Netflix will show Guillermo del Toro's "Cabinet of Curiosities" – a series based on two stories by the director and scripts by other masters of horror will be released on October 25

Guillermo del Toro is finally ready to show the first full trailer for his intriguing anthology called The Cabinet of Curiosities. The series consists of eight stories with titles such as Graveyard Rats and Dreams in the Witch House. The... Read more

Review of the film "Blonde" / Blonde

On September 8 at the Venice Film Festival, and on the 28th already on Netflix, another biopic about the legendary Marilyn Monroe was released. Andrew Dominic (The How the Cowardly Robert Redford Killed Jesse James, The Casino Heist) undertook to... Read more

Netflix released "Blonde" / Blonde – a film about Marilyn Monroe with Ana de Armas and a rating of 18+

On September 28, Netflix released a film about Marilyn Monroe called“Blonde” / Blonde – a fictional adaptation of the novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates about one of the main sex symbols of the 1950s, in which... Read more

Netflix launches new game studio in Finland

Earlier this year, Netflix announced its intention to double the size of its game library by the end of the year. And the company is actively working in this direction. For example, Netflix announced the opening of a new game... Read more

The Witcher, Enola Holmes 2, and more announcements and trailers from Netflix Tudum

For the second year in a row, Netflix is hosting a Tudum event showcasing some of its most anticipated films and series. This year, the coverage was expanded due to the gaming theme. Let’s take a look at the most... Read more

Review of the film "Lou" / Lou

The director of the new thriller “Lou” was the German Anna Foerster. Before that, she directed episodes of various series and already had experience working with plots that featured strong main characters (Outlander and Jessica Jones). Her only feature film... Read more

Netflix Films Adaptation of Stephen King's Short Story – 'Mr Harrigan's Phone' Coming in October

Netflix has released the trailer for the adaptation of Stephen King’s short story ‘Mr Harrigan’s Phone’. In the trailer, Craig, played by Jaeden Martell (It and Knives Out), talks to Mr. Harrigan, the aging billionaire played by Donald Sutherland. Help... Read more

Tudum returns: Netflix will host the next online festival of future premieres on September 24 – more than 120 series, films and games

Netflix has sent out invitations to the next Tudum – this year’s big interactive presentation on previews and discussion of upcoming films and series will take place on September 24th. Help Tudum is the fall presentation of Netflix films and... Read more

Netflix releases trailer for Knives Out 2 starring Daniel Craig and David Bautista

Netflix has released the first trailer for Glass Onion: A Knifes Out Mystery / Knives Out 2. It takes place in the same universe as Knives Out, the award-winning 2019 detective film. Help The new film is notable for both... Read more

The European Commission plans to force Netflix and other streaming services to pay providers for the traffic they generate

The European Commission is asking telcos to prove that streaming services like Netflix and YouTube must pay for the traffic they generate on the network. Help According to Bloomberg , the European Commission plans to survey telecommunications companies how much... Read more

Netflix's ad-based plan will cost $7 to $9 per month – Bloomberg

Netflix’s upcoming ad-based plan will cost between $7 and $9 per month, according to Bloomberg. It will save a lot of money for some users. The service currently offers plans for $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99 per month. Help After the... Read more

Netflix's Resident Evil series has already been canceled – Deadline

Netflix’s Resident Evil series has been canceled just over a month after its debut, according to a leak. The streaming service reportedly decided not to renew the series due to low ratings and low viewership. Help Like many other adaptations... Read more

The sequel to the animated series "The Cup Show!" has been released on Netflix. behind the Cuphead game and the Sandman bonus episode

On August 19, the Netflix library was replenished with two prominent releases at once – the second season of the animated series The Cup Show! / The Cuphead Show! behind the motifs of the eponymous run’n’gun platformer Cuphead from independent... Read more

Ad-supported free Netflix plan will (probably) surprise you with no offline viewing and a limited catalog

According to a code found on the company’s iPhone app, Netflix will not allow users of the new ad-based plan to download movies and other shows to their devices for offline viewing – the feature will not be available. For... Read more

Wednesday Addams finds his Hogwarts in first trailer for Tim Burton's Netflix series of the same name

In a two-minute trailer for the Netflix series Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, Wednesday Addams says goodbye to her former school life in a very original way and goes to study at Nevermore, her parents’ alma mater. Help Described by her... Read more

Netflix releases trailer for 'Blonde' starring Ana de Armas

Streaming service Netflix has released a full trailer for the upcoming feature film about Marilyn Monroe called “Blonde”, which starred the famous Cuban-Spanish film actress Ana de Armas. Help The film about the sex symbol of the 1950s was based... Read more

Netflix began working simultaneously on a sequel and a spin-off action movie "The Gray Man» / The Gray Man

Less than a week has passed since the release of the action movie The Gray Man, and Netflix has already officially announced two sequels to the film at once. Interestingly, these will not be standard licensed parts, but a sequel... Read more

First trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio for Netflix released

Back in late 2018, Netflix announced that Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro would film a puppet cartoon Pinocchio based on the fairy tale of the same name by Italian writer Carlo Collodi for the streaming service. Help And just today,... Read more

Review of the film "The Gray Man» / The Gray Man

On July 22, an action movie by the Russo brothers called The Gray Man was released on Netflix. The film is based on the novel of the same name by American writer Mark Greaney. In their new work, the directors... Read more

Review of the series "Resident Evil" / Resident Evil

After the finale of the controversial Resident Evil saga from Poul Anderson, Netflix and Constantin Film Studio announced a reboot of the Resident Evil series in the series format. The showrunner of the project was Andrew Dabb, one of the... Read more

The Duffer Brothers Are Working on Another Death Note Adaptation for Netflix

While Netflix already tried adapting Death Note by writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata in 2017, the service intends to make another attempt with the assistance of the Duffer Brothers. Help Following the successful release of Stranger Things 4/Stranger... Read more

Review of the 4th season of the series "Very strange things" / Stranger Things

On July 1, the final two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things aired. The Duffer Brothers capitalized on a massive $30 million per episode budget, doubling the season’s running time, and making Netflix’s most popular TV show even... Read more

Millie Bobby Brown to Star in Russo Brothers' Retro-Futuristic Film The Electric State Based on Simon Stålenhag's Works

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown will star in the Russo brothers’ new sci-fi film The Electric State. This was stated by representatives of the streaming platform Netflix, which is the customer of the project. Help Millie Bobby Brown will... Read more

The first trailer and stills of "Blonde" – Netflix film about Marilyn Monroe with Ana de Armas and rating 18+

Netflix has released a teaser trailer and the first footage of a feature film about Marilyn Monroe called Blonde starring Ana de Armas. Help The film about the famous actress, singer and model is based on the book by Joyce... Read more

Netflix has finally given the green light to the second season of Squid Game / Squid Game

Netflix has officially confirmed that the acclaimed Korean survival thriller Squid Game is getting a second season and has released the first 10-second teaser along with the first plot details. The first season of Squid Game / Squid Game was... Read more