The Premier League must take action to help reform football – now

It’s hard to put into words what football means to this country. It’s a sport that sits at the very heart of our national identity, and one that inspires everything from ecstasy to heartbreak – as anyone who’s experienced the... Read more

Miles Jacobson interview: ‘I’d like to think if I was managing Watford, they wouldn’t sack me’

To the uninitiated, Football Manager is a video game that is “just clicking”, “spreadsheets”, and where “you don’t actually play the matches yourself”. For those who know better, it is an incredibly engaging sports simulator, complex role-playing game with unlimited... Read more

The secrets of the Fulham fun factory – how they became the most lethal team in Europe

Speaking before Saturday’s trip to Stoke, manager Marco Silva looked as relaxed as you would imagine, preaching respect, focus and recognition of the feted “good moment.” He is not interested in breaking records, just achieving promotion. Only when that is... Read more

The rebirth of Blackburn Rovers: How the stricken former English champions came back from the dead

After the best part of two years out with back-to-back cruciate ligament injuries, Dack – a hugely popular and influential member of the dressing room – is close to a first team return. And Mowbray, who has gone out of... Read more

Middlesbrough defender Marc Bola wins landmark ruling over offensive tweet sent as a 14 year-old

The Middlesbrough defender Marc Bola has won a landmark case to have the wording of an offensive tweet he sent as a 14 year-old kept out of the public domain, after he was charged by the Football Association retrospectively for... Read more

Covid chaos as five matches now postponed – but Premier League still resists ‘circuit breaker’ shutdown

Leicester would have been without 13 players due to Covid, illness or injury, though Tottenham were said to be “frustrated” after travelling to the city the previous night. Burnley’s game against Watford on Wednesday was called off three hours before... Read more

Wigan manager Leam Richardson: How I saved Charlie Wyke’s life

When Charlie Wyke collapsed with a cardiac arrest mid-session at Wigan Athletic’s training ground on Nov 22, his manager saved the striker’s life by giving him CPR, and since that day Leam Richardson has wondered at the good fortune that... Read more

EFL to create Independent Financial Unit after Derby County woe

The English Football League is launching an Independent Financial Unit in a bid to prevent a repeat of the crisis to engulf Derby County and limit the scope of a Government-appointed regulator. Telegraph Sport can reveal the EFL is also... Read more