Suspect in New York subway attack turned himself in via police hotline

Investigators were examining many hours of videos that James posted on social media, including one a day before the attack, in which he delivered profanity-laced diatribes about racism, society’s treatment of Black people, homelessness and violence.  He also talked about... Read more

Cuba Gooding Jr pleads guilty to forcibly touching a woman at a nightclub

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr pleaded guilty on Wednesday to forcibly touching a woman at a New York nightclub in 2018. The guilty plea came nearly three years after the Oscar-winning Jerry Maguire star was arrested in the case that saw... Read more

Brooklyn subway shooting: Suspect charged with terror after 30-hour manhunt

There was no known motive for the attack, but investigators said that they found a number of social media posts linked to Mr James that mentioned homelessness and Eric Adams, the New York City mayor.  Mr James claimed to have... Read more

Brooklyn subway shooting: Suspect arrested after taunting New York mayor about gun violence in online videos

New York City has seen a sharp rise in violent crime during the pandemic, including a string of seemingly random attacks on its subways in recent weeks. Transit crimes are up 68 per cent and shooting incidents are up 8.4... Read more

Brooklyn subway shooting: Suspect taunted New York mayor about gun violence in online videos

The gunman, who was dressed in clothing that resembled that of a subway construction worker, detonated a gas canister and opened fire on commuters shortly before 8.30am. While the CCTV cameras in the station were broken, law enforcement officials were... Read more

The best luxury hotels in New York to book right now

From the marble-floored foyer, with its smart, navy-clad staff to the lounge-style Club Room, filled with art, sculptures and books, there’s a restrained, old-world glamour to The Lowell, perhaps more reminiscent of Paris than New York, its blush-pink entrance even... Read more

The Whitney Biennial shows a tortured America staring itself down

Walking through this year’s Whitney Biennial can feel like entering the set of a high-budget horror film. A hooded figure stands alone, wrapped in a sleeping bag, surrounded by empty bullet cases. Out on the terrace, a field of plastic... Read more

The scandalous Gilded Age female tycoon who became America’s ‘Empress of Journalism’

This was Frank Leslie, short, dark, bearded and already a household name – a highly successful publisher and pioneer in print technology. Soon Frank had abandoned his wife and moved in with the Squiers, a ménage à trois that lasted... Read more

What real-life mobsters really thought of The Godfather

The FBI saw mobsters emulating the movie – kissing rings, carrying themselves like the characters, and using the term Godfather (which was invented by Puzo – possibly inspired by the Kefauver report, which noted crime boss Frank Costello was godfather... Read more

Art or crime? How street art took over the world

Has Banksy lost that edge? His style is now as ubiquitous and cosily British as Union Flag-stamped tea-towels. And his work commands the kind of prices that suggest a bubble about to burst. His Girl with Balloon was sold for... Read more

New York City to start removing homeless people from subway to tackle rising assaults

More so-called “safe haven” beds that provide shelter and on-site social services will also be made available. “This is not about arresting people, this is about arresting a problem. We’re going to correct the conditions,” Mr Adams said. “It is... Read more

How New York City became home to the con-artist

Even Delvey’s lawyer argued that she was a “fake it until you make it” hustler. The phrase can be traced to a song written by none other than two very talented New Yorkers, Simon & Garfunkel. Released in the summer of... Read more

10 best child-free holidays – perfect for empty-nesters

Occasionally, as if to punish us for forcing culture on them, someone would “accidentally” stumble against one of those wires you see around exhibits, thus triggering the alarm.  These days, no alarms are set off as Jimmy and I cram... Read more

‘He thought he was destined for something greater’: meet America’s most dramatic assassin

Junius died in 1852, just as Edwin’s career was beginning. In 1855, John made his debut. Over time, he established himself  as a fiery, physical performer. He did well. But, unlike Edwin, he never felt the stage was his calling.... Read more

Inventing Anna, review: a drama as trashy and superficial as its con artist protagonist

There is a brilliant drama to be had from the story of Anna Delvey, and when someone makes one I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime we have Inventing Anna (Netflix), which takes this fascinating story of... Read more

The Music Man, review: Hugh Jackman carries the crowd (and justifies the sky-high ticket prices)

“He’s a spellbinder,” cries one character about Harold Hill, the centerpiece of Meredith Willson’s bouncy, buoyant 1957 American musical about a con artist redeemed by love. He could just as easily have been talking about the great showman who portrays... Read more

Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child, Hayward Gallery, review: too slick to shock

Van Gogh painted sunflowers. Oranges were Matisse’s favourite fruit. What about Louise Bourgeois, the French artist who died in 2010, aged 98, having lived for decades in New York? That’s easy: for evermore, she’ll be associated with spiders. Her surreal... Read more

Boiled bones and snipped genitals: Louise Bourgeois’s final chapter

Even now, Bourgeois, who was born in Paris in 1911, is probably best known for her large-scale sculptures and installation pieces, such as Maman, the colossal steel spider commissioned in 2000 as the first Turbine Hall installation at Tate Modern.... Read more

Vivian Maier was a brilliant photographer – so why did she hide her work?

The remarkable one-off story of Vivian Maier, which has been with us for a decade or so now, has a mystery at its heart. How can any creative artist be content to produce great work that no one will ever... Read more

Kathy Hochul: from ‘errand’ girl to New York’s first female governor

She said: “If I can demonstrate that women can govern with strength, courage but also heart and compassion and show a different way to lead this state – we bring people together as women – then other women will be... Read more

And Just Like That… finale, review: admit it, you couldn’t stop watching this infuriating show either

A funny thing happened after I started watching And Just Like That… (Sky Comedy). I fumed about its cack-handed attempts at wokeness. I seethed about the way it has turned Miranda into a blithering idiot. I was outraged on behalf... Read more

And Just Like That… finale, review: admit it, you couldn’t stop watching this infuriating show either

A funny thing happened after I started watching And Just Like That… (Sky Comedy). I fumed about its cack-handed attempts at wokeness. I seethed about the way it has turned Miranda into a blithering idiot. I was outraged on behalf... Read more

How Saul Leiter found dreamland on his doorstep

In 1946, Saul Leiter moved into an apartment that occupied the entire floor of a building on New York’s Lower East Side. One of the finest photographers of a golden generation that also included Diane Arbus and William Eggleston, for... Read more

The fascinating history of celebrity-owned hotels – and whether they’re any good

Believing authenticity and passion to be the key to his resorts’ success, he added: “A man in his life has many loves, one in fact wherever he wanders. In my case they became hotels.” Rumours of the turndown service including a horse’s... Read more

The affordable travel trend that’s shining a new light on city breaks

When it comes to retail therapy, there is surely no greater joy than that of unearthing a rare find tucked away on a rail in a thrift shop; wondering what previous life, or lives, it led, revelling in the simple... Read more