Motorway speed limits should go up, not down

Sir Richard Branson’s call for the speed limit on motorways to be slashed to 60mph to beat Vladimir Putin is as wrong-headed as it is apparently hypocritical. The Virgin boss, 71, this week suggested that we could save Ukraine by... Read more

Police drop one in six speeding offences with faulty cameras under suspicion

Police are dropping one in six speeding offences amid suggestions that faulty cameras could be to blame. Analysis of Home Office figures by the RAC Foundation found that more than 400,000 of the almost two and a half million speeding... Read more

Tyre pollution’s unseen impact – and what we can do about it

“Everything seems to be related to the reducing rolling resistance of the tyres,” says Manenti. “It’s all a question of technology: the choice of materials; the manufacture of the tyre and its design from the waterways to the tread blocks.... Read more

How Britain got smart motorways so wrong

Sir Mike Penning, the coalition government’s roads minister, signed off a £2 billion smart motorways project in 2013, but has always insisted he was unaware Highways England would fit those emergency areas 1.5 miles apart, instead of every third of a... Read more

Smart motorway rollout to be halted as safety review launched

The rollout of smart motorways is to be halted as the Government launches a review into their safety. Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, will pause the construction of any new all-lane-running routes, preventing some of England’s busiest motorways from being... Read more

Eight ways to make a breakdown safe and bearable

Vehicle breakdowns can be disruptive and dangerous. With road traffic accidents accounting for 13% of all deaths in the UK – 60% of which occur on country roads – and with the much-debated “smart” motorways tragically taking 38 lives in... Read more