How to trick yourself into eating better – and less

If that all sounds a little futuristic, however, there are other ways to fool yourself into eating better, and less. For example, placing meals on smaller plates and bowls; various studies have found that halving the plate size leads to... Read more

Diana Henry’s favourite braised dishes for spring

We respond to warm weather in extreme ways in this country. The sun shines in March and out come strappy tops and tiny cotton skirts, bare white legs proudly on show. Driving around London, my friend and I try to... Read more

Six edible plants you can easily forage in the UK

April marks the start of the ‘hungry gap’, the two months when traditionally there’s very little homegrown produce, and the stored apples and potatoes are past their best. Hot houses and imports have stretched the seasons so we barely notice,... Read more

Four easy ways to turn a packet of tofu into a delicious dinner

Two meals made me think that tofu – or bean curd – was more than just a bland protein. The first was in Umu, a Japanese restaurant in London. I’d never eaten a meal where texture was so important –... Read more

Is there any point to posh salt?

When did we all become salt snobs? In May, a lavish cookbook called Sea Salt will arrive, a celebration of what is, after all, a simple chemical compound, NaCl, with a sodium atom for each one of chlorine. Superficially, there’s... Read more

Yes, you can make roast beef and cakes in a pressure cooker

For me, the joy of pressure cooking is the fact that I am able to cook properly from scratch, but in a fast, convenient and sustainable way. This feels increasingly important when addressing some of the challenges of modern living... Read more

How to grow maximum veg in a minimum garden space

Urban homes increasingly don’t have gardens, but many do have a small outside space such as a balcony, patio, or concrete front yard with space for some containers. The exciting thing that people all over the world are discovering is... Read more

Why drinking vinegar could be the secret to midlife weight loss

Pucker up: vinegar is the drink of the day. Said to pack a trolley load of health benefits, a shot of apple cider vinegar is this year’s avocado toast. It certainly ticks a lot of hipster boxes: alcohol-free drinks for... Read more

Cut the cost of living: how to make lunch (with coffee) every day for £10 a week

By contrast, a 227g bag of Tesco Italian-inspired “Dark and Rich” blend ground coffee is £2.30 and gives you 30 servings, working out at just 7.6p a coffee – which will make a far more palatable dent in a £2... Read more

‘I had chronic fatigue for six years, then discovered bootcamp – now I feel like a different person’

Now that I’ve changed my diet and exercise I feel like a totally different person. I used to profoundly dislike my body for the way it looked; now, apart from a stomach that has carried three children, and which I... Read more

Why this beige powder could solve the world’s food problems

Then there’s Covid. According to industry analyst Michael Dent, ‘Since the pandemic people are aware of the fact that [disease] is obviously coming from animal agriculture… things like bird flu and SARS. There have been so many incidents with these... Read more

We’re eating more protein than ever, but do we actually need so much?

If there’s one piece of nutritional advice that seems to be set in stone, it’s that we need to eat more protein. According to a report, more than 60 per cent of us are actively trying to eat more. As... Read more

Everything you need to know about cooking pulses

Beans means… a longer life, according to a study at Norway’s University of Bergen. The research, published in the journal PLOS Medicine last month, estimated that changing from the typical Western diet to a better one – including plenty of... Read more

Why sipping water could help you lose weight

“It’s a short term fix to improve the optics. They’re basically dehydrating to increase definition, which can be pretty dangerous,” says Mullan. That’s not to say water can’t work as a weight loss aid. Fortunately, as the science shows, drinking... Read more

The truth about artificial sweeteners – and what they really do to your body

We all know we need to eat less sugar, and sweeteners offer a compelling alternative. Since the introduction of the sugar levy in 2018, the global sugar substitutes market has boomed and is set to be worth around £7.5 billion... Read more

Six easy ways to stay sharp and young in midlife and beyond

From the keto diet to the Mediterranean diet, we are constantly being bombarded with new ways of eating which promise to make us fitter, healthier, smarter or skinnier. But now a new calculator, created by researchers from the University Of... Read more

The burning question: which oil should I really be cooking with?

Think you know which oil to use when, and how? Think again. Food aficionados like to boast that their unfiltered, extra-virgin olive oil is sacred, only for drizzling over radicchio, and that flaxseed oil is the nutrient booster to use... Read more

Why organic food’s gone out of fashion

Is it the fact that organic is a rigid system part of the problem? Patrick Holden, founder of The Sustainable Food Trust and the first person to supply Sainsbury’s with organic carrots, back in the 1980s, thinks it might be.... Read more

Parakeet for dinner? If we want to get rid of nature’s invaders, we should eat them

Last month fishermen off the North Yorkshire coast noticed something unusual. Their pots were not filled with brown crabs, but the huge, spindly-legged red king crab, a much-prized delicacy rarely seen off British shores. Chefs in London and elsewhere immediately... Read more

Did you grow up in the 80s or 90s? How to ditch your messed-up mindset when it comes to food

If you came of age in the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll no doubt recall the bonkers diet culture of that era. The Beverly Hills Diet, first published in 1981, espoused eating only grapes on a Tuesday, while the Cabbage Soup... Read more

I lost 3.5 stone in seven months by changing one thing about my routine

Maria Fox, 51, is a police superintendent and lives in Staffordshire Last October I was crying down the phone to a friend and she said: “I don’t think you’re very well – you need some time out.” She was right:... Read more

The truth behind ‘fantastic’ diet shakes

For many dieters, the “fantastic results” of a new NHS diet focused on soups and shakes won’t come as a surprise.  More than 2,000 people with type 2 diabetes were put on a very low calorie diet restricting them to... Read more

Three easy ways to eat your 30 a week

We’ve long been told to eat our five a day for better health, but more recently the focus has shifted to eating an even wider variety of plant foods, not least because it’s imperative for gut health. Renowned gut experts... Read more

Why vegan meat substitutes are the worst junk food of all

It’s the cynical greed that gets me. Turn on prime time television or allow the ads to slide on to YouTube, and every food processor and retailer seems to be cashing in on the Veganuary movement, pushing their products as... Read more

The best recipe boxes and meal delivery kits – from healthy options to indulgent weekend dinners

Recommended by Abigail Buchanan This is more of a total lifestyle overhaul than a meal delivery service. It pitches itself as healthy meals for busy people, and it really is as easy as it gets.  You start by filling out... Read more