The lowest incidence rate: Komarovsky commented on the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine and the world

The reason why the incidence of coronavirus has dropped so sharply is the Delta variant. To date, WHO states the lowest level of coronavirus incidence in the United States and Canada over the past year and a half. Europe. This... Read more

Water disinfectants: Komarovsky called on WHO to influence the sanitary situation in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Due to unsanitary conditions in the occupied Mariupol and Kherson, an epidemic of intestinal infections may break out there. Ukrainians need to worry about the diseases that could flare up as a result of the war. The southerners of the... Read more

Komarovsky told whether the monkeypox pandemic threatens us

Monkeypox is not a coronavirus when all you have to do is sit in the same room or in a subway car and get infected. The main thing that characterizes monkeypox is prolonged close contact for infection. This was told... Read more