Savers enjoy biggest rate rise in more than a decade

However, Isa rates still lag behind pre-pandemic levels and savers risk their money being eroded by inflation, despite three successive interest rate rises by the Bank of England.  The average notice Isa, which requires advance warning before funds are withdrawn,... Read more

How falling house prices will hit your Isa

Estate agencies such as Foxtons and Purplebricks and housebuilders such as Persimmon and Redrow would feel an immediate impact. Rightmove, the online property listings company, could fare better as listing properties for sale is an essential service, regardless of price.... Read more

Investors hold back from putting more money into stocks

However, Sarah Coles, of Hargreaves Lansdown, warned against staying outside of the stock market for too long. “You may struggle to find the ideal moment to restart and will miss out on market gains in the interim.” Investors parking money... Read more

How to pick the right Isa – and how much you should pay

Investors could be hundreds of thousands of pounds better off by switching to a cheaper Isa provider. Managing fees is as important as investment returns to ensure your savings grow. Someone who saves £1,600 a month into their Isa (taking... Read more

Why you should trust an algorithm to choose your investing portfolio

Tracker funds are a cornerstone of many portfolios, but recent market swings have turned old winners into cash drains. These “passive” funds remove human stock pickers – and any associated costs and mistakes – from the investing process. Instead, algorithms... Read more

Meet the millionaires who made their fortune using Isas

The number of Isa millionaires at Britain’s biggest stockbroker soared by more than two thirds last year as stock markets bounced back strongly from the pandemic. Hargreaves Lansdown said 973 of its investors had built up savings pots of more... Read more

£20k for moving your Isa: brokers offer bonuses in battle for customers

Britain’s biggest Isa providers are offering cash bonuses to customers who switch their investments, as stockbrokers battle for customers in the wake of stock market falls.  Brokers charge investors fees based on the size of their portfolio, but recent drops... Read more

Telegraph’s top 10 defensive funds to protect your savings

The Defensive 10 highlights the best funds to preserve your money. The Telegraph 25 is the definitive list of our favourite funds and we also showcase the 10 best funds for growth, income, investing ethically and keeping costs low with... Read more

Telegraph’s top 10 income funds to fund your retirement

The Income 10 highlights the best funds for regular payouts. The Telegraph 25 is the definitive list of our favourite funds and we also showcase the 10 best funds for growth, preserving your money, investing ethically and keeping costs low... Read more

Telegraph’s top 10 growth funds to boost your savings

The Growth 10 highlights the best funds for investors seeking the highest return for their money. The Telegraph 25 is the definitive list of our favourite funds and we also showcase the best 10 funds for income, preserving your money,... Read more

Telegraph 25: our favourite funds for investors in volatile times

6. Legal & General International Index Trust This passive fund invests in more than 2,000 companies that make up overseas stock markets. Held alongside the iShares UK Equity Index fund, it would give investors access to the world’s shares at... Read more

The Isa trick that will save you thousands of pounds

The stock market, with its ups and downs, can be a difficult place to make money for beginners and experienced investors alike. This can make it feel all the more unfair when investment returns are subject to capital gains tax.... Read more

Millions face losing free money towards their first homes

It means buyers now face losing the state bonus after years of diligent saving, as the property price cap for the scheme has remained frozen while house prices have shot up. Had the limit increased with inflation it would stand... Read more

Is a pension or an Isa the best way to save?

Liz Alley of Brewin Dolphin, a wealth manager, said pensions were the best option for money that could be locked up for a long time. “Pensions give their main tax break up front, with income tax relief added to your... Read more

Can someone rewrite Sleeping Beauty so that she opens a Lifetime Isa instead of sleeping?

There’s a gap in the dating app market I’m surprised no one’s spotted. “Desperate, divorced middle-aged woman seeks rich man to pay for everything dot com.” Don’t type that into your URL, it’s a joke. At least, I think it’s... Read more

Market bubbles are bursting – here’s what investors should buy and sell

However, there have been many false dawns for the so-called “rotation” from growth to value. Similar moves were recorded at the beginning of 2021 and some professionals have predicted the rotation every year of the past decade. Terry Smith, star... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘I earn £50,000 – how should I invest to provide for my children?’

Providing for their children’s future is a priority for most parents, but it can be harder for some families than others. Tim and Kate Thomas want to make sure their three children, Gregory, 10, William, eight, and Eliza, five, have... Read more

Investors trapped by punishing stockbroker exit fees

illions of pounds held in pensions have been trapped as a quarter of fund shops have refused to drop controversial exit penalties for savers. Experts have widely condemned the practice of charging fees that punish savers who want to move... Read more

Britain’s obsessions with using Isas is costing us money

As a nation, we have our favourite ways to go about our daily lives. But none are as detrimental as the often unchallenged way to save for our retirement, house purchase or rainy day fund. Our psyche around savings is... Read more

How many Isas can I open, can my wife inherit my Isa?  Your questions answered

Where should I save a lump sum? I moved back into my parents’ house in lockdown, and have saved £10,000. I have a Help to Buy Isa, but where should I put my lump sum? I have looked into Premium... Read more

Want a money makeover? Get a free financial plan worth thousands of pounds

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In your 50s or 60s? Your perfect financial plan for retirement

Savers need their pensions to provide £12,548 per year, which in addition to the average state pension payout of £8,060, would give them £19,000 after income tax. This would be enough to cover the essentials and regular short-haul holidays, leisure,... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘Is my £47,000 salary enough for my partner to stop work and raise our son?’

With their first child due next month and a wedding postponed for two years because of the pandemic, Dan Lockwood, 30, and Emma Lovegrove, 33, have a lot on their plate. On the agenda is setting themselves up for family... Read more