21 signs you are suffering from early onset midlife

You may have been surprised to see that Liam Gallagher’s potential hip replacements (he needs two, apparently) made the headlines. The former Oasis frontman’s arthritic joints knocked Zelensky, partygate and Amber and Johnny’s latest marital linen-airing off the front page... Read more

‘I left school with one O-level but became a doctor in my 40s – I’m proof a second act is possible’

I still hankered after medicine. I would read medical books and textbooks on neurology just for fun. I would take any opportunity to learn. That’s how I ended up taking a first aid course in the village hall. I told... Read more

A Lanzarote package holiday may be frightfully un-middle class – but it’s the best I’ve had in years

Whitewashed lodgings We stare across at it from the terrace of our room, part of the whitewashed amphitheatre of lodgings around the pool – simple, practical doubles with sofas where the children can bunk up at night, easily comfortable for... Read more

‘I quit my job as a Whitehall civil servant to host family raves’

I was a policy civil servant in Whitehall for twenty years, so when I left it was a massive shock to the system. . Back then I was I was in a very difficult place. I’d come to motherhood quite... Read more

How my ADHD diagnosis at 37 became a superpower – not a disorder

For a long time I worked in the luxury jewellery business, but as I progressed and spent more time involved in the corporate world of spreadsheets, I found it difficult.  One of the symptoms of ADHD is that you have... Read more

My daughter going to university inspired me to tackle my weight gain and lose 6st

Week after week, I grew in confidence. I started to talk more within the group, and I sat in the front row. The more weight I lost, the more I realised how unhappy I had been, and how quiet and... Read more

‘I ditched the 9-5 to travel the world with my family – here’s what I’ve learnt’

The house in Ronda was beautiful, a traditional Spanish finca set in two acres of land with orange trees, olive trees and a well in the garden. It was a laid back lifestyle and we immersed ourselves in the local... Read more

‘I was a TV news anchor – and then I got stage fright’

There were many things I enjoyed about the job, of course. I loved the team and the rapport I had with my co-presenter. I loved telling stories and giving people the opportunity to speak.  But the downside was the ‘attention’.... Read more

‘I left my high-powered NHS job to raise llamas’

I was born to be an entrepreneur, but somehow ended up in the NHS. For 14 years I progressed well and by 2010 I was a Turnaround Director, responsible for making significant financial savings. I loved the NHS – the... Read more

How I went from high-flying businessman to living in my car

I was never very good at school but I worked my way up to become an international sales manager. I was travelling a lot, selling very high specification machines, speaking at prestigious conferences, and earning a good wage: £55,000 per... Read more

I quit recruitment to become a successful ‘erotic’ author

It’s funny, I’m actually a bit of a prude. I’ve never read an erotic book or watched an erotic film. It was a big learning curve for me. I’d be sitting there writing and thinking “oh gosh, this is too... Read more

‘I fell out with my sister for 20 years – until tragedy brought us back together’

Ros Jones, 56, is the founder of Business Wellbeing Club and lives in Scarborough When I was young, I really looked up to my eldest sister. She was five years older than me (I was the second-youngest of five girls)... Read more

At 60, I finally have the confidence to say no

Thursday is the new Friday. Blue is the new black. Sixty is the new 50. Or 40. So the clichés go. Although I’m not convinced we should apply them to age at all. Sure, as life expectancy has increased, 60-somethings... Read more

Bucket lists in your 60s are overrated – this is what you should do instead

Never had one. A bucket list. Things to experience before I die. Too busy making it through the week. But given that research from Sainsbury’s Bank recently found that at 60, when most traditional life goals have been met, bucket... Read more

Are you age-appropriate or a midlife rebel? The new rules of getting older

While redefining your look via your wardrobe or hairstyle is commonplace, some feel compelled to surgically alter their face, have a breast lift or visit a trichologist to tackle a receding hair line. Professor Nichola Rumsey OBE, a psychologist who... Read more

How midlife tattoos and multiple piercings became the new normal

After a year on maternity leave, slumping around in leggings, I was feeling distinctly unglamorous. My clothes didn’t fit but, with the pandemic raging, I had nowhere special to be and couldn’t quite make myself buy any bigger ones.  However,... Read more

‘My fiancé takes no interest in planning our wedding’

Dear A&E,  My fiancé and I are getting married in May and he seems to have no interest in the planning. The venue is booked, but only because I did everything – from the research to the recce – and... Read more

My terrible Christmas break-up taught me the power of spending the festive season alone

It’s the most wonderful time, yes the most wonderful time… Oh. This Christmas has been anything but wonderful. Covid-induced anxiety, cancelled social plans, the fear of catching omicron before Christmas Day – it’s a lot. Suddenly, once again, we’re plunged... Read more

‘My undiagnosed dyslexia left me battling with imposter syndrome’

In my second year, I put myself forward for a test to see if I was dyslexic. When they told me I had dyspraxia too (clumsiness, confusion over left and right, poor short-term memory), I felt a huge weight lift... Read more

‘Think twice about buying your children a pet for Christmas – you might regret it like I do’

After a contactless drop off and full examination they were both confirmed female (phew) and we discovered Doris’s sister had been living up to her name – nibbling her in a bid to assert her dominance. Thankfully we were soon on... Read more

‘My friends turned me into a slave – and the police didn’t intervene’

I was 23 when I moved into a house with five other people. It was 2005 and I was new to the UK, studying at an international college in Manchester, where I met a fellow Malawian woman. She offered to... Read more

‘This is why I decided to adopt a baby at 50’

I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I started trying for a baby with my first husband when I was in my 20s, but we weren’t successful and tests said it was down... Read more

‘No-one suspects how desperately lonely I am – not even my ‘friends’ or colleagues’

Last Christmas Day, the only people I spoke to were a couple I approached, when out walking, to ask if I could stroke their dog. The rest of the day I spent alone, as I do on so many others. ... Read more

Who in their right mind thinks that life gets easier at 43?

I would have spat out my tea at a survey revealing the nation thinks you start “slowing down” in your mid-40s, but I didn’t have time to make one before writing this. In between taking the children to school, putting... Read more

‘I had been the perfect wife and mother – so why did my husband walk out?’

Like many people before internet dating, I met my husband in the office. We fell in love when I was 21, and by the time I was 25 we were married with a one-year-old and baby twins. I felt completely... Read more