Microsoft has started wider testing of the Outlook for Windows app – it has an improved interface, but still lacks a number of features

Microsoft is making the new version of Outlook for Windows available to all Office testers. The new Outlook for Windows app has a more web-like design. Work on the new design was carried out for several months, and earlier this... Read more

Microsoft is redesigning the Photos app in Windows 11 again

Microsoft redesigned its photos app last year to better match the Windows 11 aesthetic, but the company is now testing a new version with a redesigned look and other improvements. Help One of the most notable changes is the gallery... Read more

Windows 11's first major update (22H2) is out with improvements for productivity, gaming and visually impaired users

Microsoft has begun rolling out the first major update to Windows 11, known as the Windows 11 2022 Update. This version includes several new features and improvements. Help Thus, much attention is paid to the productivity of work. New features... Read more

Microsoft will release new features for Windows 11 more often — without being tied to major annual updates

Starting next month, features for Windows 11 will begin to appear with a new frequency – Microsoft will not tie them to the annual update, improvements will begin to appear as they become available. Help The company says the new... Read more

If you love, let go: Russia misses Apple and Samsung

September 12, 2022, 09:06 Against the backdrop of an extensive sanctions policy against Russia, which was launched this spring, many brands have decided to leave the Russian market indefinitely. The coverage of the spheres turned out to be maximum, naturally,... Read more

One Xbox subscription for four – Microsoft launches joint Game Pass for family and friends

In early August, Microsoft began testing the Xbox Game Pass “family” subscription as a more affordable alternative to the ultimate Game Pass Ultimate plan, which ended up being not exactly family-friendly—you can share it with friends as well. And now... Read more

Microsoft Edge has a sidebar – with access to mail, documents, games and widgets

Microsoft has added a new sidebar to its Edge browser. It adds additional multitasking capabilities. Help The new panel in Microsoft Edge includes a series of buttons that give you access to other panels. For example, by clicking the button... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 turned into Windows Phone (video)

August 29, 2022, 13:55 The Fold format of folding smartphones provides for work with two displays, where the software adapts to the one used in a separate scenario. The recent Galaxy Z Fold 4 was the first of a series... Read more

Microsoft has increased the number of ads in the Outlook mobile app for iOS and Android

In recent months, Microsoft has begun running more ads in the Outlook Mobile app for iOS and Android. Help The Outlook mobile app gives users two options for organizing their mailboxes: a single mailbox with all content, or a tabbed... Read more

It looks like Microsoft will soon simplify the Windows 11 naming system

At the end of September, Microsoft plans to release updates for Windows 11. The company was expected to call the update 22H2. But it looks like the update will get a different name – Windows 11 2022 Update. The mention... Read more

It's not worth it: Microsoft will not take away Call Of Duty from PlayStation

August 11, 2022, 22:31 The hype continues around what could be the biggest gaming deal yet, the Activision Blizzard/Xbox merger. At this stage, the reached agreement is being tested by antitrust authorities from different countries, and the special rules of... Read more

It's not worth it: Microsoft will not take away Call Of Duty from PlayStation

August 11, 2022, 22:31 The hype continues around what could be the biggest gaming deal yet, the Activision Blizzard/Xbox merger. At this stage, the reached agreement is being tested by antitrust authorities from different countries, and the special rules of... Read more

Windows 11 22H2 Coming Sept. 20 – Start Menu App Folders, Drag and Drop Files to the Taskbar, PC Voice Control and More

Microsoft is planning to release the next major update to Windows 11 (version 22H2) on September 20, according to people familiar with the matter. The update will become available through Windows Update. Help The new version of Windows 11 22H2... Read more

Microsoft admits Xbox One is more than twice as big as PlayStation 4 in terms of sales

Official Xbox One sales numbers have always been a mystery, but now Microsoft has finally acknowledged the fact that the PS4 has far outsold the Xbox One. Help Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox One sales data at the start of fiscal... Read more

OneDrive is 15 years old. Microsoft cloud storage got a redesign and a number of new features

In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of OneDrive, Microsoft has created a new service landing called OneDrive Home. Instead of going to the My Files tab, when you first open OneDrive, the visitor is taken to a home page that... Read more

Microsoft disbands special team previously created to bring back lost customers – Business Insider

Microsoft will fire the “Modern Life Experiences” team, which is redefining its appeal to consumers. This is reported by Business Insider . Help Approximately 200 team members were instructed to find another position within the company within 60 days or... Read more

Microsoft Starts Testing Xbox Game Pass Family Subscription and Gives Xbox Series S Developers More Memory to Improve Graphics Performance

While we are waiting for the launch of Xbox in Ukraine (there is an assumption that this may happen before the end of the year), Microsoft continues to actively develop its gaming business and now there are two great news... Read more

Unreleased affordable foldable Microsoft Surface Duo 2 smartphone in plastic case spotted on eBay

Apparently, Microsoft planned to release a more affordable version of the Surface Duo 2. Images of such a device appeared on eBay, but then the publication was removed. Help It is reported that Microsoft originally planned to release a more... Read more

Microsoft begins testing the updated Windows 11 taskbar

Microsoft continues to experiment with the Windows 11 taskbar user interface. The company is testing the return of the familiar search bar from Windows 10, as well as notification icons for the Widgets section. Help Windows 11 currently includes a... Read more

Meizu, ASUS, Sony, Nokia: How many smartphones do they actually sell?

In analytical reports, there is usually a lot of attention paid to the largest smartphone manufacturers, but not a word about those who are not so successful as to get into the top 10 or even top 5. However, we... Read more

Xbox leaves Russia, the fate of Russian-language voice acting is in question

Microsoft officially announced its plans to completely withdraw its business from Russia. Along the way, the company has already begun blocking Windows downloads for Russian IP addresses, and now appears to be liquidating its Russian Xbox office. This is reported... Read more

Microsoft banned downloading Windows 10 and Windows 11 in Russia

Microsoft seems to be continuing to reduce its presence in the Russian market. Earlier, the company announced the suspension of sales of its goods and services in Russia (including the direction of Xbox), as well as the reduction of investments... Read more

Did you cover up the scam? Microsoft Blocks "Illegal" Game Pass Ultimate

A strange story unfolds around the Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. Many users around the world are reporting a failure, the essence of which is to cancel an existing subscription, allegedly at the request of a user, which in fact... Read more

STALKER 2: release postponement, cancellation of Russian voice acting and trailer

Microsoft held an additional Xbox Showcase event where, among other things, showed a new trailer for STALKER 2: Heart Of Chornobyl. The three-minute video is intended to dip gamers waiting for the game into the atmosphere of the new “stalker”,... Read more

Diablo, Minecraft, Forza, Fallout and other new Microsoft Xbox

This evening, Xbox held a presentation of new games in conjunction with Bethesda, which has recently been part of Xbox Games Studios. As part of this one and a half hour event, a number of major projects were shown, Diablo... Read more