The first rumors about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 are very encouraging. The new platform should be energy efficient

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 single-chip system turned out to be far from the coldest and most energy efficient. We don’t know yet how the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 will perform, but there are already rumors about a completely... Read more

Prices for electronics in Russia are in no hurry to decline: against the background of the strengthening of the ruble in Russia, the iPhone 13 Pro now costs the equivalent of more than $2,700

In Russia, electronics prices jumped to a record high after the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine, then they dropped slightly. However, users complain that prices do not fall after the “falling dollar”. By the way, a similar situation has... Read more

Roskosmos has published a list of Ukrainian space enterprises where the state corporation plans to establish work

The State Corporation “Roscosmos” has identified the Ukrainian space enterprises of interest to it by publishing the corresponding list on its official website. Roskosmos is interested in the Yuzhnoye design bureau and the Yuzhmash plant in Dnipro, the Arsenal, Kievpribor... Read more

Russian plasma rocket engine VERA has been tested and is ready to work in space

Employees of the laboratory of plasma rocket engines of the LaPlaz Institute of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, after completing fire tests of the installation as part of a nanosatellite of the CubeSat 3U format, came to the conclusion that... Read more

Paysend took advantage of the situation and continued to work in Russia, despite loud statements about leaving

The Paysend money transfer system, which announced its withdrawal from Russia, actually continued to work in the country, taking advantage of a serious decrease in competition, as reported by Kommersant. Paysend officially announced that it was leaving the country back... Read more

Car prices in Russia are the highest in the world

According to AutoNews, prices for new cars in Russia were the highest in the world, despite the strengthening of the ruble against world currencies. The fact is that sellers are in no hurry to revise prices in the direction of... Read more

Xiaomi showed a compact e-reader with an E Ink screen and Android

Xiaomi has released an updated version of the compact reader with an e-ink screen – the Moaan InkPalm Plus model. This device is almost the same size as a regular smartphone, but offers all the basic functions of an E... Read more

New Samsung and Apple gadgets are registered in Russia, but not officially sold

The Russian division of the South Korean Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics Rus Company, SERK) until May 19 was listed as the applicant in the documents for phones, monitors, TVs and other household appliances, including those not yet released. Since the... Read more

"Nothing" will be released in two months. The release date of the Nothing Phone smartphone has become known (1)

Smartphone Nothing Phone (1) the company promised to release this summer. However, no exact dates have been given. Now we have this information. According to the source, the smartphone will be released on July 21. Information allegedly taken from one... Read more

An old and weak platform, but 90 Hz and an American brand. Motorola Moto E32s introduced

The Motorola Moto E32 smartphone debuted only a few weeks ago, and today the company has expanded its range with the Moto E32s. It is not yet clear if it will overlap with the Moto E32, but the source calls... Read more

Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro are expected ahead of schedule – already in November this year

The flagship smartphones of the Xiaomi 12 line were introduced at the end of last year, but the new Xiaomi 13 line has already been put into production, as indicated by several sources at once. The Xiaomiui resource found a... Read more

A Chinese competitor of GAZelle arrived in Russia: details about JAC Sunray

JAC brought to Russia the Sunray model, which is called a competitor of GAZelle. The possible appearance of a car in Russia was first discussed back in 2019. The creators describe the Sunray as a “quality and modern van with... Read more

Electric cars are almost equal in price to conventional cars, however, so far only in China

A few years ago, enthusiasts talked about the inevitable reduction in the cost of electric vehicles, but skeptics stubbornly refused to believe in it. Today, electric cars are almost equal in price to conventional cars, although so far only in... Read more

iPhone 13 is the most popular smartphone in the world in 2022. Top 5 – only Apple and Samsung models

According to IDC, the most popular smartphone in the world this year (in the first quarter) was the iPhone 13. In second place is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and in fourth place is the iPhone 13 Pro. In general,... Read more

"It will be a small loss." Ice Universe admits Samsung's exit from the smartphone market after LG

Chinese insider Ice Universe, who has leaked tons of reliable information about different smartphones and Samsung image sensors, has made a surprise announcement about the future of Samsung’s mobile division. He said that for Samsung, leaving the smartphone market will... Read more

Electric vehicle prices expected to skyrocket

With the average cost of gasoline more than doubling in two years, many Americans are considering buying their first electric car to offset rising fuel prices. However, there is a caveat: electric vehicles are becoming more expensive due to rising... Read more

Google Play Replacement: Russia's Largest App Store RuStore Launches Today

Vladimir Kiriyenko, CEO of the company, confirmed that a beta version of the Russian RuStore app store, developed by the Ministry of Digital Development and VK, will be launched today. The first information about the creation of the store appeared... Read more

A Windows tablet with an unusual design. Dell prepares XPS 9315t model

Dell is preparing a new mobile PC family XPS. Most likely, it will be called a hybrid laptop, as it is now accepted, but in fact it is a tablet. The XPS 9315t model allows you to connect a keyboard... Read more

For the first time since 2016, sales of used electric vehicles fell in Russia

According to the Avtostat agency, sales of used electric vehicles in Russia fell for the first time in the past few years – for the first time since November 2016. In April, Russians bought 728 used electric vehicles, which is... Read more

The Roskomos enterprise will produce parts for Ty-214 and Il-96 aircraft in three shifts

The deputy director of the Perm enterprise Proton-PM, which is part of the state corporation Roscosmos, announced the organization of work in three shifts in the foundry for the production of parts for engines of Tu-214 and Il-96 aircraft. “We... Read more

In Russia, a monopolist has already appeared in the field of certification of "simplified" cars

FSUE NAMI, controlled by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, became the only organization in Russia with the right to certify “simplified” cars. The Institute will single-handedly assess the compliance of vehicles with “simplified” requirements and issue appropriate conclusions. The... Read more

Sber platforms are now running domestic OS Astra Linux

Astra Group of Companies and Sberbank announced that the popular Internet banking platforms SberBusiness and SberPro are now running the domestic Astra Linux operating system. Tests have shown that both platforms work correctly in the Astra Linux environment, including with... Read more

Xiaomi 12s with Leica camera lit up in the photo live

The first live photo of the promising flagship Xiaomi 12s has been published on the Web – it is expected that it will replace the current Xiaomi 12. The image shows familiar features with one difference – the camera unit... Read more

In Russia, they proposed to allow spending maternity capital to buy a car

State Duma deputy Yana Lantratova made a proposal in which she stated that families that received maternity capital should have the right to spend it on buying a car. Yana Lantratova believes that this acquisition will make families more mobile... Read more

Will the iPhone disappear from general sale in Russia? An explanation has appeared why Samsung smartphones are easy to import to Russia through parallel imports, while Apple smartphones are not

Two days ago, Samsung smartphones imported to Russia from Kazakhstan through parallel imports were found in the M.Video, Svyaznoy and DNS networks . The representative of M.Video has now officially confirmed the purchase and sale of equipment in the country... Read more