Foreign Ministry reacted to France's statements about Ukraine's membership in the EU for 15-20 years

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reacted to the statements of the French Minister for European Affairs Clement Bon on Ukraine’s membership in the EU in 15-20 years. The diplomatic department hopes to enlist the support of France on... Read more

Cannes 2022. Cinema during the war

Alexander Kan cultural columnist May 17, 2022 The BBC News Russian Service app is available for IOS and Android . You can also subscribe to our Telegram channel. image copyrightCannes Film Festival photo caption, A frame from the Truman Show... Read more

A friend of Olya Polyakova spoke about the desires of the singer, which came true because of the war

A friend of the artist shared an interesting story about how Olya made two wishes, and they came true. Olya Polyakova ‘s friend Veronika Belotserkovskaya, where the singer now lives with her daughters in France, told followers on Instagram an... Read more

Olya Polyakova's friend spoke about the singer's wishes that came true, which she made for the New Year

A friend of the artist shared an interesting story about how Olya made two wishes, and they came true. Olya Polyakova ‘s friend Veronika Belotserkovskaya, where the singer now lives with her daughters in France, told followers on Instagram an... Read more

The threat of internal destabilization: Zelensky explained why the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Russia attacked Ukraine not because of the threat from NATO, but because of fears of internal destabilization. The head of state is convinced that a strong Ukraine poses a threat to the Kremlin regime. Zelensky... Read more

Presidents of France and China discussed the need for a ceasefire in Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron and Xi Jinping noted the need to support all efforts aimed at providing humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the situation in Ukraine and a number of... Read more

The French Foreign Ministry listed four strategic mistakes of Putin in the war against Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine on February 24, made four strategic mistakes. The Kremlin dictator Putin , who cynically and barbarously attacked Ukraine on February 24, significantly overestimated his army, from which the Russian... Read more

Ukraine's EU accession could take years: Macron proposes a number of initiatives to speed up the process

Ukraine’s accession to the European Union in accordance with the current rules can last for years and even decades. In order to somewhat revive the process of Ukraine’s accession to the EU , French President Emmanuel Macron proposed the creation... Read more

Macron's inauguration took place in Paris: he mentioned the war in Ukraine in a speech (photo, video)

Emmanuel Macron, re-elected president, begins his second term. Macron’s inauguration took place at the Elysee Palace on Saturday, May 7. After the announcement of the official result of the elections by the head of the French Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius,... Read more

"They condemned Putin's deadly stupidity": Johnson urged Macron not to speak with Russia on its terms

Frat Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron on May 6 bilateral relations, aid to Ukraine and isolation of Russia. Johnson and Macron unanimously condemned “Putin’s deadly stupidity” in unleashing the war. The presidents agreed to coordinate... Read more

Putin and Macron spoke by phone for the first time since the end of March. What was it about?

3 hours ago The BBC News Russian Service app is available for IOS and Android . You can also subscribe to our Telegram channel. image copyrightTASS/ZUMA Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron held regular telephone conversations – the first since Macron... Read more

Macron urged Putin to continue evacuation from Azovstal in Mariupol

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Vladimir Putin to allow the evacuation of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, where civilian and military Ukrainians still remain, to continue. In a telephone conversation with the Kremlin dictator, Macron noted “the extreme gravity... Read more

Macron spoke to Putin for the first time since a month-long hiatus and re-election as president

French President Emmanuel Macron on May 3 had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The topic of more than two hours of conversation was Ukraine. This is Macron ‘s first conversation with Putin on March 29, after information... Read more

France announced increased tension in Transnistria

The fighting in Transnistria stopped in 1992, but the Russian military is still there. Because of the war in Ukraine, the situation in Transnistria is becoming more tense. This was announced by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a... Read more

Macron announced France's readiness to become a guarantor of Ukraine's security

The document will allow the Ukrainian side to protect itself in the future. French President Emmanuel Macron, in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed France’s readiness to become a guarantor of Ukraine’s security. “We talked about the... Read more

Zelensky and Macron discussed defense cooperation

The President of Ukraine also thanked his French counterpart for his assistance in investigating the crimes of the Russian Federation. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed ways of further cooperation in the confrontation in the... Read more

USA, Germany, Israel and other countries call on their citizens to leave Transnistria immediately

World countries are concerned about the situation that is currently happening in Transnistria, therefore they call on their citizens to leave the territories of the so-called “PMR” as soon as possible. In general, the Foreign Ministries of Israel , Germany,... Read more

France arrested the villa of the former son-in-law of Putin

The Treasury of the European state has seized the estates of Oleg Deripaska, Kirill Shamalov and Musa Bazhaev. The French Treasury has arrested three new villas of Russian businessmen – Oleg Deripaska, Kirill Shamalov and Musa Bazhaev – located in... Read more

Macron officially named President of France

Emmanuel Macron received an absolute majority in the presidential election. He is officially declared President of France. President of the French Constitutional Council Laurent Fabius today officially announced Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic, as he received an absolute... Read more

French presidential election: Macron's victory became historic, the EU is satisfied. But France is divided like never before

Hugh Scofield BBC correspondent in Paris April 25, 2022 The BBC News Russian Service app is available for IOS and Android . You can also subscribe to our Telegram channel. Video Caption, Elections in France 2022: last night’s events Despite... Read more

France after the election. Will Macron be tougher on Putin now?

2 hours ago Photo by Getty Images Emmanuel Macron was re-elected President of France. For the second time, the Liberal leader won Marine Le Pen, who tried to persuade voters with her more moderate program, but was unable to get... Read more

Pilots ‘smoking in cockpit’ and leaky oxygen masks caused crash of aircraft over Mediterranean

A deadly plane crash over the Mediterranean that killed 66 people was caused by a pilot smoking a cigarette in the cockpit, it has emerged.  Flight MS804 was travelling from France to Egypt in May 2016 when it crashed into the... Read more

British man suspected of killing wife before suicide in French countryside home

A murder inquiry has been launched after a British couple were found dead at their isolated rural home in southwestern France. Police suspect the husband killed his wife and then took his own life after they reportedly found a suicide... Read more

France faces years of strife under Emmanuel Macron

Using the artificial exchange rate called Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), the French economy comes out about level with the UK. But the French population is slightly smaller than the UK’s so at PPP rates France’s GDP per capita is slightly... Read more

How the French press reacted to Emmanuel Macron’s victory over Marine Le Pen

Meanwhile, the Left-leaning newspaper Libération published the headline: “Thanks to who?”  It noted that the 44-year old centrist owed his election to “the political maturity of the French who managed, despite having to sometimes hold their noses, to mobilise to... Read more