Britain’s first new coal mine in decades on the verge of approval

Michael Gove is on the cusp of approving Britain’s first coal mine in decades as the Cabinet rallies behind a proposal to wean the country off Russian imports. The Housing Secretary is understood to be supportive of plans to open... Read more

Sahara solar could soon rescue Britain’s broken energy system

It is hard to see how these giant EPR reactors – already blighted by the closure of Taishan 2 in China due to a design flaw – are ever going to compete with Saharan solar. Nor is big nuclear as... Read more

Rural Britain forced to accept solar farms and wind turbines in planning revolution

The time it takes to approve an offshore wind farm will also be reduced from four years to one year, including by setting up a fast-track consenting route. Listed buildings will be able to install heat pumps – a green... Read more

Planning objections to be blocked in Boris Johnson’s green energy revolution

The time it takes to approve an offshore wind farm will also be reduced from four years to one year, including by setting up a fast-track consenting route. Listed buildings will be able to install heat pumps – a green... Read more

We cannot use taxpayer cash to solve the energy crisis

The next one is Sizewell C, where the Government has agreed to act as an anchor investor by taking a 20 percent stake, with France’s EDF, pension funds and infrastructure investors coughing up the rest. This £4bn investment is already... Read more

Boris Johnson blows cold on onshore wind revolution

Boris Johnson has hinted he is cautious over plans for an onshore wind revolution amid Cabinet fears that it would mean thousands of turbines are built in Tory heartlands.  At a hearing of Parliament’s Liaison Committee, the Prime Minister stressed his... Read more

Britain needs a huge expansion of wind and gas at the same time

The Government’s other confusion is to push for what appears to be a massive expansion of nuclear EPR pressurised-water reactors at the same time as offshore wind. This is incoherent. Such forms of nuclear power are not dispatchable and cannot... Read more

China’s coal revival may soon slash our energy bills, but at a wicked cost

There is a further twist to this story. Citigroup thinks that Russia may accelerate the swing by dumping cheap gas in Europe at irresistible prices, undercutting LNG in a bid to secure long-term market share. With winter over, Russia no... Read more

‘Hollow Mountain’: The key to unlocking Britain’s energy security

At least one of the facility’s four turbines is kept in this state at all times, with two engineers manning a control centre 24 hours a day to react to changing weather patterns such as a dip in wind power. ... Read more

Energy traders sound the alarm over cash crunch

Traders have called on central banks to stave off a cash crunch at healthy energy companies that stands to send consumers’ bills even higher.  The European Federation of Energy Traders, which represents companies including EDF, BP and Shell, is said... Read more

Last chance to save fracking before wells are capped, warns Cuadrilla

How much gas can realistically be extracted remains unproven and the industry would likely need very strong Government backing to overcome opposition, beyond just lifting the ban. Andrea Leadsom, the Tory MP who was business secretary when the ban was... Read more

Rolls-Royce fights to speed up rollout of mini-nuclear reactors

The programme took a significant step forward this week after Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, asked government regulators to assess Rolls’s designs. Britons are braced for energy bills to hit almost £2,000 a year from 1 April when the price... Read more

Lights off, thermostats down – why this is a campaign midlifers like me can get behind

Not only do we get to insist on putting our power-saving knowledge, passed down the generations, into practice in our homes, we’ll get that extra warm glow from knowing it’s the right thing in every way – morally, financially and... Read more

BP abandons stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft

BP has been forced to cut ties with the Kremlin-controlled energy giant Rosneft as it fuels Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine. The FTSE 100 oil giant will offload its 20pc stake in Rosneft, previously valued at $14bn (£10bn), and abandon... Read more

National Portrait Gallery and Scottish Ballet cut ties with BP

It comes despite BP’s chief executive, Bernard Looney, making efforts to reposition the company as a greener institution.  This month he sped up those plans, saying BP would cut emissions from its products to net zero by 2050 and increase... Read more

BP to end 30-year deal with National Portrait Gallery amid activist pressure

In an announcement this morning, BP said it was reviewing “its partnerships and initiatives to ensure activity is aligned to its new strategy”, adding it was looking for “new ways to best use its talent, experience and resources”. Louise Kingham,... Read more

Macron pumps almost £2bn into EDF after capping energy prices

French President Emmanuel Macron has been forced to pump more than €2bn (£1.7bn) into EDF after ordering it to sell power below market prices. The French state will buy up the majority of a €2.5bn share sale by the energy... Read more

Ceasefire in supermarket price wars fuels record-breaking petrol prices

Some supermarkets are also thought to be adopting a less competitive approach towards fuel pricing, meaning there are no longer the ‘price wars’ that once helped drivers by keeping prices down.   Retailers were accused of making “shocking” margins of around 16pc... Read more

‘Expensive’ energy from biomass plant will cost three times that of solar power and drive up bills

Energy from a long-delayed biomass plant will cost almost three times as much as new wind and solar power and could ultimately push up bills, analysis for The Telegraph has found. The MGT Teesside plant, which is set to begin... Read more

Oil and gas trade body drops ‘oil and gas’ from its name

The trade group that represents UK oil and gas companies is dropping the words “oil and gas” from its name to reflect the ongoing rise of green energy. Oil and Gas UK will be renamed Offshore Energies UK from February... Read more

UK to import record levels of liquified natural gas as Ukraine tensions mount

Tom Marzec-Manser, an analyst at the market intelligence group Icis, said the UK is on track to beat the previous monthly record for LNG imports – 2.1 million tonnes (mt) – by Wednesday, and could end up importing 2.5mt by... Read more

Jim Ratcliffe and Centrica back new hydrogen plant on the Humber

A planned new hydrogen plant on the northside of the Humber has secured backing from a raft of companies including Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s chemicals empire Ineos and British Gas owner Centrica.  Equinor, the Norwegian state-owned energy company, has struck agreements... Read more

How to stop your energy bills going through the roof

There have been some notable policy flip-flops. In 2015, the Government abandoned a plan requiring for new homes to be “zero carbon” amid efforts to speed up housebuilding. Lord Deben, chairman of the Climate Change Committee, which advises to the... Read more

Windfall tax would hit energy security and green investment, industry warns

“Opportunistic” calls for a North Sea windfall tax would undermine energy security and harm both the economy and investment in renewables, the oil and gas industry has warned. Labour’s proposal for an extra tax raid as part of a plan... Read more

Green tax burden set to increase more than 40 per cent over Boris Johnson’s premiership

The Taxpayers’ Alliance analysis found that the main “green taxes” in the UK cost individuals and firms £11.5 billion in the 2020-21 financial year, and are forecast to rise to £16.7 billion in 2023-24 and £18.8 billion in 2026-27. The... Read more