Ignore the middle-class naysayers – fly-and-flop holidays have never been better

Minimum sightseeing Like buskers, cultural wonders will only make you feel guilty for ignoring them. Dubai may be preferable to Rome, for example, if you intend to spend all day beside your hotel pool. Water  Proximity to pool or sea... Read more

The luxurious Indian Ocean holidays that cost as little as £62 a day

With miles of bone-white sand, scalloped bays, coral-hooped lagoons and clotted-cream island specks lapped by liquid Hockney blues, the islands of the Indian Ocean have store cupboard ingredients baked in.  If you think that these island idylls are the preserve... Read more

The 10 best holiday destinations for March sun

8. Mozambique Being bereft of the crashing waterfalls and major wildlife zones which symbolise Africa at its best, Mozambique still feels somewhat undiscovered. All the more reason, then, to encounter the safari secret of Gorongosa National Park, the Portuguese colonial... Read more

No masks, no tests: Where to have the most normal holiday in 2022

October South Africa The continent’s third most-visited country after Morocco and Egypt, South Africa relies on tourism to the tune of 9.1% of total employment, and 7% of GDP. Therefore it will almost certainly be keen to make up for... Read more

Why you should visit this game-changing resort in the Maldives

There are 100 of these round entities in total; and if being indoors in a setting so spectacular feels a shame, fear not, for within them you remain immersed in the outdoors. Dazzling turquoise waters draw your eye away from... Read more

This could be the most exciting day for British travellers ever

There are two good reasons for this: above and beyond the aforementioned instinct to plan a break to an alluring destination when the temperatures at home are at their lowest. Firstly, this is effectively the first ‘Sunshine Saturday’ in two... Read more

20 of the best last-minute winter sun holidays for 2022

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22 of the best winter holidays for 2022 – from sunshine beaches to snowy ski trips

With the easing of travel testing requirements announced on January 5, and the mercury dropping to subzero temperatures across the country, now is the perfect moment to book your escape from the British winter. But with so much of the... Read more

Eight incredible hotels to book for a wild adventure in 2022

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How our favourite holiday destinations have changed in 2021

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Being quarantined in a Maldives villa sounds dreamy – but it’s turning into a nightmare

We are also facing some practical challenges: I naively packed baby supplies for an eight-day holiday, not a further 14 days’ quarantine, so we are rapidly running out of nappies and wipes. The $28 pack of 16 ‘Drypers’ the hotel... Read more

The perfect Maldives escape for every type of holiday

A multigen bonanza At the newly minted Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands, the whole family can shack up at the Ritz-Carlton Estate, the resort’s private beach residence. Grandparents and parents can then make the most of the spa and numerous dining... Read more

How catching Covid could come back to ruin your holiday months later

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Travel to the Maldives: latest Covid rules and holiday advice

The Maldives was removed from the red list on September 22 – and, on September 28, the Foreign Office lifted its Covid-related advice against visiting. All of this is fantastic timing, of course, as the nation is one of the... Read more

20 of the best winter sun holidays for travel in 2021

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Alesha Dixon: ‘My first trip abroad was when I was 18, to Brunei, with Mis-Teeq’

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