Henry Cavill's computer cooler failed due to abnormal heat – of course, the actor changed the problematic component on his own

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Miles Jacobson interview: ‘I’d like to think if I was managing Watford, they wouldn’t sack me’

To the uninitiated, Football Manager is a video game that is “just clicking”, “spreadsheets”, and where “you don’t actually play the matches yourself”. For those who know better, it is an incredibly engaging sports simulator, complex role-playing game with unlimited... Read more

Sid Meier interview: ‘Before Civilization, strategy was a dirty word in gaming’

A few days before his birthday, it is difficult to tell whether Sid Meier is about to turn 68 or 16. The Canadian-American video game programmer and designer, best known for his Civilization turn-based strategy series, speaks about his work... Read more

Best PS5 games: From Demon’s Souls to Spider-Man, here’s what to play on your new PlayStation 5

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Best PS4 games | Our guide to the top PlayStation games you can play right now

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Activision Blizzard boss scores $400m payday after Microsoft pounces on Call of Duty maker

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Grand Theft Auto and FarmVille united in $13bn video games deal

The video games publisher behind Grand Theft Auto has struck a $13bn (£9.6bn) deal for FarmVille owner Zynga in a huge bet on the future of mobile gaming.  Take-Two has paved the way for smartphone spin-offs of its biggest console... Read more

The NFL – and a computer game franchise – has lost a legend in John Madden

It is difficult to overstate the influence that John Madden, who died on Tuesday aged 85, had on American Football, yet his impact went far beyond sport. He shaped American culture in a way that many presidents never did. For... Read more