The German tycoons who got fat on the Nazi killing machine

After his men discovered the charred and bullet-ridden bodies of a thousand slave labourers murdered near the northern German town of Gardelegen in April 1945, US Army colonel George Lynch called the residents to a meeting. “Some will say the... Read more

The hidden Nazi past of the products you love

Original sin On February 20 1933, about two dozen of Nazi Germany’s wealthiest businessmen – among them, Günther Quandt, a textile producer turned arms-and-battery tycoon; Friedrich Flick, a steel magnate; Baron August von Finck, a Bavarian finance mogul; Kurt Schmitt, CEO... Read more

How I found out my grandfather was a Nazi

Joining her will be two other speakers, who will pass on memories from very different perspectives. Eitan Neishlos, 42, an Australian tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, will tell how his Jewish grandmother narrowly survived the Nazi death squads, courtesy of a... Read more

Dear Richard Madeley: ‘My great grandparents were murdered in the Holocaust – how do I tell my kids?’

Dear Richard,  I have two children at primary school. The older one has been doing the Second World War as a topic and it’s all been quite jolly, dressing up as evacuees and so on. My own mother got out... Read more

Control by Adam Rutherford review: a fizzy history of eugenics – and what science still can’t do

Recently, a committee was established to investigate what nefarious links with empire and colonialism might lurk in the past of Imperial College, London (there was already a clue in the name). It recommended, among other things, that a bust of... Read more

Rise of the Nazis, review: if only BBC Two would show more proper history documentaries like this

What is the point of BBC Two? According to its remit, it exists to provide “knowledge-building programming”. Really, though, it has become a channel on which to put any shows that won’t get a BBC One-sized audience. This came to... Read more

It may be pure propaganda, but this British war film is one of the greatest ever made

Every British film made between 1939 and about 1950 was, fundamentally, propaganda. Until 1945, they were aimed at keeping up the morale of a public that from day to day was having to carry on despite being blitzed, bereaved and forced to endure rationing... Read more

Furtwängler wasn’t a Nazi – it’s time to give this great conductor his due

Wilhelm Furtwängler was perhaps the greatest classical conductor of the 20th century, but since his prime coincided with Nazi rule, he was also one of the more controversial. Yet history shows two other German musical titans – Richard Strauss and Herbert... Read more

Anne Frank author: I am 90 per cent certain we have got the right guy

Improved forensic techniques and the use of AI for cross-referencing names and dates have given this team the edge over the police team who conducted an investigation in the 1960s, but Sullivan insists a lot of legwork has been involved... Read more

‘If you’re German, you have a terrible inheritance to face’: the children who survived Auschwitz

The first time Alwin Meyer visited one of the children of Auschwitz, they were reluctant to let him in because he was German. “A Jewish friend had arranged the meeting, and I realised if he hadn’t been there they wouldn’t... Read more

How a British Rail employee ended up in the Old Bailey’s only war crime trial

On February 9 1999, Britain’s first and last war crimes trial began at the Old Bailey in London. In the dock – or, more accurately, beside his lawyers in the well of the court – sat 77-year-old Andrei Sawoniuk, a... Read more

My mother has dementia – but can still remember the Nazi doctor who gave her ‘medicine’ at Auschwitz

A month after leaving Siberia, Alina and Olga reached Tallinn. The city was bedlam. Six months earlier, the Nazis had been bombing it. Now the Germans were in control and the Allies pummelled the city with their new allies, the... Read more

Munich: The Edge of War: like a bumper episode of The Crown

12A cert, 130 min. Dir: Christian Schwochow It’s been a while since likening a film to a television programme could automatically be considered an insult, and Munich: The Edge of War feels exactly like TV – the chewy, prestige type... Read more

The Nazis looted my family’s art – here’s how we might get it back

The CLAE is looking for several thousands of works at any one time. Some come with extensive documentation of their journeys, while others have little more than the title and the name of the artist to go on. The CLAE’s... Read more

Cabaret, review: Eddie Redmayne dazzles in the kill-for-a-ticket theatrical triumph of 2021

Where Cumming was brazenly sexual, there’s something abstract and parodic about Redmayne’s nonetheless consummately physical characterisation, as if conjured from a nightmare. He keeps pivoting during that rabble-rousing first number, enacting a carousel of calibrated poses, like a figure from... Read more