Intel and Samsung showed the concept of a sliding PC – it transforms from a 13-inch device to a 17-inch

As part of the Intel Innovation event, Samsung Display CEO J.S. Choi showed off a prototype PC that can convert from a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch display. The transformation is happening thanks to the unfolding of the flexible display,... Read more

The recommended price of the Intel Arc A750 is $289 – in the company's tests, the video card is approaching the NVIDIA GTX 3060

After the presentation of the Intel Arc A770 video card for $329, the company further pressed the NVIDIA GTX 3060 market position – the Arc A750 graphics adapter will cost $289. If Intel’s flagship approaches the RTX 3060 price and... Read more

Intel showcases Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards from GUNNIR and ASRock, as well as entry-level A310 adapter

At Innovation 2022, Intel unveiled the first A770 and A750 partner graphics cards from GUNNIR and ASRock (the event was also a “silent” presentation of the A750). Obviously, traditional video card manufacturers, whose names everyone is used to hearing in... Read more

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger believes that Moore's law is not dead, and video cards should not be expensive

In a keynote at the Intel Innovation event, CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed the recommended price for the Intel Arc A770 graphics card at $329, which is in line with NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 launch price and well below the top-end next-gen... Read more

Digital Foundry tests XeSS, Intel's technology for frame scaling in games

Digital Foundry got exclusive access to Intel’s XeSS scaling technology and ran some tests. Intel XeSS is a machine learning frame scaling method similar to NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 and AMD FSR 2.0. DF has tested version XeSS 1.187 in Shadow... Read more

Intel showed Thunderbolt with a bandwidth of 80 Gb / s (like USB4 2.0)

During the Intel Technology Tour 2022, held at the company’s Israeli development center, a live video was shown of the first test system running with an 80Gbps Thunderbolt connection. The new version of the data transfer protocol has no official... Read more

Intel Confirms 6GHz Raptor Lake Processor

At the Intel Tech Tour event in Israel, the company shared its plans for the thirteenth generation of processors. The Raptor Lake family has been confirmed to have a processor clocked up to 6GHz. Help When such a processor will... Read more

Intel and Broadcom Show Wi-Fi 7 Capabilities – Sustained Data Rates Up to 5Gbps

Intel, along with its partner Broadcom, held a successful demonstration of Wi-Fi 7 technology, after which it declared that “the future of Wi-Fi is already here.” Help During the demo, a Wi-Fi 7 wireless connection between an Intel Core laptop... Read more

Intel Reveals Arc A770, A750, and A580 Desktop Graphics Specifications: Up to 32 Xe Cores, Up to 16GB of Memory, and Power Consumption Up to 225W

Intel has finally lifted the veil of secrecy over its line of discrete graphics cards for desktop PCs. According to the chip maker, only four models are expected to be released in the desktop segment ( the Arc A380 model... Read more

13th Gen Intel Core Processors (Raptor Lake-S) Official Specs – Igor'sLAB Leaked

The full specs of the upcoming Intel Core processor series have now been confirmed by Igor’sLAB thanks to a leak. The lab notes that they expected to see more processors of the K and KF series, in accordance with previous... Read more

13th Gen Intel Core Raptor Lake-S Desktop Processors Likely to Launch September 27

According to the published Go To Market (GTM) roadmap, the thirteenth generation Intel Core processor series will be gradually launched over the next two months. A leaked slide from an internal presentation confirms plans to showcase the new series on... Read more

Questionable prospects for Intel in the video card market or What went wrong with the development of GPU Arc

The official history of current Intel video cards began almost a year ago. In August 2021, the company introduced the Intel Arc trademark, the Alchemist GPU architecture (formerly known as DG2), announced the competition of its solutions with NVIDIA and... Read more

Intel introduced Arc Pro graphics cards for desktop and mobile workstations

Previously, Intel has already brought its gaming graphics cards to the market under the Arc brand, however, the reviews of the first devices were disappointing . Now Intel has introduced Arc Pro series graphics cards designed for desktop and mobile... Read more

Intel expects first Wi-Fi 7-enabled PCs as early as 2024 — the new standard will provide data transfer rates up to 5.8 Gbps

Intel has announced that by 2024 or 2025, computers and laptops with support for the wireless communication standard Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) should appear. It will be able to provide a 2x increase in data transfer speed compared to Wi-Fi 6... Read more

Intel officially closes its Optane memory business

As part of the announcement of financial results for the second quarter of 2022, Intel also officially confirmed the information about the closure of its Optane Memory division. Help This information was hidden in the adjustment tables associated with the... Read more

Intel will produce MediaTek processors

MediaTek is one of the world’s largest processor manufacturers, with chips powering two billion devices every year. However, it does not have its own factories, and TSMC produces almost all the chips. Despite the highest level of technology, the Taiwanese... Read more

Everything is bad – independent Western reviews of the Intel Arc A380 video card have been released

Western tech media have been frustrated with Intel’s approach to launching Arc Alchemist GPUs. The new discrete architecture was not only shelved, but made exclusive to one country. Nevertheless, the media found a way out of this situation, although it... Read more

Intel Core i9-13900K in tests – performance increase in synthetics (10-35%) and games (4.5%) along with an increase in power consumption

The test results of the upcoming Intel Core i9-13900K processor have appeared on the network. They were held by one of the reviewers, who was able to buy an engineering sample of the chip. The device contains a total of... Read more

Unfair advantage for Intel – the US semiconductor industry is divided due to incentives in the CHIPS Act and FABS

On Tuesday, the US Senate may vote on bills aimed at supporting the country’s computer chip industry. The draft regulations aim to make the US more competitive with China, whose chip industry has grown rapidly over the past 5 years... Read more

Intel will raise prices for its processors up to 20% – media

This fall, Intel plans to raise prices for its flagship products such as consumer and server processors, Wi-Fi chips and controllers, according to Nikkei Asia. The increase is expected to vary by model, ranging from single digits to as high... Read more

Intel Arc Alchemist A550M and A770M graphics cards showed themselves in 3DMark – the older model is at the level of GeForce RTX 3070M

The upcoming Intel Arc Alchemist A550M and A770M mobile graphics cards have been tested in 3DMark (Time Spy and Fire Strike Extreme tests), so we can get a preview of their performance levels. This also indicates that the devices have... Read more

Windows Defender bug slows down Intel processor performance on some Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs – there's a workaround

Users running Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs with Intel processors may experience slow performance on their systems. The reason for this was a bug in Windows Defender. Help The problem was discovered by developer Kevin Glynn, who is associated... Read more

Qualcomm gathers friends to buy ARM

Early this year, NVIDIA and SoftBank failed to sell ARM, the developer of the architecture that underpins all mobile hardware. However, the issue of selling a valuable asset is by no means closed. The Financial Times reports that Qualcomm, which... Read more

Ryzen 7000 Response – 13th Gen Intel Core (Raptor Lake-S) Processors Expected October 2022

Well-known reviewer and leaker Enthusiastic Citizen posted on the Bilibili website plans for the release of Intel platforms for 2022. Help According to the leak, Intel’s upcoming HEDT platform is codenamed “Fishhawk Falls” and will be released in October. Wccftech... Read more

Intel Graphics: New Details for Arc Alchemist GPUs for Laptops and PCs this Year

An Intel blog post has detailed the release roadmap for Arc Alchemist Discrete GPUs. The company plans to take a phased approach that prioritizes system builders and OEMs in China when it comes to desktop graphics cards. At the same... Read more