In a blue dress and with a yellow handbag: Tilda Swinton supported Ukraine at the Cannes Film Festival

British actress, star of “Doctor Strange” appeared in Cannes in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Tilda Swinton attended the press conference of the science fiction film “Three Thousand Years of Wishes” at the Cannes Film Festival, in which she... Read more

In a patriotic dress and with a flag: Olya Polyakova showed photos from charity concerts in the USA

The singer gives concerts as part of a charity tour of America. Olya Polyakova announced on Instagram that her first concerts as part of a charity tour in America took place and she will continue to perform there. Olya Polyakova/Igor... Read more

Football player Alexander Zinchenko touched subscribers with cute family photos with his wife and little daughter

Ukrainian footballer and star of the English “Manchester City” Oleksandr Zinchenko showed his family who came to congratulate him on his victory in the match. On Sunday, May 22, as part of the final 38th round of the championship of... Read more

In a patriotic dress and with a flag: Olya Polyakova showed a photo from charity concerts in the USA

The singer gives concerts as part of a charity tour of America. Olya Polyakova announced on Instagram that her first concerts as part of a charity tour in America took place and she will continue to perform there. Olya Polyakova/Igor... Read more

A miscarriage is not a sentence: Britney Spears is focused on a new challenge

Britney Spears is determined to make her dream come true and have a third child. Despite the fact that the singer recently experienced a miscarriage, she is preparing for a new pregnancy and wants to give birth to her future... Read more

With Tom Cruise and Jared Leto in the lead roles: the long-awaited action films are released in Ukrainian rental

In Ukrainian cinemas, where possible, new interesting films will be shown. In June, two long-awaited action films will be released in Ukrainian cinemas: the action movie with Tom Cruise in the title role – “Top Gun: Maverick” and the superhero... Read more

From Kate and William to Queen Elizabeth II: How the British Royal Family Supports Ukraine

From the first days of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, the British royal family has been supporting our state and helping in every possible way. Even Queen Elizabeth II publicly demonstrates that she is also with the people... Read more

In a beautiful embroidered dress: First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine held a lecture in Rome

Vyshyvanka is a great opportunity to tell the world about Ukraine and show our incredible culture. On May 23, in Rome at the Luiss Business School, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova gave a lecture “Ukraine... Read more

“We woke up from the fact that air defense worked behind the fence”: Katya Osadchaya spoke about the first day of the war

The presenter told how she and her family ran away from the war. Katya Osadchaya showed Instagram followers a photo taken on February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine in a full-scale and insidious manner. The presenter told what she and... Read more

Wearing FROLOV tuxedos: TVORCHI, accompanied by an orchestra, sang about the strength of the Ukrainian spirit

The duet members dedicated a patriotic composition to all Ukrainians. On the stage of the theater, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, the TVORCHI group presented an art video for a new song called “Boremosya”, which was dedicated to Ukrainians. The... Read more

Helps to survive grief: a woman from Canada came to Bucha and turns bullet holes into flowers

After the Russian troops left the Kyiv region, the Ukrainians saw the horrors left by the rashists: burned and looted houses, destroyed streets and thousands of brutally murdered innocent people. Canadian Ivanka Siolkovska came to Bucha to help Ukrainians get... Read more

The story of the survivors: how a mother and daughter escaped after the shooting of a car in which five of their loved ones died

They wanted to escape, but came under fire. A family with friends – four adults and three children – went by car from their native Chernihiv on March 9. Only two survived. A woman with a little daughter. The woman... Read more

Another brother of Patron: the State Emergency Service spoke about the rescue diver dog Naida

The dog of pyrotechnics Patron has already become very popular on the Web, so the State Emergency Service of Ukraine decided to talk about another “employee”. Patron, who works in the team of pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service of... Read more

Replaces the Queen again: Prince Charles attends a service at Westminster Abbey

While Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed her time at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday, her eldest son and chief heir was getting ready to attend the new official event. The Prince of Wales attended an Order of the Bath service at... Read more

Horoscope for May 25 for all signs of the zodiac: a day when you can not rush

The day when you need to abandon the fuss and haste – you need to act slowly, then later you will not have to correct the shortcomings. Even better – if, of course, there is such an opportunity – to... Read more

Queen Elizabeth II wore a special piece of jewelry to a public event

Queen Elizabeth II visited the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. The monarch attracted the attention of the public not only by the fact that she arrived in a buggy, but also by a small detail in her image. The Queen paid... Read more

Support in Cannes: Romanian actresses came to the photocall in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

In the past three months, wearing blue and yellow has become an international trend. The colors of the Ukrainian flag are now worn by fashion bloggers, influencers and celebrities from all over the world. In this way, celebrities express their... Read more

Flew off the coils: propagandist Simonyan again threatens the world with nuclear war

Russian propagandists – the watchdogs of the Kremlin regime – always work out the agenda with special inspiration. Recently, they have been talking more and more often about the terrible catastrophes that await the world if Russia loses in the... Read more

Injuries in Pets: Types and First Aid

Any cat or dog can get injured, regardless of body weight and age, says veterinarian and zoopsychologist Lidia Lobodina. The most common causes of injury are: Fights with other animals Cars and road Unsuccessful jumping, running Excessive activity Games Types... Read more

"The task is to turn stress and pain into strength and inspiration": Zelenskaya spoke at the World Health Assembly

According to the First Lady of Ukraine, we must integrate psychological support into all spheres of life. In Ukraine, a psychological assistance service will be created to support survivors of the war. This was announced by Elena Zelenskaya, speaking at... Read more

With blue and yellow colors: the brand created patriotic shirts to help Ukrainians

Designer Marianna Senchina decided to help her compatriots affected by the war. White shirts with short sleeves are decorated with large flowers in yellow and blue. Profit from the sale of these items will be transferred to Masha Efrosinina’s charitable... Read more

Happy ending: the cat Shafa from Borodyanka returned home to the real mistress

Many Ukrainians followed the story of the rescued animal. Finally the cat went on the mend and returned to the mistress. The Shafa cat has become a symbol of the invincibility of the Ukrainian people. She lived for more than... Read more

With the flag of Ukraine in her hands and vyshyvanka: Jamala attended the summit in New York

The Ukrainian singer actively supports her homeland, telling the world about the war in Ukraine. Singer Jamala attended the Citizen NOW Summit at Spring Studios in New York. The star took to the red carpet in a shirt of the... Read more

The stars of the action movie "Jurassic World 3" came to the premiere in dresses in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

Wearing blue and yellow images is now in trend. During the premiere of the film “Jurassic World 3: Domination” in Mexico City, two actresses decided to show their support for Ukraine, which is suffering from Russian occupiers. So, the stars... Read more

Exclusive footage: British Vogue showed the wedding photoshoot of Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham

British Vogue published a wedding photo shoot of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, and the newlyweds themselves, who got married on April 9, told some of its details. Brooklyn Beckham, 23, and wife Nicola Peltz, 27, have shared some of... Read more