The SBU published a photo of 8 occupiers who killed people in the Kyiv region, in particular, the family of the elder Motyzhin

Russian criminals were notified in absentia of suspicion under Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – violation of the laws and customs of war. The Security Service of Ukraine identified and published photos of eight more Russian invaders... Read more

More than 1,200 bodies of civilians killed by invaders have already been found in the Kyiv region

Most of them were killed with small arms. In the Kiev region, 1297 bodies of dead civilians at the hands of Russian invaders have already been discovered. This was announced by the head of the police of the Kiev region... Read more

In the Kharkiv region, the Russian military shot dead a civilian in the yard and killed a man in a car from a tank

In the Kharkiv region, they continue to document the crimes of Russian soldiers. On May 23, 2022, as part of the pre-trial investigation, an additional inspection was carried out with. Malaya Rogan and with. Olkhovka , Kharkiv region. This is... Read more

Occupants kill over 4,500 civilians in Ukraine, including 232 children – Venediktova

Russian war crimes are confirmed by domestic and international investigations, as well as journalistic investigations. Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine , at least 4,600 civilians have died at the hands of Russian occupiers, including 232 children.... Read more

Number of dead in Mariupol alone reached tens of thousands in two months of war – Podolyak

For comparison, 15 civilians were killed in Donbas in 2021. Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Russia, thousands of people have died in Ukraine, and these calculations are not final. In Mariupol alone, during the two months of... Read more

SBU identified almost 900 Russian invaders who killed and tortured people in the Kyiv region

It was also exposed about 100 collaborators who helped the Russians in the Kyiv region. The Security Service of Ukraine has identified almost 900 Russian invaders who committed crimes against the civilian population in the Kiev region. This was reported... Read more

“Local dictated”: Fedoruk said that the invaders killed civilians in Bucha according to the lists

In Bucha, the Russian military, whom Putin sent to the war against Ukraine, purposefully killed civilians according to compiled lists. The civilians of Bucha were killed by Putin’s army according to the lists that they compiled together with local traitors.... Read more