Feed, search, hashtag pages and Reels: Instagram expands the scope of sensitive content filters

Instagram’s sensitive content management feature now applies to more areas of the social network. It’s no longer limited to the Explore page, but enabled everywhere where Instagram recommendations are offered, including the feed, search, hashtag pages, Reels, and potentially interesting... Read more

Occupants of "DPR" blocked residents access to Facebook and Instagram

The occupation authorities of the “DNR” blocked the residents of the Donetsk region from accessing the social networks Facebook and Instagram. They explained this step as allegedly “protecting the population from threatening information.” The occupiers said that the American company... Read more

You can tell a lot about a man by which platform he trolls me on

Letter writing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and even a good old-fashioned phone call to The Daily Telegraph office: broadly speaking, you can tell an awful lot about a man by the way he gets in touch. I know this because since... Read more

Mood, review: Nicôle Lecky’s supercharged millennial polemic is gripping and grimy

Social media complicates that exchange further. Sasha is emboldened by the comments she receives for her racy content, and feels in control, but becomes addicted. In a haunting shot, her phone screen overlays her face, her identity increasingly defined by... Read more

Chloe, review: a thrilling Vanity Fair update for the vainest of generations

Erin Doherty was one of the breakout stars of The Crown, unexpectedly making Princess Anne the coolest member of the Windsor clan. Now she has her first television starring role in Chloe (BBC One), a moreish psychological thriller about a... Read more

Are you age-appropriate or a midlife rebel? The new rules of getting older

While redefining your look via your wardrobe or hairstyle is commonplace, some feel compelled to surgically alter their face, have a breast lift or visit a trichologist to tackle a receding hair line. Professor Nichola Rumsey OBE, a psychologist who... Read more

Meet the Insta therapist who deleted her social media accounts

“In those angst-ridden teenage years, teenagers are programmed to want to belong and they naturally compare themselves with others,” she says. “When they see an image on Instagram, their reaction is to think that person is happier than them because... Read more

The tangled history of the humble croissant – and how to eat it properly

Clearly, the bakers had been crucial in all this, so Austrian Archduke Leopold gave them the right to create little pastries in honour of their role. As the emblem on the Ottoman flag had been a crescent, the pastries were... Read more

‘Right-wingers have much more of a sense of humour than the Left’

Berry already knows how it feels to have a Twitter mob rise up against him. In his armoury of characters, he also has a Bristol student, “Trustafarian” (a young person who presents as a paragon of counterculture despite being supported... Read more