Millie went missing last week and was gone for four... Read more

‘Getting a dog was supposed to cure my anxiety – instead it made it worse’

The idea gained traction when, at a local pub, I befriended a toy poodle who would rest her chin on my thigh while I supped a Sipsmith and slimline. I felt an ocean of love for such uncomplicated affection. Eventually,... Read more

Why your dog doesn’t need £27 sausages and luxury treats… all they need is love

The manufacturers of the dog treats point out that their produce is made from the finest ingredients and often put through complex food manufacturing processes, such as air drying. The cost of dog snacks might be food for thought for... Read more

I’ll never regret getting my beloved French bulldog

This Christmas will be spent just like the last – me, my boyfriend and my French bulldog, cooped up together in our London flat. Ever since buying him in October 2020 as a lockdown puppy, Grant (the Frenchie in question)... Read more

‘I felt I had nothing to live for until my dog Rosie came into my life’

 “At first she cried and cried,” Sue says. “But as the days went on the crying lessened, and I could see she was settling. After 10 days I had a call from the centre sayinG: ‘We’ve found someone who wants... Read more