Battle of Italy. How and why Ukraine may lose an unexpected ally

George Erman BBC News Ukraine May 22, 2022 Photo by Getty Images After a full-scale Russian attack, Italy suddenly became one of Ukraine’s leading supporters in the EU and quickly began providing military and humanitarian assistance. This contrasted with the... Read more

Italy arrests Scheherazade luxury yacht linked to Putin

In the Italian city of Marina di Carrara, a superyacht linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin was arrested due to sanctions. The 140-meter luxury yacht “Scheherazade” (Scheherazade) costs 700 million dollars. The arrest of the yacht was reported by the... Read more

The Italian Prime Minister criticized the TV channel, on the air of which Lavrov expressed his anti-Semitic beliefs.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi criticized the Italian television channel Rete4 for a scandalous interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in which he compared Zelensky to Hitler. Mario Draghi reacted emotionally to the unsuccessful interview and called it “a... Read more

Italian goalkeeper who defended Ukraine from invaders was wounded and returned home

Italian goalkeeper Ivan Luca Vavassori, who fought for Ukraine against Russian invaders, decided to return to his homeland. At the end of April, Ivan Luca Vavassori was wounded in the besieged Mariupol . He helped evacuate people from Mariupol and... Read more

Germany sues Italy again over WWII compensation dispute

Italy continues to allow victims of Nazi war crimes to claim compensation from Germany. Germany has filed a lawsuit against Italy in the UN’s highest court as Rome continues to allow victims of Nazi war crimes to claim compensation from... Read more

The plant of the Russian oil group Lukoil in Italy is going to be nationalized

Thus, the Italian authorities intend to implement a policy of sanctions against Russian oil. Italian Industry Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti plans to propose temporary nationalization of the ISAB refinery in Priolo, Sicily. This enterprise is indirectly owned by the Russian oil... Read more

The mystery of how Stratford lad Shakespeare knew so much about the world

Key locations The jealous Leontes may have had no real-life counterpart, but Sicily was a kingdom, by various definitions, between 1130 and 1816 – its rulers seated at the Royal Palace (now the Sicilian Regional Assembly, but open for tours;... Read more

9 of the best hotels for Venice Biennale 2022, from budget to blow-out luxury

Yes, it’s part of a hostel chain but it’s quirky, cosy and stylish. Located in a converted grain warehouse, Generator has got an industrial-shabby-chic feel nailed: bare brick walls, exposed pipes and beams, dark interiors, with leather sofas, velvet armchairs,... Read more

From bracing walks to mild electrocution – how the spa town experience has changed since the 1800s

The peach-stuccoed Pupp is also rumoured to be the inspiration for Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. A night’s stay costs from €150/£125. Away from the waters   The landscape around Karlovy Vary is spectacular, with rare rock formations, tumbling down castles... Read more

The real reason why Italians wave their hands around so much

In the centre of Rome a couple called Francesco and Francesca are chatting animatedly. He’s sitting astride a parked Vespa, she’s standing in a long queue in one of the authorized AS Roma ticket agencies, waiting for her turn to buy... Read more

How Europe’s A-listers are rediscovering the age-old habit of taking the waters

The peach-stuccoed Pupp is also rumoured to be the inspiration for Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. A night’s stay costs from €150/£125. Away from the waters   The landscape around Karlovy Vary is spectacular, with rare rock formations, tumbling down castles... Read more

Ignore the middle-class naysayers – fly-and-flop holidays have never been better

Minimum sightseeing Like buskers, cultural wonders will only make you feel guilty for ignoring them. Dubai may be preferable to Rome, for example, if you intend to spend all day beside your hotel pool. Water  Proximity to pool or sea... Read more

The heavenly Italian island that British tourists are yet to discover

Come the warm weather, Italians are very partial to an island. They’re especially fond of small ones, and if they come with crystal sea, a friendly buzz and proper Italian food, all the better. They have plenty of them to... Read more

Biscuit-loving bear walks 100 miles back to the town from which it was banished

“Since March 25, the day when the bear was released back into the wild, until today, the bear has spent 18 days travelling through the valleys of the Maiella national park, walking around 150 kilometres, feeding off plants and ants,”... Read more

The 10 commandments you must obey when ordering coffee in Italy

I once met an Italian who didn’t drink coffee. He made light of the fact, but you could see that he was tired of having to explain his disability every time some new acquaintance uttered the standard Italian greeting: “Prendiamo... Read more

The 15 ultimate Italian holidays, and how to do them in style

Few of us can resist a holiday in Europe’s most elegant country. Especially not those of us who dream of a nice glass of chianti on a warm evening, a sunny stroll through a broad piazza, a day of high... Read more

Spying, satire and revenge: The bitter rivalry that created Rome’s greatest sights

Michelangelo struggled to shake off the competition. Once the Sistine ceiling was finished, it was Raphael who got the commission to design the spectacular tapestries which were to be installed along the lower parts of the chapel walls. They are... Read more

Rome villa with Caravaggio’s only ceiling fresco fails to sell for second time despite 20 per cent discount

Journalists covering the two auctions found it hard to find information about the sale or to access a web link. “The auctioneers are more accustomed to selling off confiscated scooters and boats. They have never had to handle a half... Read more

Love is blind in Venice, as ‘sexist’ restaurant gives women menus with no prices

Club del Doge apologised, saying it was “sorry to have created an inconvenience for a guest,” and would “take advantage of our mistake to improve ourselves.” “Now we will ask all customers which card they prefer,” the management added. The... Read more

Protesters set fire to Lake Como villa of Kremlin propagandist and pour red paint in pool

“I was told that Europe is a citadel of rights, that everything is permitted, that’s what they said. I know from personal experience about the so-called ‘sacred property rights’. With every transaction I was bringing paperwork demonstrating my official salary,... Read more

When will Spain, Italy and Greece finally ditch their ‘unnecessary’ Covid rules?

At a press event last week, over coffee and breakfast tapas, the Spanish Tourist Office spoke confidently about the year ahead, with visitor numbers – after two fallow years – expected to touch pre-Covid levels. Britain, the country’s biggest source... Read more

This idiotic travel form represents everything that is wrong with the EU

Slowly but surely, tedious Covid travel restrictions are being peeled back. Just this week, Sweden opened its doors to all, Costa Rica ended all restrictions, and France said it would, finally, let in unvaccinated Britons (though they will still need... Read more

Your Easter ski holiday checklist – to ensure everything goes to plan

With the Easter break starting this coming weekend, now is the time for skiers, in particular families, who have a holiday booked abroad to ensure they are familiar with all the last remaining Covid procedures for travel and in ski... Read more

15 of the world’s best holidays for foodies

BBQ bound United States Racking up the awards for best brisket in Texas, Franklin Barbecue restaurant has made Austin a global pilgrimage destination for barbecue lovers. Join the queue – you will be waiting a while – and you’ll be... Read more

The cheaper alternative to Tuscany – with more mountains, better beaches and fewer tourists

Along the coast, two areas are worth special trips, both rocky, cliff-edged uplands that are strange, but beautiful anomalies on an otherwise flat coast of resorts, dunes and beaches. In the north, between busy Pesaro and Cattolica, is Monte San Bartolo,... Read more