Education department staff – the truants of the Civil Service – ordered back into the office

The Education Secretary has ordered civil servants back into the office, saying he expects a “return to normality” after his department was found to have the worst attendance figures in Whitehall. Nadim Zahawi’s demand came after Jacob Rees-Mogg, the minister... Read more

Protesters who sing slogans used by Hamas ‘not anti-Semitic’, university decides

In January, Nadhim Zahawi, the Education Secretary, said that anyone who chanted the Hamas slogan could be referred to the police and that it was essential for universities to clamp down on the slogan following the outlawing of support for... Read more

Nadhim Zahawi: Children aren’t snowflakes, so let them read books with the ‘N-word’

‘You can’t deny the past’ Widespread reviews by councils of statues with links to the UK’s imperial past made him “deeply uncomfortable”. He said: “You don’t become a better nation, a more cohesive community by denying the past, removing the... Read more

Children should learn about the benefits of empire, says Nadhim Zahawi

Children should learn about the benefits of empire, Nadhim Zahawi has said, as he praised the impact of British rule on Iraq. The Education Secretary was speaking before the publication of his new White Paper on schools reform, which includes... Read more

Refugee children to receive translated lessons in Ukrainian and Russian, says Nadhim Zahawi

“We have a team that’s ready and already making plans for a capacity of 100,000 Ukrainian children that will come in and take their places in our schools.”  The lessons run by Oak National Academy will be translated into Ukrainian... Read more

Nadhim Zahawi intervenes over council’s ‘concerning’ race lessons for children as young as seven

Some 300 school staff have completed the Racial Literacy 101 training so far, which endorses critical race theory and white privilege – radical ideologies which have been heavily rebuked for pitting races against one another. Materials obtained by this newspaper... Read more

Liz Truss and Nahim Zahawi test positive for Covid-19 just hours apart

“Thankfully I’ve had my three jabs and will be working from home while I isolate.” He accompanied his tweet with three flexed biceps and three injection emojis.  Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, responded to... Read more

Children forced to keep wearing masks in school as councils defy government Covid guidance

‘Masks until half-term’ Seven councils – including Central Bedfordshire, Tameside and Rotherham – are recommending that masks continue until February half-term. Another five councils – Barking and Dagenham, Blackpool, Salford, Wigan and Derby – say masks should continue until further... Read more

Protestors who chant Hamas slogan ‘from the river to the sea’ could be reported to police

Protestors who chant the “from the river to the sea” – the pro-Palestinian slogan coopted by Hamas – could be referred to police, the Education Secretary has said.  The chant, frequently heard at pro-Palestinian rallies, was originally a call for... Read more

Boris Johnson has ‘wiggle room’ to delay National Insurance hike, says top economist

“If your concern is the cost of living issue this year, then economically delaying from this year for next isn’t going to have a major effect on what you’re trying to achieve, which is to pay for health and social... Read more

Boris Johnson orders inquiry into Nusrat Ghani’s Islamophobia claims

Boris Johnson has ordered a Cabinet Office investigation into Nusrat Ghani’s Islamophobia claims and insisted he is taking the issue “extremely seriously” after a row engulfed the Conservative Party over the weekend.  Ms Ghani had accused Boris Johnson of failing... Read more

Meetings, briefings and tea room talking: How Tory leadership manoeuvres have already begun

Her popularity among the membership seems more assured. She regularly tops the Cabinet league table published by the ConservativeHome website, which represents the party grassroots, an appeal that may in part derive from her simple but clear political messaging. Her... Read more

Is this the secret reason why Nadhim Zahawi has lost so much weight?

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi is increasingly tipped as a future prime minister. But when I bumped into him on College Green in Westminster and asked him if he wanted to be Tory leader, he replied with a predictable “No” before... Read more

Rishi Sunak backs call for Covid isolation to be cut to five days

Beyond the Chancellor, the Telegraph has been told that others who would favour the move because of potential economic benefits are Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the International Trade Secretary, and Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, provided it... Read more

The Government must commit to learning to live with Covid

A serious debate has started at last about what it really means to “live with Covid”. It is driven by an acceptance that we cannot continue to vaccinate and test great swathes of the population for ever. The omicron variant... Read more

This is the last year we’ll go easy on exam marking because of Covid, promises Nadhim Zahawi

Lenient marking of GCSE and A-level exams to take account of the impact of the Covid pandemic on children will end next year, the Education Secretary has said. Nadhim Zahawi said the move to full-blooded exams in 2023 was part... Read more

Nadhim Zahawi becomes first Cabinet minister to back cutting self-isolation period to five days

Meanwhile, the former head of the UK’s vaccine taskforce has said that mass vaccination should be ended after the current booster campaign because Covid is developing into an endemic virus similar to the flu.  Dr Clive Dix, who stepped down... Read more

Backlash against face masks in secondary schools as Covid cases ease

Sir Iain, a former Tory leader, told The Telegraph the data showed that “we’ve got to hold our nerve”, adding: “I think this move [face masks in schools] is premature. I think we’ll see Covid spike and start to fall... Read more

Secondary school pupils forced back into face masks in lessons

While Downing Street believes it is still too early to say whether further measures will be required, several Cabinet ministers have told The Telegraph they do not believe the current levels of infections and hospital admissions warrant them. Another minister... Read more

Omicron surge likely to cause disruption in schools until Easter

Mr Zahawi is launching a major campaign on Monday aimed at encouraging former or retired teachers to rejoin the profession as supply teachers during the spring term. ‘National mission to protect education’ “Whether you are recently retired or trained as... Read more

‘Protest vote’ may see Tories lose safe seat in Thursday’s by-election, Education Secretary says

A “protest vote” in North Shropshire could see the Tories lose their safe seat in Thursday’s by-election, a Cabinet minister has said, as Labour plans to bus in hundreds of volunteers for the final days of the campaign. Nadhim Zahawi... Read more

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: Major review into boy’s murder will aim to free up social workers

Tustin, 32, was jailed for life at Coventry Crown Court on Friday, with a minimum term of 29 years, after being found guilty of his murder, while his father, Thomas Hughes, 29, was sentenced to 21 years for manslaughter. Arthur’s... Read more

Schools must not ‘push any sort of agenda’ with diversity drive, warns Nadhim Zahawi

Schools wishing to boost diversity in their curriculum must not “push any sort of agenda on children”, the Education Secretary has said. Nadhim Zahawi warned that schools must teach children in an “impartial” way rather than “telling them what to... Read more

Over-60s cut social mixing because ‘selfish’ public shunning face masks

Older people are restricting social mixing because of concern about a “selfish” lack of face mask use by others around them, campaigners have warned.  A survey of over-60s by Silver Voices, a campaign group, found that 84 per cent supported... Read more