'No mother is immune to anxiety and depression': Duchess Kate takes on new position

The Duchess of Cambridge has always been concerned about the mental health of the British. It was this direction that she and William chose as a priority in their charitable activities. Duchess Catherine has become patron of an organization that... Read more

"Not everything is so clear." How and why the Russians justify the war against Ukraine

Elizabeth Vocht The Air Force 5 hours ago Photo by BBC / YURIY DYACHYSHYN / AFP / Getty Images Caption to the photo, In the photo in the collage: a wall made of artificial flowers, installed by the American Foundation... Read more

Prince Harry opens up about his biggest childhood trauma

Prince Harry has repeatedly spoken about how traumatized he was by the death of his mother Princess Diana in 1997. The Duke of Sussex recently spoke out on the topic of mental health on The Masters of Scale podcast and,... Read more

War: Anger is one of the best emotions

Oksana Efremova, psychotherapist for BBC News Ukraine March 28, 2022 Photo by Getty Images The war continues. The marathon continues, which requires physical and mental strength, endurance and unity. Our emotional swings continue: anxiety, anger, euphoria, apathy change each other,... Read more

Coroner tells Sajid Javid stricter security needed at psychiatric hospitals after patient escaped and died

A coroner has urged Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, to impose stricter security requirements on private psychiatric hospitals after a patient absconded and was killed by a train. Matthew Caseby, 23, was able to scale a 7ft-high fence at Priory... Read more

The invisible epidemic: Why trauma could be the reason for your illness

Unaddressed trauma can result in unhealthy coping mechanisms to alleviate the pain. Anything from bingeing on unhealthy food or overeating, drug abuse, or engaging in risky sexual activities. In the short term, trauma causes an intense, biological “alarm state” including... Read more

Could psychedelics be used to treat mental health disorders?

Over the last year, Awakn – the UK’s first private clinic offering psychedelic treatment in combination with psychotherapy for addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders and other issues – has opened centres in Bristol and London. But the costs of... Read more

How to banish midlife stress in just four weeks

After two years of pandemic stress, we now have back-in-the world stress, which comes in many different flavours, and is a lot noisier. For a great number of people, Covid stress caused health anxiety, job insecurity or lockdown-induced loneliness. Now... Read more

The Premonitions Bureau: how 1960s scientists tried to predict disasters through dreams

In October 1966, a 10-year-old Welsh girl named Eryl Mai Jones told her mother of a disturbing dream. “I dreamt I went to school and there was no school there,” she said. “Something black had come down all over it.”... Read more

‘I wish I’d asked him, are you suicidal?’ Clare Milford Haven on finding hope after her son’s death

James Wentworth-Stanley’s descent into suicidal thoughts was so rapid it is breathtaking. There were just 11 days between the catalyst – the operation on 4 December – and his death. In this time, exacerbated by the geographical distance between the... Read more

Should you warn about serious mental health issues in a Tube ad?

Stewart Dolin, the 57-year-old lawyer in whose memory MISSD was set up, took his own life in Chicago in 2010 – six days after starting an SSRI antidepressant. Of course, it’s impossible to prove the direct cause of Dolin’s death,... Read more

Social media to be considered suicide risk factor for first time

Social media is to be considered as suicide risk factor for the first time as part of a new mental health strategy, ministers say. They said stronger action was needed to tackle a “changing pattern of risk” for those growing... Read more

Channel 4’s new documentary claims Big Brother kept Nikki Grahame alive

There was something fishy about Nikki Grahame: Who is She?, in which Channel 4 claimed that one of its shows “saved the life” of one of the station’s stars. Particularly when that star has recently died. Sparkly and stroppy, Nikki... Read more

Father accuses The Priory of failing to protect his suicidal son

Mr Caseby, 61, a communications consultant from Blackheath, London, told Birmingham Coroners’ Court: “We cannot understand how a young man like Matthew slipped through the fingers of his warm and loving family.” As a photograph of Matthew was shown to... Read more

Are mental health treatments doing more harm than good?

Are mental illnesses real? Well, says Andrew Scull, in his erudite, precise, blisteringly critical history of 200 years of psychiatry, they hurt; they blight lives; now and again they kill people. So there’s that. But are they illnesses in any... Read more

How to cope with financial PTSD

Thompson’s situation worsened when she was sexually harassed at work and had to leave her role. Her relationship also ended and she was forced to find a new job and flat. “I became very unwell,” she recalls. “I didn’t sleep... Read more

Want cheering up? These two cancer memoirs are surprisingly life-affirming

Last month, I sat on a train, listening to some medical students discuss their favourite hospital wards. There were jokes about urology, horror stories from A&E and a long list of unexpected items extracted from children’s heads in ENT. But... Read more

Why holding the door open for someone makes you happy

The aim of my new book is to help you become the architect of your own happiness and health.  I can’t change the fact that you’ll encounter problems and stresses in your day-to-day life. But I can change how you... Read more

Get fit at 70 – the best exercises to stay healthy in later life

One recent study, published in the journal Heart, said people in their 70s who did 20 to 40 minutes’ moderate to vigorous exercise a day had significantly lower rates of heart disease than those who were inactive. Meanwhile another recent... Read more

The intrepid headteacher solving Belfast’s suicide rates through philosophy

Another star in the film is Conor, who started primary school with anger issues and little control over his behaviour. “We went through a seven-year odyssey with him and he tried every strategy I taught him,” says McArevey. “They worked... Read more

Why the root of your anxiety might not be your mind

It has been described as a silent epidemic. The number of people living with anxiety has rocketed in recent years. Well before the pandemic, it seemed we were already a highly anxious nation. In 2013, there were 8.2 million cases... Read more

‘Impossible situation’ as child mental health referrals rise above 1m

Analysis of NHS Digital data by the Royal College of Psychiatrists found that in December, there were 1.8 million consultations for conditions including addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Some 424,963 children were in contact with mental... Read more

Tory MP: Bullying drove me to brink of suicide

Last month a former government advisor called on ministers to improve access to mental health help – and in particular, to boost provision of mental health nurses, based in GP surgeries. James Starkie, a former advisor to cabinet ministers Michael... Read more

Generation CUB – how the events of Covid, Ukraine and Brexit will shape our teenagers’ lives forever

But not all of the problems facing young people during the pandemic can be explained in terms of mental health impacts – or assumed to have uniform or long-term consequences. Researchers at University College London followed families with children across... Read more

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier ‘the romance of the century’? It feels more like a tragedy to me

The next day, they drove to the studio, but Leigh was far too deranged to work – “Eyes overbright, she chattered ceaselessly.” One night, her maid rang Niven and begged him to come because her mistress was “possessed”. He found... Read more